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  • Whats a good idea for a new assassins creed location? Personally I would love an ancient japanese scene in like 330 BC, where the player can play as a samurai or a ninja of some sort because i personally dont want the odessey fighting style again. I WANT ANOTHER GOOD STEALTH GAME AGAIN UBISOFT! p.s please add a skill tree again and i could go either way about the rpg style game. Please give me your ideas in the comments fellow assassins.

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    • Edo period/Tokugawa Shogunate (1603–1868) or Feudal Japan (1185–1868; much larger window) for sure. But with the recent ninja games (Sekiro,Ghost of Tsushima) Ubisoft will probably hold off for a while to do one set in Japan. Not wanting to saturate the market and all...But, Samurai Assassins, get some more Hattori Hanzō, modern day story should be in Japan too and show us what Kiyoshi looks like lol.

      Another time period that there have been recent rumors of is Vikings (793–1066 AD) which would also be pretty sick. TBH I hope they remove the non-linear story now, confusing to follow and confusing for wiki editors. Also hope they bring back the hidden blade to and the memory corridor kills. But a viking Assassin's Creed would be alright. As for stealth...that wasn't particularly a strong suit of the Vikings. Potential historical figures; Ragnar Lodbrok, Harald Bluetooth, Erik the Red.

      Also, these ones would the least likely; But it'd be cool to have one set during the Isu Era. See the original rise and fall of the Isu. Play as an escaped human slave - way more opportunities for stealth in this one. Only notable named humans from this era are Adam and Eve, but there's room to explore more.

      Also - just promoting my own country. 1869 - 1880 Victoria, Australia. with Ned Kelly, who'd definitely be a sympathiser to the Assassin cause. He's against police corruption and all, might not have been the most law abiding citizen but he's our national hero.

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