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  • Okay i know the drill when Ubisoft makes missions hard on an assassins creed games because they do it to discriminate against us autistic aka mentally retarded people out of fear and hatred towards us. i really hope they decide to stop doing all this.

    Anyway Vox Poupli

    I keep failing the mission every time i try to kidnap the 3rd guy because hes' always too close to the fourth guy with the bald head so he detects me and i lose. But i view an youtube walkthrough and this normal user manages to sneak away with him without the bald head guy detecting him despite he was in his line of sight.

    I've failed so many times on this mission. So asking for help on beating this is a last resort before giving up on this mission =(

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    • First paragraph is bait, right?

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    • So now video games can't be hard without being ableist?  Anyone who likes a challenge is screwed.  There are many people from all groups who have had to replay a mission or level dozens of times before passing.  (Specifically this was me in Brotherhood, seems like the AC titles after Ezio have been easier.)  You'll get it eventually.

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