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  • I would say the following would likely be Assassin allies/puppets:

    Karl Marx, Freidrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Mikhail Bakunin, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, William Godwin, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Lennon, Matt Groening, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Seth MacFarlane, etc.

    I would say the following would likely be Templar allies/puppets:

    Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Emperor Hihiroto, Francisco Franco, António de Oliveira Salazar, Augusto Pinochet, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Freidrich Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Stefan Molyneux, H. L. Mencken, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, David Icke, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, etc.

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    • I don't agree that Vlademir Lenin throuh Fidel Castro would work with the Assassins in any way. They seem to represent of all of the worst aspects of the Templars IMO, at least based on my impression of the organisation. The rest of the list I can agree with. All of the names on the Templar allies list I can agree with.

      Anyway, I can also see Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, Barak Obama, and Ghandi as Assassin Allies/puppets, and Cathrine the Great, Henry VIII, Victor Orban, Vladimir Putin, Rejep Tayip Erduan (The Turkish President whose spelling I'm sure I butchered), Hugo Chavez, and Mark Zuckerburg as Templar allies/puppets.

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    • I see, so according to someone Liberals = good guys, Alt-Right = bad guys. Nice stuff, keep it going

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    • The Cat Master wrote:

      Anyway, I can also see Mark Zuckerburg as Templar ally/puppet.

      Sad but true

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    • I don't agree that Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong assist Assassins' work. Both persons are confirmed as Templar's puppets. Any political and economic ideologies(Capitalism, Communism, Democracy, Authoritarianism and Monarchy), which conform to Templar's goal, was used by Templars for reaching New World Order.

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    • Piero.schiavone1994 wrote:
      I see, so according to someone Liberals = good guys, Alt-Right = bad guys. Nice stuff, keep it going

      The Assassin's are generally left-wing/libertarian in their views, with the Templars being the right-wing/authoritarian antagonists. There is exceptions to this but overall that is how they are presented in the games.

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    • I believe Stalin was a confirmed Templar, or at least a puppet. Also Charles Darwin was in Syndicate, he helped the assasins but i believe he was not affiliated with either side. Also in terms of the house of Tudor Henry VIII was supported by the assasins, Mary was supported by the Templars and then Elizabeth was supported by the Assasins.

      Also Alex Jones is a weird choice because he is a very anti-establishment and all about exposing the secret society stuff, in turn everything that the Templar Order is.

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    • I think that Assassins and Templars alliedwith states that can give the enough armed power to destroy the other faction. It's during the modern era that the two groups developped their ideology though social organization.

      Through the infomation of different media :

      Antiquity: Templars were allied with the Achemenid empire, Alexander the Great, the first emperor of China, controlled Egypt and they created the Roman empire. Assassins served as protectors of the People. Some as Accipiter were Alamans.

      Early Middle Ages: In Scandinavia, the Templars were led by Harald Bluetooth, king of Danemark and Norway. The Assassins were with the Sweden kings.

      High middle Ages: The two factions became public organizations until their fall.

      In England the Assassins allied with the Barons during the first civil war. John Lackland was a Templars puppet.

      After their fall, the Assassins helped the creation of the Mamluk Sultanate. The Templars allied with the Mongols.

      Late Middle Ages: Assassins began their alliance with the French Crown and Templars with the English one (Hundred Year's War, Seven Years War)

      In China, Templars infiltrated power and tried multiple times to exterminate the chinese Brotherhood (1402, 1521)

      Modern Era: In Italy, the Templars tried to unify the country and tried multiple coup d'Etat (AC2), the Assassins countered the actions

      In Spain, Templars control the Inquisition and the Reconquista.

      In Americas templars and Assassins tried to implant colonies.

      In India Templars had the help of Portuguese. The Assassins had a guild in Calicut.

      In Constantinople, the Templars aligned with the Byzantine and the Assassins with the Ottoman Empire.

      In Japan, the two factions tried to influenced the population. Templars had two Jesuits in their rank.

      During the 16th and 17th centuries the Templar reformed their tactic to became advisors of the rulers, they develop science, poltic and economy.

      Revolutions Era: During Seven Years War, Shay Fleet increased Templars influences through the Globe

      In New England, Templars wanted to created the United States to have their own state.

      In Louisiana, Templars wanted to control the area.

      Assassins helped revolutionnaries, American, French, Haitian.

      Templars decide to develop capitalism during French Revolution. Dicrease of the power of Crown and Church.

      Modern Times: British Templars used EIC company to have a hand  on India. The Assassins were with the Sikh empire. Starrick industries also had influence.

      In USA, the Templars sided with Confederate and Assassins with the Union during the Civil War.

      Templars prepared the creation of Abstergo during the 20th century and developped the industry and later totalitarian regime.

      Assassins developped a social approach to help the people( Database syndicate Ethan Frye) with more pacific ways.

      In Russia Templars were with the Tsar and Assassins with the Anarchists from Narodnaya Volya and the Bolsheviks. Templar used Staline to exterminate the Assassins.

      In the First World War, some Templars were with the Germans. In the Second they manipulated both sides to have the New World Order with new institution (Bretton woods, UNO)

      Templars created CIA to keep the capitalism strong in south america.

      1980's Animus project

      2000 Great purge, Assassins are nearly extinct

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    • I imagine that the Templars were with the empires which were the spiritual heir from the Roman Empire: East Roman Empire with Constantin, the Carolagian Empire with Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Empire with Othon. The Christianism and Papauty could be strong tools for creating a society with order.

      The Turks Seljoukides were the ennemies of the historical Assassins, they could be the incarnation of the Templars before the Crusades.

      They can also ally with the kingdom of Portugal during the Age of discoveries. They used the Order of Christ, the reformed Templar Order in Portugal. They colonised Africa, India and Bresil. Jesuits Order also help the Portugal, evangelised China, Indonesia and Japan.

      Habsburg dynasty could be also a good guess with the empire they had: Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Milan, Naples, Low lands, New Spain, Peru, Philipines. They also have the Crown of Portugal and their colonies between 1580 and 1640. Philippe II of Spain was married with Mary I of England, an ally of the Templars, and they nearly had the French Crown during the Religion Wars.

      For the developpement of capitalism, I think that the Dutch Republic could be a good place for the Templar during the 17th century to developped their power. Then the British Empire as we saw in Rogue and Syndicate during the 18th and 19th century for the industrial and financial powers. Maybe industrials from Germany and USA during the 19th and 20th century.

      For the Assassins, we could imagine their partipated to the South american Revolution in the 19th century, the People Spring  and the movements of decolonization during the 20th century.

      Anarchist movement during the 19th could be allied with Assassins as in Russia but some are extrem. Maybe He could be related with the radical tactics of Jack the Ripper with a Brotherhood which had less principles during this period.

      For French Religion War, The two faction could fight in each factions: Guise for  the Templars and Bourbons for the Assassins. Each factions wanted to control the French King.

      For the British Civil War, we never knew if Charles II was support by the Assassins or the Templars. The Glorious Revolution could be a part of the Assassin'Templar War.

      For the Napoleonic Wars, i don't know: Germain's Templars wanted to destroy the monarchy but some were against him and restored the Ancien Regime. The Assassins are for liberty but Arno was an ally of Napoleon.

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    • I would like to add more possible allies/puppets to the Assassins and Templars.

      Possible Assassin allies/puppets: Saul Alinsky, George Soros, Antonio Gramsci, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Hugo Chaves, Norman Thomas, Eugen V Debs, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Aldous Huxley, Herbert Marcuse, George Carlin, Leon Trostky, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Pol Pot, Kim II-Sung, Malcom X, Saddam Hussein, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Max Stirner, Renzo Novatore, etc.

      Possible Templar allies/puppets: Franz Joseph I of Austria, David Duke, Robert E Lee, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, Marcel Lefebvre, Fred Phelps, Jack Chick, Oliver Cromwell, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May, Edmund Burke, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Micheal Savage, Bill O Reilly, Christine O' Donnel, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, etc. 

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    • I add some (there are many possibilities and names that can be told for each party it would be very very long to write all of them) modern time possibilities mostly (but not only) in the sphere of entertainment. Because history is fantastic, we ALL love history but I really believe that an Assassin's Creed trilogy during the 20th century (between 1930 and 2000) would be fantastic too.

      Allow me to write about the possible Assassin allies/puppets/helpful people :

      - Michael Jackson, his life was so public but yet mysterious when it comes to his ranch Neverland and Michael's interiority and deep nature, he was fascinating. Everything is possible with a personnality like he had. Neverland could have been an Assassins secret building that's why police searched things two times in 1993 and 2003, in the AC world, the medias are logically controlled by Templars and made everything to turn the public against Michael, add to that MJ's global fame, he was the first international megastar he could have break bareers against Templars and open some doors for the Assassins, consciouly or not). The troubled circumstances of his death still pose questions today, possibly killed by the Templar order. Some even think he still lives. MJ is a true mythical character, as I just said, you can add everything with him on a Assassin's Creed game !

      - Keanu Reeves, the only totally clean and reasonnable minded person in Hollywood right now and since 15 years now already, he is not corruptible, he is true to himself and he had so much suffering in his life (maybe the work of the Templars for destroy Keanu's existence), I think he could have made a great Assassins ally. And I mean... just like at his two biggest success that are The Matrix and John Wick. Definitely two characters that would agree more with Assassins ideology than Templars one.

      - Martin Luther King, murdered while he gained power, battled for human rights and equality, do I need to say more ? Templar could clearly murdered him.

      Tupac Shakur, totally a Assassin guy too. But his emotionnal reactions didn't helped the cause to grow up, I think Pac could actually be a reason why people who say the truth about society are not taken seriously and are called 'complotists'. The truth about 2Pac is the fact that he was a deeply troubled man who wasn't receiving the long-term and in-depth psychological counseling that he needed to be at the heights of what he denounced in some of his deep (and true) messages ! and without that counseling, it was (and is) inconceivable that he would have been able to remain on the top in the high pressure world of entertainment without either succumbing to his various substance problems or his propensity to create, and not to avoid, conflict. Or both. Tupac Shakur would likely be deceased or out the rap "game" since at least 10 years by now if he survided his 1996 shooting that took his life away. He would be an Assassin ally for sure but he would not respect the confrery's rules and it could have cost hugely to Assassins because a person like Pac could exposed them in the public while thinking it can be good... when it's definitely not when you know that information is controled by Templars.

      - Marilyn Monroe, her charm, magnetism and charisma could have made her a really useful ally, she would have seduced really powerful people (like president Kennedy) and find some informations about Templar plans. Unfortunately they will discover her connections with Assassins and kill her as well while make the public think she killed herself. Marylin Monroe would be a great person to see in a Assassin's Creed game as well one day.

      - Nelson Mandela, was in prison most of his active life for tell how the reality is, he always battled for what the Assassins are searching in their motives. This great men went to jail because he wanted blacks and whites to have the same rights. Mandela would totally be agree with the Assassins.

      - Jim Carrey, just like Keanu Reeves, the Templars made his life a living hell, accused of murdering his ex wife, etc... now he is searching for existential responses and wisdom. Jim Carrey is very recluse from the system and a discret person (just like Leonardo DiCaprio who could be an Assassins ally too). Medias/Templars made him Jim Carrey turned into a character, a caricature because they know the fact that when someone is considered like a comic person, it's more difficult to be taken seriously. He would be a good adviser or even a good mentor for Assassins or at least he would definitely disagree with Templars will power.

      - Alicia Keys, with time she is becoming more and more freed and open minded. She have an expansive personnality and she seem very natural. Surely, she would be more pro Assassins.

      - DMX, went in jail countless times for different reasons, condamned by Templars. Very unpredictable but deep down sensible and caring. DMX is another pick for alliance with the Assassins. Laws, politics, governments and his path of life makes him someone that needs revenge on some of the injustice and hard moments he faced.

      Honorable mentions : Malcolm X, Django Reinhardt, Bruce Lee, Lady Diana, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and Che Guevara. 

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    • 1869 - 1880 Victoria, Australia

      The bushranger, Ned Kelly would definitely be an assassin or assassin ally. he fought injustice, and the corruption of the law enforcement. 1869, he's 14, he had a bushranger mentor by the name Harry Power. Also 1869, he defended his sister from an attacker who later falsely accused Ned of robbing him. The Victorian police, specifically Sergeant James Whelan, had it in for the Kelly family ever since arresting Ned's father John "Red" Kelly for stealing cattle and not being able to afford to pay the fine.1870 March - April Ned and mentor Harry robbed many people. The press named Kelly as the culprit and he was arrested and imprisoned on three charges of robbery. The police however failed to gather adequate evidence, as they were predjudiced against him anyway. After 3 weeks a lack and evidence Kelly was sent home (police harrassment, abuse of power – possibly Templar influence).

      His mentor, Harry had been arrested on land owned by Kelly's maternal grandfather, James Quinn. Kelly was accused of informing the authorities of his whereabouts and was treated with hostility by the community. The informant was in fact Kelly's uncle, Jack Lloyd, who received £500 for his assistance (possible Templar bribery).

      The Fitzpatrick incident was what we was most well known for. Drunk corrupt cop with no warrant shows up to take Dan (Ned's brother) away, makes a pass at Kate (Ned's sister), threatens his mother. The situation escalates, the cop is killed. Classic example of police harrassment and abuse of power.

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    • Templars: Carolingians empire, Seljuks, Portuguese colonial empire, French catholic league, Jesuits, Habsburg dynasty, Bismarck, Qing China

      Assassins: Dutch revolters,South Americans revolutionnaries, 19th century anarchist groups.

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    • Possible Assassin allies/puppets: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Danniel Dennet, JFK, Lyndon B Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Obama, Marquis De Sade, Bertrand Barere, Maximilien Robespierre, Victor Hugo, Russel Brand, Frank Zappa, Anita Sarkessian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Jonathan MacIntosh, HG Wells, Jules Verne, Tsar Nicholas II, Anastasia, Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Solovyov, Fyodor Dostoevsky,

      Possible Templar allies/puppets: Dwight D Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush, George W Bush, Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Taylor Swift, Leon Degralle, Charles Coughlin, Sir Oswald Mosley, Nick Griffin, Hillarie Belloc, 

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    • Templars puppets:Viktor Yanukovych, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim family, Nicolás Maduro, Ali Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Hugo Chávez

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    • Stalin and Mao are cannonically Templar allies.

      Considering their philosohies, Plato and Auguste Comte were definitely associeted with the Templars somehow. I also feel Oliver Cromweel was a Templar, the IRA and other nationalist irish movements probably would be supported by the Order after the events of AC Syndicate. Some left wing nationalist probably were supported the Order, like Gadaffi, Chavéz Al-Assad, Putin, etc. The brazilian revolutionary leader and dictadorduring the 30s and democratic president between 1950 and 1954, Getúlio Vargas, probably also was a Templar, and he comitted suicide, or did he? Would make sense if was an Assassin the one who killed him. Oh, and also the portuguese Order of Christ, since they are sucessors of the historical portuguese Templars

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    • Samanthademeste wrote:

      Possible Templar allies/puppets: Dwight D Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush, George W Bush, Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Taylor Swift, Leon Degralle, Charles Coughlin, Sir Oswald Mosley, Nick Griffin, Hillarie Belloc, 

      Traditional Templar views:

      The whole of human history is but a series of conflicts and subjugation.

      A desire for more, and more, and more.

      Templar views in 2014:

      Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.

      I shake it off, I shake it off.

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    • Kitchi Machk wrote:
      Samanthademeste wrote:

      Possible Templar allies/puppets: Dwight D Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush, George W Bush, Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Taylor Swift, Leon Degralle, Charles Coughlin, Sir Oswald Mosley, Nick Griffin, Hillarie Belloc, 

      Traditional Templar views:

      The whole of human history is but a series of conflicts and subjugation.

      A desire for more, and more, and more.

      Templar views in 2014:

      Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.

      I shake it off, I shake it off.

      Taylor Swift is popular with unironic fascist/far-right people and groups/organizations. 

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    • While they might manipulate them because they want to manipulate everyone Templars are as a whole anti-fascist and since at least the early 1700s anti-slavery.

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    • Also, fascism and nazism are, in most cases, irrationalistic and/or esoteric (Like Evola), while the Templars usually have some positivist approach to science

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