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Thrace is a region in southeast Europe, in modern times split between Hungary, Greece, and Turkey. The region is located between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea, and close to the Sea of Marmara.


In 449, following the Greeks' victory over Persia in the Greco-Persian Wars, Thrace gained independence, along with Makedonia and Ionia.[1]

Around 460 BCE the philosopher Demokritos was born in Thrace. Another notable Thracian philosopher was Protagoras, born around 490 BCE.

During the 1st century BCE, a number of gladiators, among them Polymestor, were regarded as Thracians.[2]

In 1500s, Thrace gained fame for its pugilism tournaments. These drew also the attention of one Georgios Kostas, who left his native Greece to participate in the tournament series in order to gain global recognition.[3]


During the Peloponnesian War, a helmet found in Greece was said to have been "blessed with the luck of the Thracians."[1]


  • Both the name 'Thrace' as well as the term 'Thracians' are the Greeks' words for the region and its inhabitants.



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