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Thousand-Pound Idea was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Lance O'Donnell asked Connor to retrieve some of his plans from New York.


  • Lance: Hey, Connor.
    A word, Connor?
    Do you have business in New York on occasion? I only ask because I ordered a package from France and it's long overdue. I've written the post master and he's yet to respond. I thought you could inquire if you had the chance.
  • Connor: I will pass by the next time I am there.

Connor traveled to New York.

  • Connor: I've come to inquire on a package arriving from France on behalf of Lance O'Donnell.
  • Post master: Was picked up and signed for by his apprentice a couple days back. Patrick O'Hara.
Thousand Pound Idea 2

Connor speaking with the post master

  • Connor: Patrick O'Hara is Mister O'Donnell's former apprentice. Would you happen to know where he is?
  • Post master: Sure- he's been hanging around the docks the last few days. Should be round the way.

Connor located O'Hara with some of the latter's accomplices.

  • Patrick: Here! Take these pages and hide them! Don't let that guy get his hands on 'em!

Connor managed to retrieve the papers from the men, after which he returned to Lance.

  • Connor: I have your plans. What are they for?
  • Lance: You got them!? This, Connor, is the design for a chair that FOLDS. Genius. You won't regret this!


Connor delivered Lance's plans to him, following which Lance began work on his invention.



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