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Thor the Fish Monger (died c. 874) was a Norse drengr who served under Ragnar Lothbrok in the Great Heathen Army alongside five trusted lieutenants during the raids that were part of the Viking expansion into England.

While his companions grew increasingly restless following Lothbrok's death, wandering without cause or goal,[1] Thor instead settled down into a life as a spear-fisherman in East Anglia and married a Saxon woman named Æthelswig, with whom he had a son that he hoped would some day become a great Viking raider.[2] Seeking a true drengr's death in order that he would reach Valhalla,[1] Thor fought the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan in ritual combat and was killed.[2]


  • Thor shares the same name as the Æsir known as Thor, the Norse and Germanic god of thunder.



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