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Thomas de Carneillon (1276 – 1323) was a banker and a Master Assassin, then the Mentor of the French Brotherhood of Assassins during the late Middle Ages.


Attack on the Temple

A banker from the Republic of Metz, Thomas de Carneillon participated in the plot to destroy the Knights Templar, the public incarnation of the Templar Order. He was present during the preparations for this act, during which the Mentor Guillaume de Nogaret succeeded in convincing King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V to brand the Templars as heretics and arrest their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. De Carneillon didn't share the enthusiasm of his brothers, fearing that de Nogaret's plan wouldn't lead to the destruction of the Templars, but would only push them into clandestinity, similar to what the Mongol Empire had done to the Assassins, strengthening them in the end.[1][2]

Nevertheless, Thomas provided King Philip with a contingent of Assassins disguised as Flemish mercenaries, in order to attack the Parisian Temple in 1307. During the attack, de Carneillon attempted to steal the Sword of Eden and the Codex Pater Intellectus, but his efforts were halted by a Templar Knight serving as the Grand Master's advisor.[3]

During their duel, the advisor managed to fight off Thomas and reclaim the Sword of Eden; Thomas attempted to retaliate but was blasted away by the power of the Sword. The advisor then managed to successfully hide the manuscript and the Sword in a secret vault, but was grievously disabled and killed by Thomas once he had regained consciousness.[3]

Later life

Despite being unable to retrieve the manuscript and the Sword, Thomas' campaign successfully destroyed the Templars' public image and drove their Order underground. Along with the other Assassins including Dante Alighieri, Domenico Auditore and Marco Polo, he subsequently spent a decade traveling throughout Europe, eradicating any remnants of the Templar Order which operated openly. At some point, he became the new Mentor of the French Assassins and after decades of service in the Brotherhood died of illness in Venice.[1]


In the centuries following his death, de Carneillon rose to a legendary status among the French Assassins. During the 16th century, a vault commemorating his accomplishments was constructed in the Parisian underground. The vault housed his robes, an heirloom which was protected by puzzles and enigmas invented by Nostradamus.[2]

According to legend, the armor was destined to an Assassin who would perform a great service for France and the Brotherhood, but the three keys required to open the vault were lost two centuries prior to Arno Dorian's discovery of the vault during the French Revolution.[2]


  • Thomas de Carnellion's robes bear similarities to the ones worn by the Master Assassins of the Levantine Brotherhood near the end of the 12th century.
    • However, the robes' representation is inconsistent in Assassin's Creed: Unity. The ones worn by de Carneillon in 1307 appeared to be dark brown with lighter stripes, the ones in the Helix database are dark red with ornate patterns while those recovered by Arno are dark blue with square patterns.
  • The Helix database mentioned de Carneillon was a friend of Dante Alighieri, Marco Polo, and Domenico Auditore, all of whom were members of the Italian Brotherhood.
  • De Carneillon disabled Jacques de Molay's advisor with his right hand, despite not possessing a visible second Hidden Blade.
  • Thomas de Carneillon was missing his left ring finger despite Altaïr Ibn-La'had's reform abolition of this practice having taken place a century prior.




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