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Thomas Sean Morgan was an American undercover detective.


In mid-1952, Morgan was hired by Theodore von Kármán to gather information on Von Kármán's Aerojet co-founder Jack Parsons.

On June 17, 1952, Morgan met with Dr. von Kármán at his home in Pasadena, California, and revealed that Parsons had planned a flight to Mexico on the 25th. Von Kármán, panicked, told Morgan to immediately go to Parsons' lab to prevent him from taking the flight.

On his way there, two black 1949 Ford motor vehicles blocked his path and had Morgan step out of the car. A woman in a red dress with an Abstergo Industries pin attached to it, accompanied by a large bodyguard, walked up to Morgan to ask him to come with them. At the same time, Morgan saw a blinding flash coming from an explosion and realized that it was Parsons' lab.



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