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Dr. Thomas Marshall is a doctor working at the Aerie, an Abstergo Industries complex.


In 2016, Marshall was asked by Director Isaiah to study the data obtained from Sean Molloy, a paraplegic teenager recruited by the Templars to explore his bloodline with the Animus. The Templars discovered that Sean's time in the Animus, reliving the life of his ancestor Tommy Greyling, had an effect on his motor cortex despite the fact that he wasn't able to use his legs.

They decided to have Sean relive the memories of another of his ancestors, Brandon Bolster, to study the changes in his brain and to collect more useful data. Marshall hoped to build upon what he learned from Sean's brain scanner, so Abstergo could create new prostheses better responding to the brain patterns of its users. Dr. Thomas Marshall promised Sean that they could have a working prototype in six months to a year.



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