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"I've already begun slandering Tesla in the press. Just reallocate his funding, and I'll take care of PE4 myself."
―Edison in a letter to John Pierpont Morgan.

Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1931) was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman famous for inventing and improving devices such as the phonograph, motion picture camera, and incandescent light bulb.


Edison was a covert member of the Templar Order, and used his influence to discredit Nikola Tesla, who had invented the alternating current of electricity, which was more efficient than Edison's direct current.

In addition, Tesla was in possession of an Apple of Eden, which had granted him the efficient solution of alternating current electricity. Tesla also planned to set up a worldwide electrical grid with free power for all, based on his discoveries from the Apple.

As this would have affected the Templars' plans for worldwide control by improving long-distance communication, Edison began a smear campaign against Tesla's use of alternating current. Edison used his invention of the electric chair and had an elephant filmed whilst being electrocuted to promote public resistance to Tesla and his ideas.

Edison also contacted J.P. Morgan, prompting him to cut off funds for Tesla's experiments and demean him when speaking to other investors. As Tesla's credibility began to falter, Edison rose to prominence, with his innovations outshining his competitor's.

Some time later, Edison came into possession of the Apple after Templar agents had stolen it from Tesla's lab, and used it to help him create several commercially successful inventions. He later allowed his fellow Templar Henry Ford to use the Apple briefly before it was shipped to Europe to help instigate World War II.


  • In 2012, Warren Vidic mentioned to Desmond Miles that the knowledge to create several everyday items, including Edison's incandescent light bulb, were "gifts" from "those who came before", implying that Edison drew inspiration from the Apple when inventing the light source.