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This Old Cove was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment in 2013 through the Animus Omega.


Edward and Kidd went on an exploration of the cove they obtained.


Kidd awoke Edward on Great Inagua.

  • Edward: Mmm. Ah... Kidd.
  • Kidd: Wake up, Kenway.
  • Edward: Is Thatch about?
  • Kidd: He left this morning with the galleon. Has faith we'll discover a good use for this old cove ourselves.
  • Edward: Aye. We'll make something of it in time. We could keep a fleet here, if we liked. And with a bit of fixing up, it'd be a decent place to call home. Might even convince my wife to come one day.
  • Kidd: You're married, are ya?
  • Edward: In God's eyes I am. She left me some time ago.
  • Kidd: Even so, keep that fact hid away. Most of these pirates don't respect a man with higher commitments than rum and plunder.
  • Edward: 'Pon my honour. Let me know if you find anything.

A little later, Edward met up with Kidd.

This Old Cove 2

Edward and Kidd looking at a Mayan statue

  • Kidd: Edward! Over here! I found something. You must see this! Come on, man!

They arrived at an old Maya ruin.

  • Kidd: Odd looking things, aren't they? Old and weathered.
  • Edward: Is this what they call Mayan? Or is it Aztec?
  • Kidd: Are you good with riddles, Edward? Puzzles and ponderings and the like?
  • Edward: No worse than the next man. Why?
  • Kidd: I think you've a natural gift for it. The way you think and work. The way you understand the world.
  • Edward: Well I don't know about that. You're talking in riddles now, and I don't understand a word.
  • Kidd: Clamber on top of this thing here, will you? Help me solve something. Concentrate and focus all your senses. Look past shadow and sound, deep into matter, until you see and hear a kind of shimmering.
  • Edward: A shimmering.
  • Kidd: You understand?
  • Edward: I think so. I've seen its like before. Glowing like moonlight on the ocean. Ah! Right. I know this feeling. I have since I was a lad. It's like using every sense at once, isn't it? To see sounds and hear shapes. Quite a combination.
  • Kidd: Every man and woman on this Earth has in them a kind of intuition hidden deep away.
  • Edward: I've had this sense most of my life... only I thought it was related in some way to my dreaming, or the like.
  • Kidd: Most never find it. Others it takes years to tease out. But for a rare few it comes as natural as breathing. What you feel is the light of life. Of living things past and present. The residue of vitality, come and gone. Any man's senses can be tuned well past what he's born with. If he tries.

Edward dug up a Mayan keystone.

This Old Cove 3

Edward holding a Mayan keystone

  • Kidd: You are a gifted man, Edward.
  • Edward: Has a strange look. Is it worth something?
  • Kidd: Nothing you can spend. But if you find all of 'em, it'll lead to something grand.
  • Edward: How many?
  • Kidd: A few dozen, I think. This way. I've something else to show you. I found something else just here. I think you'll take to this secret much faster.
  • Edward: Now this has the makings of a mystery.
  • Kidd: It's good, innit? Only wait 'til you see what lies at the end! Here we are. What do you think?
  • Edward: I think monsieur Du Casse was a man of many secrets.
  • Kidd: Aye, and look here: a solid staircase leading God knows where. What do you suppose lies at the top?
  • Edward: From what I knew of Du Casse, wouldn't be surprised to find eclectic instruments of torture and villainy. An iron maiden, or a collection of thumbscrews.
  • Kidd: Or a pear of anguish!

Edward laughed. They reached the mansion and Edward noticed a skeleton behind a gate.

  • Edward: Not a nice way to kick off. But that is some damn fine gear.
  • Kidd: Try the key you took from Du Casse.
  • Edward: That's one. Only four left.
This Old Cove 8

Edward and Kidd looking at the map

  • Kidd: Aye. It might be that these four Templars have them. See the names here? They've been sent to kill these four targets.
  • Edward: Hang me. That's the map I sold to Governor Torres in Havana. He said it marked the locations of "Assassin" encampments.
  • Kidd: You think maybe you owe them a bit of a warning then? If you have any kind of heart beating in that chest?
  • Edward: S'pose I could. If it leads me to the other four keys.
  • Kidd: A bad excuse is better than none at all.

Edward met with Kidd again near the docks.

  • Edward: Leaving already?
  • Kidd: I think this cove suits you best, Edward. Better than that costume does.
  • Edward: Oh, come on now... we're pirates, Kidd. We take as we please and become who we like. Self-made men!
  • Kidd: But that look ain't you. It's not who you are.
  • Edward: Who am I then?
  • Kidd: Hard to tell some days. All I know is, you like dangerous prizes.
  • Edward: Like the Observatory? I think you know more about that than you let on in Nassau.
  • Kidd: You noticed that, did ya? Meet me at twenty degrees, three minutes latitude, just off the coast of Yucatán. I'll have something to show you there in a few weeks time.

After boarding the Jackdaw, Edward was approached by Adéwalé.

  • Adéwalé: Ahoy captain. We found a trove of nautical maps and ledgers and the like scattered about the village. You'll find them sorted in the captain's quarters of the Jackdaw. Quality stuff.
  • Edward: Nautical maps and ledgers? Might come in useful if we decide to build up a fleet of our own.
  • Adéwalé: Exactly my thinking, captain. Have a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

Edward went into the captain's cabin to inspect the maps and ledgers. Returning to the helm, he was asked by Adéwalé about their course of action.

  • Adéwalé: What's our course today, captain? It's a fine day for any kind of mischief.
  • Edward: What's your feeling?
  • Adéwalé: I'll make no secret of wanting to see the British brought to heel. If we can take some their gold and put it to use ourselves, I'd be a happy man.
  • Edward: Spoken like a true Welshman, Adé.

Adéwalé laughed.

  • Adéwalé: And what's your aim?
  • Edward: Master Kidd hinted at a prize he was eager to show me down in Tulum. Quite some distance, mind. On the Yucatán Peninsula.
  • Adéwalé: You trust him to play it fair?
  • Edward: I can't be sure. But he has a way of picking away at my conscience that gives me pause. I should go see him. Soon.
  • Adéwalé: So long as we take some prizes along the way, I'm sure the crew will understand. I'll set a course for Tulum.


Edward claimed the cove for himself, and learned of both the Mayan stelae and the Templar keys. He and Adéwalé also discussed their course of action.

Behind the scenes[]

The ship Kidd departed on reuses the identical model to Benjamin Hornigold's vessel, the Benjamin.

Although this memory introduces the Mayan stelae, they are accessible from the moment the player can sail freely. The stelae and other Mayan style ruins are spread throughout the Caribbean at places where Mayan city states or just their culture had no reach.



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