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Thick Skin was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek meets a tanner's wife who tells him her husband could use the help of a legendary hunter.


Once Bayek reached Sau Village, he noticed a peculiarity in the air.

  • Bayek: A strong musk clouds the air... a tanner lives nearby.

Bayek overhead a first conversation.

  • Woman 1: How are you keeping today?
  • Man 1: Most well, thank you nebet. Life is certainly not easy here, but at least we work for ourselves. Not in fear of the lash and only to fill Sefetu's coffers.
  • Woman 1: Yes! Our hard work supports our families and friends.
  • Man 1: The Firebrand has hurt so many people in this world that I am sure his heart will be eaten by Ammit the Devourer upon his death.
  • Woman 1: So it will be.

Bayek heard two men talking.

  • Man 2: How was the hunt?
  • Man 3: Tough. We had to range far to find any good prey.
  • Man 2: Oh?
  • Man 3: Yeah. Best hunting was up to the north west of the village.
  • Man 2: Up near the large rock at the tip of the coast?
  • Man 3: Right. Careful, though. Hyenas tend to den around there.

Two other men were chatting somewhere else.

  • Man 4: How is the house coming?
  • Man 5: Slow, to be honest. It's hard to get all the materials I need to properly fix it up.
  • Man 4: Yes, I know how it goes. It took me months to gather everything I needed for our home.
  • Man 5: Have you heard the stories of Letopolis?
  • Man 4: In passing. But I would rather scrounge for materials here than have to shovel for weeks under the hot sun for my house.
  • Man 5: You are right! Leave the desert for the gods!

He heard two ladies sitting on a bench, conversing.

  • Woman 2: Could you stand to be married to him?
  • Woman 3: Well, yes it's true he does stink, but he's well known for his work. And people pay well for it.
  • Woman 2: I suppose that's fair.
  • Woman 3: You should be nicer to her. Sau village is better for having a tanner here.
  • Woman 2: Good points. I'll try.
ACO Thick Skin 01

Bayek speaking to the tanner's wife

Bayek approached one of the first ladies.

  • Woman 3: Oh, the gods shame me, neb. The tanner is my husband. He carries that stench home whenever he returns from camp.
  • Bayek: Is he here now?
  • Woman 3: By the smell, you would think so! But it's worse when he's around.
  • Bayek: Do not let it trouble you. We all must do work we do not relish.
  • Woman 3: You are right. My husband works hard, but cannot keep up with demand for his services. The Medjay are said to be legendary hunters. If you would like to earn some good coin, go and see him. I'm sure he could use your help.
  • Bayek: Hmm. I will consider it. Where would I find him?
  • Woman 3: His hunting camp is north and west of Sau.
    He will be tanning hides for days. If only there were some way for him to deal with the stink.
ACO Thick Skin 02

Bayek finding a jar of scented oil

Bayek climbed up to the top of the temple ruins, where he found a jar of oil.

  • Bayek: What's this? Scented oils. Might take the edge of the tanner's stench.

Bayek travelled to the tanner's camp, where crocodiles were attacking the tanner.

  • Sau Tanner: No! Keep your jaws away! Back beast!
    Anyone! Help! Please!
    Sweet Serapis, where did you come from? Back! Back you beast! I will turn you into leather armor.

Bayek helped the tanner kill the crocodiles.

  • Sau Tanner: My thanks, traveler. I did not expect the gods to send help my way this day. I was afraid that beast wanted to eat me in revenge for my craft. What brings you this way?
  • Bayek: Your wife in Sau told me you might need a hunter.
  • Sau Tanner: Yes, yes. Too much demand and not enough supply. I would be more than happy to pay you good coin for the hides I need. And for you to risk their teeth.
  • Bayek: I am listening.
  • Sau Tanner: I need hyena ears, crocodile eggs, and vulture skulls.
  • Bayek: What do you do with vulture skulls?
  • Sau Tanner: Many priestesses of Iset use them for headdresses. They pay well.
ACO Thick Skin 04

Bayek returning to the tanner

Bayek gathered the materials, and then returned to the tanner.

  • Sau Tanner: Well now, what do you have for me?
  • Bayek: All that you asked for.
  • Sau Tanner: Ah yes! Good, good! And in fine condition. They will do nicely. Your pay.
  • Bayek: And there's this...
    Do not think me rude, but I found these scented oils. I thought you could use them.

Bayek gave the tanner scented oils.

  • Sau Tanner: I should not refuse I suppose, if only to give my wife some relief! Take this as a token of good faith.


Bayek helped the tanner with his workload by hunting animals for the materials that he asked for.


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