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The Thespian

The Thespian (harvested from: Lysistrata) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the second stage of their Animi Training Program. She used a dagger as her specialty weapon.

Unique moves[]

The Thespian had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Casually walking up to her victim, the Thespian savagely kicks their left leg. As they clutch their injured limb, the Thespian unsheathes her dagger and slashes them across the side of the abdomen, before impaling their spine, sheathing her dagger as they collapse.

(Low Profile, Back)

Having quietly walked up to her target, the Thespian suddenly stabs her unsuspecting victim in the back viciously. Before her contract can react in any way, she spins and slashes the newly inflicted wound, severing their spine at the same time. She then sheathes her dagger, satisfied that her target is dead.

(High Profile, Front)

With her dagger drawn, the Thespian rushes up to her target and roughly grabs them by the side of the head, yanking it down, before spinning around to their back. In one fluid movement, the Thespian stabs her dagger sideways into her victim's neck, before softly pushing them to the ground.

(High Profile, Back)

Running up behind her target, the Thespian hastily stabs them in the crevice of their right shoulderblade, making them kneel with the sudden pain. She then brings her target's chin up while she brings her dagger around to slit their neck, before carelessly letting them fall to the ground.

(Bench Kill)

Grabbing her seated target's foot, the Thespian drags them off the bench until their head rests against it. Before her victim can do anything to defend themselves, she forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking her target's neck on the bench behind them.

(Aerial Kill)

Leaping from above, the Thespian removes her dagger in mid-air, before landing on her victim and jamming it into the side of their head. Standing up, she pulls her weapon out of her victim's skull before she dusts herself off.


  • "What an ugly performance."
  • "Ugh! Barbarian!"
  • "Oh, such a tragedy!"
  • "Die, filth!"
  • "Attend me!"
  • "Your attention, please!"
  • "I hope you appreciate my artistry!"


The Thespian could be customized in different ways:


  • Basic: Golden brown
  • Extra 1: Black
  • Extra 2: Blue-gray

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Head 1: Shoulder length hair tucked behind the ears, exposing the forehead.
    • Head 2: Shorter hair done up into a bun.
    • Head 3: Shoulder length hair with A-line bangs.
  • Chests:
    • Chest 1: A white toga with several layers, as well as a collar necklace and further decoration at the hips.
    • Chest 2: A white, V-necked robe with a large pendant necklace, styled with a Templar cross.
    • Chest 3: An opened corset with undershirt, with a Christian cross necklace.
  • Arms:
    • Arms 1: Thin metal bangles on both arms, with a metal armband on the upper right arm.
    • Arms 2: Two thick studded bracelets on the left arm, with one studded bracelet and a coil armband on the right arm.
    • Arms 3: Leather gauntlets on both arms.
  • Legs:
    • Legs 1: Open-toed gladiator sandals.
    • Legs 2: Closed toe sandals, resembling ballet shoes.
    • Legs 3: Olive green, puffy trousers with brown leather boots.
  • Belts:
    • Belt 1: Olive green belt with two black straps.
    • Belt 2: Ornate golden belt with black sash underneath.
    • Belt 3: Thick leather belt with Greek design.
  • Accessories:
    • Accessory 1: Thin, white draping cape with three horizontal lines towards the bottom.
    • Accessory 2: White draping cape with a grey trim around the edge and Greek design in black.
    • Accessory 3: Black cape with a white trim at the end, with black swirl design on the white.

Main weapons:

  • Dagger: Primary.
  • Sword: Secondary.
  • Spear: Secondary.

Secondary weapons:

  • Hidden Blade: A two-hinge, folding Hidden Blade attached to the wrist.
  • Pike: A small pike dagger attached to the back of the belt.
  • Small Katar: A small katar, similar to a push dagger, attached to the back of the belt.