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This article is about the friend of Phidas. You may be looking for the similarly named Greek island.

Theras was an informant and a friend of the Athenian sculptor Phidias.


Assisting Phidias

In 431 BCE, when Phidias learned that his life was under threat, Phidias sent out a word to Theras to meet him at the Chora in Seriphos. A while later, Theras received both Phidias and the misthios Kassandra, the latter escorting the former out of Athens through the Port of Piraeus. In gratitude for saving his friend's life, Theras gave Kassandra a letter written by Brison, a member of the Delian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos. Theras and his companions had intercepted it, and hoped that it would help Kassandra on her quest to destroy the Cult.[1]

Later on, Theras spent his time travelling around the world. While doing so, Theras explored the tombs of Agamemnon, Eteokles and Orion, finding a symbol in each of them. While unable to understand its importance, he document the symbols onto a parchment and kept it that he may one day decipher it. When Phidias later departed to Elis,[2] Theras gave him the parchment as a gift, hoping that he would eventually solve the mystery.[3]

Pursued by the Cult

After Phidias' death around 428 BCE, rumours reached Theras that his friend had been killed by a man wearing a gold armor, who destroyed Phidias' hands and later his body. Later on, a number of Cult of Kosmos cultists came to Seriphos and attempted to interrogate Theras for information on the symbols he had found. However, Theras was rescued by Kassandra who,[3] similarly, had tried to solve the mystery on the symbols.[4]

Theras later informed Kassandra of where he found the symbols, giving her a map listing the location of the tombs.[3]





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