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Theoros was the older son of Xanthe and Serios, who lived in Pitana, Lakonia during the 5th century BCE.

During the Peloponnesian War Theoros' agoge at the training camp was approaching its end. As a test, his instructor Iatrokles had Theoros and another student, Akamas, spent a night alone at a camp nearby. However, during the night the boys saw bandits creeping along the mountains, and a scuffle ensued. Akamas was slain, and Theoros captured. Iatrokles went to check on the boys, but couldn't leave his younger charges alone long enough to investigate further.[1]

When the misthios Kassandra came to the Agoge Camp North with Theoros' brother Makarios, Iatrokles challenged Kassandra to a duel.[2] After she'd proven herself, Iatrokles asked if she would look into Theoros and Akamas' disappearance. Kassandra did as asked.

At the overnight camp she found evidence of a fight, as well as Akamas' corpse. She further followed the bloody tracks to a cave in Mount Taygetos, where she found a group and bandits and Theros. Kassandra freed Theros and escorted him back to the Agoge Camp.[1]




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