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Ezio and an Apprentice questioning Theodorus

Theodorus Komnenos (died 1511) was a wealthy Greek nobleman in Constantinople during the Renaissance, whose success had garnered him much power throughout the city's markets.


Despite having conquered the Imperial District, the Assassins discovered that the Templars retained a large amount of influence over the merchants. As they investigated, they discovered that the merchants had been paid bribes, and that the money had come from Theodorus Komnenos.[1]

The Assassins elected to seek Komnenos out, who started panicking once he became aware of the Assassins. He quickly admitted that he had been corrupted by the Templars, but claimed he was a good man at heart. Later, he offered to guide the Assassins to Odai Dunqas, his superior and the man behind the bribing of the merchants.[1]

As Komnenos reached Dunqas, he was offered a permanent appointment in Alexandria. Komnenos, stressed due to the knowledge of the Assassins, betrayed their presence and admitted they had followed him. Dunqas, enraged by this news, killed Komnenos by stabbing him in the chest, before fleeing from the Assassins.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Komnenos family was the ruling dynasty of the Byzantine Empire from 1057 to 1059 and from 1081 to 1185, and at around the time of the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade in 1204, founded a Byzantine successor state on the Black Sea, the Empire of Trebizond (named for its capital city, which is now called Trabzon) which they ruled until it was conquered by the Ottomans in 1461. It is unclear if Theodorus had any relation to the Komnenoi, as many Greeks claimed relation to them, particularly after the fall of the Byzantine and Trapezuntine Empires.