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Theodore Rizzo (died 27 October 2012) was an Abstergo agent who worked at their Rome facility. In October 2012, after Daniel Cross arrived at the facility, Rizzo assigned him to tutor new recruits in their training program, to Daniel's displeasure.

On 22 October, Cross physically assaulted three recruits in the mess hall of the Abstergo facility, for which an entire squad was needed to subdue him, resulting in seven people being hospitalized; this composed three recruits and four Abstergo agents. In response, Rizzo sent an email to Warren Vidic, noting that although he was aware of Cross' status in the Order, he required permission to put Cross off duty. Vidic denied his request, and told Rizzo to continue having Cross train the recruits.

The next day, Cross left the Abstergo campus without reporting for duty. When prompted, Vidic told Rizzo that they had the means to track Cross down and that he would lead them to Desmond Miles and his team, and therefore assigned Rizzo to prepare backup for Cross.

Three days later, on 26 October, Rizzo's Delta 1 team made contact with Daniel in Florence. Rizzo called Vidic to inform him that Daniel was on their targets' trail, and Vidic told Rizzo to obey Daniel's command. The next day, Daniel and Delta teams 1 to 12 prepared to ambush Desmond Miles and his team at Florence's airport. Unbeknownst to them, they were ambushed by a group of Assassins under the command of Harlan Cunningham, and a gunfight ensued. Daniel made a run for Desmond's team, though they used their Apple of Eden on Daniel, causing him to fall to his knees and hold his head in pain. Following this, Daniel attacked his own men, killing Delta 3, Delta 2 and Rizzo.


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