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This article is about a city in Greece. You may be looking for Thebes, a city in Egypt.
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"Thebians. Cowards that surrendered to Xerxes."
―Kassandra upon visiting Thebes, 420s BCE.[src]

A view of Thebes

Thebes is a municipality in Boeotia, Greece. In classical antiquity, it was a powerful polis located in the Cursed Land of Oedipous.


According to the legends, Thebes was founded by Kadmos. He chased after his sister Europa when she was stolen by the Greek god Zeus.[1]


In the 5th century BCE, Thebes was among the most powerful Greek city-states, rivaled only by Athens and Sparta. Shortly after the Plague of Athens in 429 BCE, the physician Hippokrates travelled to Thebes to provide aid to the local residents. There, he was assisted by the Spartan misthios Kassandra, who aided him with the affairs of various Thebians.[2]

Behind the scenes

In the Greek mythology, the city of Thebes in Greece is reputedly the birthplace of Herakles, as well as the home of the blind oracle Tiresias, and Oedipous with his family, including Antigone, Eteokles and Polynikes. Furthermore, the story of the Sphinx and Oedipous describes the city's entrance being guarded by the Sphinx.



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