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Main hall of the Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal, also known as the Covent Garden, and eventually the Royal Opera House, is a theatre within the city of London, England.

In the year 1754, the Theatre Royal notably served as the location for the assassination of the British Assassin Miko by the British Templar Haytham Kenway, to obtain a precursor amulet for his Order.


Entry hall of the opera house

Opened in the year 1732, the Theatre Royal was the home of many famous performances, some including musical pieces by Handel, several operas, dances, and even acrobatics. The building was mostly known for its presentations of plays, at least for the first hundred years of its existence, as King Charles II had given it exclusive rights to hold spoken dramas within London.[1]

Sometime in the 18th century, Edward Kenway visited the Theatre Royal along with his children, Jennifer Scott and Haytham Kenway.[2]

In the year 1754, Haytham Kenway met with the Templar Grand Master, Reginald Birch, where the pair planned the murder of Miko, a member of the Assassin Brotherhood, who possessed a precursor artifact. He was located in a third floor booth, closest to the stage on the right, where he was busy watching the musical.[3]

Haytham sitting behind Miko

Haytham, after stealthily scaling the walls and lockpicking his way to the room, stabbed Miko in the back through the chair with his Hidden Blade, and stole the key from his neck. As he left, most of the other civilians within were evacuated, with some people being traumatized to the point of leaving the city.[3]

Later, in the year 1808, the original building was destroyed in a fire. After being rebuilt, it burned to the ground once more in the year 1857, before finally being completely renovated in the 1990s, with smoke alarms installed and other various safety measures taken into account.[1]