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The Wounded Eagle was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having barely survived his fall from the cliff, Ezio snuck through Atlas village to assassinate Leandros.



Leandros watching an injured Ezio

Ezio made his way back up to the road, while Leandros approached the guards.

  • Leandros: Do not take your eyes off this road for a moment, do you understand me? Nothing gets through!

Ezio managed to climb back onto the road, which one of the guards noticed.

  • Guard: Leandros. There. (points at Ezio)

Leandros turned around, spotting Ezio.

The Wounded Eagle 3

Leandros instructing his guards

  • Leandros: Well, well... Look what crawled out of its hole to die!

Turning around to his guards, Leandros gave them an order, before signalling two guards to follow him.

  • Leandros: He's at death's door. Finish him off! Bring me his head, or throw yourselves into the canyon!

As Leandros walked away, the remaining guards approached Ezio, considering him as an easy target. Preparing himself for a fight, despite his injury to his abdomen, Ezio managed to survive and proceeded towards the village. He then stepped onto a spinning waterwheel to reach the top of the fortress wall.

  • Ezio: This used to be so easy.

Once he reached the top, Ezio made his way through the guard infested village. He managed to get past them all and found Leandros behind fortified walls.

The Wounded Eagle 10

Leandros taunting Ezio

  • Leandros: Could it be that you are every bit as deadly as the legends say? Or am I in charge of an army of drunks swinging sticks?! Right this way, Ezio. Nowhere left to run now!

Ezio noticed a few guards running towards him from behind.

  • Ezio: Not for me, and not for you!

With a swing of his sword, he closed the gate behind him, and prevented the guards from entering and Leandros from escaping.

  • Leandros: Kill that dog! Cut him down!

After killing some guards, Ezio looted their bodies for medicine, which he used to heal his wounds. He then climbed his way across the rooftops. While arquebusiers shot at him, Ezio managed to dodge them and started to climb the tower where Leandros had taken refuge. Seeing Ezio approach, Leandros threw one of his guards off of the tower, intending to slow Ezio down.

  • Leandros: Do your worst, malákas (asshole)!
The Wounded Eagle 13

Leandros' final moments

As Ezio dodged the guard, who broke through a wooden platform, Ezio climbed higher.

  • Leandros: Face me.

Ezio reached the top of the tower as Leandros backed away from him.

  • Leandros: What does it take to kill you, eh? Why will you not die?
  • Ezio: Don't you ever stop howling?

With Leandros cornered, Ezio grabbed and headbutted the Templar Captain, before he forced his Hidden Blade into his body.

  • Leandros: Well, the old hound still has a bite.
  • Ezio: The book you carry. Where is it?
  • Leandros: Ah! Niccolò Polo's journal? This will do no good, not now. We have found one of the Masyaf keys already, and are closing in on the rest.
  • Ezio: What is in that library is not for you. Not the Templars.
  • Leandros: Ah, you can have Altaïr's books, Ezio. We only want guidance. We only want directions... to the location of the Grand Temple.
  • Ezio: Grand Temple? Tell me more. Now!

Leandros however died and Ezio picked up the journal from his body.

  • Ezio: Requiescat in pace... bastardo (bastard).


Ezio succeeded in killing the Captain of the Byzantine guard, and retrieved Niccolò Polo's journal.


  • When Ezio assassinated Leandros, he used his right Hidden Blade, despite the fact that it was broken.
  • The memory appears as an easter egg in Watch Dogs, another game created by Ubisoft.



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