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ACOD The Wolf's Helm

The Wolf's Helm

The Wolf's Helm was a helmet which belonged to the Spartan general Nikolaos, who was otherwise known as the Wolf. The top of the helmet was adorn with the image of a wolf in honor of his nickname.

After being spared in Megaris by his stepdaughter Kassandra, who had been sent to assassinate him, Nikolaos abandoned his post and left the helmet behind, allowing Kassandra to collect it back to her contact Elpenor.[1] Kassandra later reclaimed the helmet for her own use after being betrayed by Elpenor.[2]

Armor statistics

Rarity Armor (Lvl 99) Default Engravings Availability
Rare 2652 +24% Warrior Damage
+20% Health
+50% CRIT Damage
Complete The Wolf of Sparta and The Wolf's Fate



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