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The Whydah's Secret was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having rescued Samuel Bellamy from being eliminated by the British Templar and Royal Navy captain Francis Hume, Alonzo planned to use Laurens Prins' naval route to ambush the slaver.


Alonzo sailed alongside Bellamy's ship.

  • Alonzo: Sam! It is high time we pursue our most prized target!... Laurens Prins!
  • Bellamy: His ship... the Whydah... is a true fortress, and fast... we'll have to proceed with care.
  • Alonzo: I guess those friends of yours will try to stop us... even with the British captain dead!
  • Bellamy: Aye, they will!... So let us be careful!
  • Alonzo: Show me the way...

Alonzo followed Bellamy, curving around small islands and other ships, until they came upon La Buse being hit by mortar fire.


La Buse being attacked by mortars

  • Jumao: Alonzo! La Buse is under attack!...
  • Alonzo: He will not endure this for long!... We have to help him!
  • Bellamy: I cannot risk it!... The Whydah will put too much distance between us!
  • Alonzo: Sail after our prize, Sam!... We will meet you in time, I promise!

As Sam departed for the Whydah, Alonzo weaved in and out of the lighthouse's mortar fire to get closer and assist his friend La Buse. As he approached, La Buse sailed away to safety, while Alonzo aimed to neutralize the mortar.

  • Jumao: We've made it, Alonzo!... Now shoot the men operating the mortars at the top of the lighthouse!

The lighthouse destroyed by Alonzo

Using his ship's swivel gun, Alonzo shot all five of the mortar operators, while taking fire as he did so.

  • La Buse: Thank you, my friend!
  • Alonzo: I thought you'd be halfway around the world...
  • La Buse: Those dogs tracked me down and drove me into an ambush!... I had to leave my gold behind!
  • Alonzo: Your loss is our gain... Sam and I are after the Whydah, the fastest ship in the West Indies! He's chasing her now!... But we'd capture her more easily if the three of us worked together!
  • La Buse: One last prize... destiny put you in my path, boy!
  • Alonzo: And destiny does not wait!... We have to catch Bellamy before he reaches our prize!

The two raced to join Bellamy before he caught up to the Whydah.

  • Bellamy: A new ally for our operation?... You tasted blood in the water, shark?
  • La Buse: I have no taste for your jests, Sam!... What is your plan?
  • Bellamy: We have to be cautious... Trust me, Prins will flee as soon as he sees our black flags!
  • Alonzo: Then, we set an ambush... I will chase Prins... and drive him right into our trap!
  • Bellamy: It will work if you force him into that passage... but let no other ship detect your presence!

Alonzo managed to avoid the first group of ships, setting Prins down the ambush route.

  • Jumao: Continue the chase, captain!... The Whydah is falling for our ruse!

Alonzo dodged the next set of ships, securing Prins into his allies' trap.

  • Jumao: The Whydah is cornered, captain! Wait for our allies... and this prize is ours!
  • Alonzo: I am not one for idleness, Jumao!... I've waited for this my entire life!

The pirates trapping the Whydah

Alonzo engaged in combat with the Whydah.

  • Jumao: Do not sink her, Alonzo... we'll lose her precious cargo!

Alonzo managed to weaken the ship considerably.

  • Prins: I give up, you scoundrels!... Do not destroy my beautiful ship!
  • Alonzo: This ship is no longer yours, slaver!

Having been commandeered by the pirates, Prins cursed them with the wrath of his associates.

  • Prins: The people who hired me will not be deterred by a gang of pirates... They'll soon be after you!
  • Bellamy: Where is it?... Where is the Fragment?
  • Prins: Do not lay hands on it... this... thing is not of our making, it is... it is cursed!
  • Bellamy: Men like you are our only curse, Prins!... Let's search the hold, friends!... Follow me!

Inside the hold, Bellamy searched for the Fragment.

  • Alonzo: Have you found it, Sam?... Have you found our bounty?!
  • Bellamy: I have it... at last! In this chest!... The Fragment of Eden!
  • Alonzo: ...A fragment of Eden?
  • Bellamy: A device with a mind of its own... strong enough to bend wills and shape destinies!
  • Alonzo: ...We could use it!... Become the kings of the seas!
  • Bellamy: That is what my enemies would do... corrupt its purpose to secure power! Spread a form of slavery that is more insidious than the trafficking of humans... but just as evil!
  • La Buse: Your enemies?... Those men who attacked us at every turn?!
  • Bellamy: Yes. They are Templars... Men working from the shadows to gain control of the world.
  • La Buse: They are bound to catch up with us... If you want this artifact secured... we have to go!
  • Bellamy: I will sail faster aboard the Whydah! But I won't be able to fight back...
  • Alonzo: We'll be your escort, Sam... You'll be safe with us!

Captain Hume blocking the way

As the weather took a turn for the worse, Alonzo sailed together with La Buse to escort Bellamy and the Fragment of Eden. However, Francis Hume made his appearance known.

  • Hume: You will never escape with our relic, Assassins! Your pathetic little fleet is no match for my King George... the jewel of the Royal Navy!
  • Alonzo: How could this be?... I saw him die!
  • La Buse: He has a Man O' War, Alonzo!... The mightiest of all ships!
  • Alonzo: The three of us can overpower him!
  • La Buse: The Whydah is too damaged... we are alone in this fight, my friend!
  • Alonzo: So I'm your friend, now?

La Buse sailed alongside Hume's King George, in order to decrease its damage upon Alonzo's ship. For this reason, Alonzo was forced to aim carefully to avoid hitting his ally's vessel. After enough damage had been done, another ship came to join the fight.

  • Jumao: Captain! Another ship is joining the battle!

The infamous Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, fired a broadside into Hume's King George before he asked about the state of the battle.

  • Thatch: Are you fighting this leviathan all alone, boys?
  • La Buse: I can't hold any longer!... You need to fight for me!
  • Thatch: My cannons have already crippled this beast... Shoot the weak sections and she'll soon be coral!
  • Alonzo: I will end it!... This time, I'll make sure he won't rise from the dead!
  • Hume: You cannot defeat me!... I will bring an end to all piracy!

Utilizing the opportunity created by Blackbeard, Alonzo shot the King George's weak points with his swivel gun and sank her.

  • Alonzo: Good riddance... I thought he'd never die!
  • Thatch: We all die, boy!... Our only freedom is to meet the reaper on our own terms!
  • Alonzo: Thank you... What is your name?
  • Thatch: You'll find out soon enough!... Farewell, boy!

Thatch leaving the trio

Blackbeard sailed off into the distance, leaving Bellamy, La Buse and Alonzo among themselves.

  • Bellamy: You rescue me yet again, Alonzo!... I am forever in your debt!
  • Alonzo: My friends hold no debts to me!
  • Bellamy: Maybe you should take this treasure... it will be safer in the hands of a real pirate.
  • Alonzo: You'd trust me with it?... A soulless man like me?
  • Bellamy: The Templars will not relent!... They will chase me to the ends of the earth...
  • Alonzo: we should lead them on a wild goose chase...
  • Bellamy: ...while you will secure our treasure!... There's no time to waste... I have to leave now! Farewell, my friends! We'll meet again... if Neptune allows it!

Bellamy sailed away on the Whydah.

  • La Buse: I will assist you, Alonzo. I know how to hide this... cumbersome... treasure!
  • Alonzo: ...What is your plan?
  • La Buse: I have devised a trick so clever that no one will ever be able to figure it out...
  • Alonzo: Tell me what it is!
  • La Buse: All in due time, my impatient friend... All in due time.


While on their way to commandeer the Whydah for Bellamy, Alonzo rescued La Buse from being sunk by mortar fire, before the three went ahead and ambushed Laurens Prins. Taking his ship and its precious cargo, the Fragment of Eden, Bellamy explained the device's potential for misuse in the hands of his enemies, the Templars. Both Alonzo and La Buse then escorted Bellamy, until the untimely intervention by Francis Hume, aiming to secure the artifact for his Order once more.

Resisting Hume's Man O' War, the King George, for as long as they could, it was with Blackbeard's arrival and assistance that helped Alonzo secure the crucial advantage he needed to sink the vessel. Following Blackbeard's departure, Bellamy handed the Fragment to Alonzo for safekeeping while he used the Whydah and the Templars' desire to capture him as a decoy to lure their attention away from Alonzo. From there, La Buse devised a plan to securely hide the Fragment, but would not reveal the method to Alonzo straight away.


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