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The Whittler's Weapons was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor came across a man being hung from a cliff. He decided to help the man.


Connor approached a gang of soldiers attempting to hang a man by his legs off a cliff.

  • Lance: No! No! Ahhh!
  • Mercenary: Let's see if our man can fly.
  • Lance: Ah! What in God's name is going on around here?

Connor initiated a fight with the soldiers.

  • Lance: Please!? Help? Me?
    Anyone? Please?
    Someone pull me up!
ACIII-Whittler 5

Lance considering Connor's suggestion

Connor aided the man and helped him back onto the cliff.

  • Lance: Thank you. Thank you.
  • Connor: Are you alright?
  • Lance: I think so...didn't do much to me aside from a good scare. Blaggards.
  • Connor: What did they want with you?
  • Lance: My purse, which was meager, and they decided they'd punish me for their trouble. Silly really, my tools and equipment WERE worth a king's share to the right man. In any case, I best get on my way. It's a long walk to the nearest inn. I thank you again for your kindness.
  • Connor: Have you no home?
  • Lance: Ah, well. I was a proud resident of Boston until recently, but I'm not a supporter of his majesty and well I was forced out of my wood shop and home by Loyalists.
  • Connor: There are plenty around here who could use the services of a skilled craftsman, if you were looking for somewhere to settle.
  • Lance: Is that right? I may look into that.


Lance joined the Homestead, ready to craft woodworks for Connor.



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