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The Weasel was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek meets Apollodorus's steward who asks him to run to the Pigeon Tower and retrieve a letter.


As Bayek visited Apollodorus' estate, he happened to run into Pelias.

  • Pelias: Told her to hurry back... Ruia, where have you got to?
    Where is that damn girl!?

Pelias approached Bayek.

  • Pelias: You, neb, are young and your legs are strong. Perfect for my needs. A pigeon arrived not long ago. I sent Ruia to fetch it, but she is so unreliable. Probably batting her eyes at the master of arms.
  • Bayek: If I see her...
  • Pelias: Never mind her. I want my letter. Run up to the Pigeon Tower and fetch it. All news is important to us these days.
  • Bayek: All right, steward. I'll see what I can do.

Bayek made his way to the pigeon tower.

  • Bayek: The pigeons are in a ruckus. What has upset them?

He discovered some spilled charcoal on the ground.

  • Bayek: An ill omen. How did that charcoal get spilled?

Bayek climbed up the tower to the lower roof. He discovered the source of the spilled charcoal: a brazier had been knocked over.

  • Bayek: Such a mess.

He discovered a trail of blood on the floor.

  • Bayek: Blood. Still fresh.

He discovered the railings covering the roof was broken.

  • Bayek: The railing broke... when someone went over it.

Bayek climbed down the tower and discovered a pool of blood near a haystack.

  • Bayek: Lot of blood. Where's the body?

Bayek investigated a cart of haystack near the wall and discovered Ruia's body. He drew the body out of the haystack.

  • Bayek: I cannot leave you here. I will take you back to Pelias for the proper rites.
ACOD The Weasel - Bayek Carrying Raia's Body

Bayek carrying Ruia's body

Bayek carried her body on his back and returned to Pelias.

  • Bayek: Poor Ruia. If you had only known how to make such a leap... What did you get yourself into? Beasts with the faces of men prey on the weak and powerless. We cannot simply show our bellies to the jackals that plague our land.

He laid down her body.

  • Pelias: By the gods... Ruia! What happened?
  • Bayek: She was thrown to her death from the Pigeon Tower.

Bayek took out a letter that he had retrieved and gave it to Pelias.

  • Bayek: Your letter.
  • Pelias: Why was she killed?

Bayek found a badge on Ruia, and showed it to Pelias.

  • Pelias: That is the badge worn by Dymnos, our Master of Arms. Why did she have it?
  • Bayek: I will find out soon enough.

Bayek stood up. Pelias mourned over Ruia.

Bayek found Dymnos in the armory, and confronted him.

  • Bayek: Dymnos? I'm looking for Ruia.
  • Dymnos: Why would I know where that peasant is?
  • Bayek: Perhaps because she has your badge.
  • Dymnos: Shit. Well... She was just an Egyptian dog. No matter.
  • Bayek: Why did you do it?
  • Dymnos: Truth, I didn't mean to kill her. Only teach her a lesson for her insolence. She refused to read a letter for me.
  • Bayek: You must confess to Pelias.
  • Dymnos: I suppose you want the same fate as Ruia, you stupid Egyptian. I'll teach you the same lesson she learned!
  • Bayek: Come. Try.

Dymnos attacked Bayek, who dodged his attack and killed him in self defense. Bayek retrieved a letter from his body.

  • Bayek: Hm. The letter he mentioned.
  • Dymnos's letter:
    Dymnos, I cannot believe you have entered the service of Apollodorus. He serves that Egyptian woman, in a country where women urinate standing up while the men sit down. It is all backwards. Leave them, and come join me in Cyrene. There are many fat merchants to fleece. —Alcandros

Bayek returned to Pelias.

  • Pelias: Was it Dymnos?
  • Bayek: Yes. He killed Ruia out of base cruelty. And he died because he thought I was also less than a person.
  • Pelias: What a senseless tragedy. She was a smart girl, with a good heart.
    The letter you recovered, it is information for Apollodorus. I will make sure he gets it.


Bayek helped Pelias retrieved his letter and discovered the fate of Ruia. He confronted her killer Dymnos and killed him in self defense.


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