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The Way the Wind Blows was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


The Assassin Shay Cormac pursued a target on Port-Menier.


An older Shay began to narrate the events of his past, while his younger self was depicted.

  • Shay: Stay my blade from the flesh of the innocent. Hide in plain sight. Never compromise the Assassin Brotherhood. These are the tenets of the Creed. The principles I used to live by. I was a young man then. The Seven Years' War was about to begin. I could not have imagined what the future had in store for me... Nor the cost I would choose to bear... My name is Shay Patrick Cormac. This is my story...

Shay chased a target, who came to a halt near the beach.

  • Liam: Well, we won't lack for firewood at least.

Shay attempted to assassinate them, but his target dodged the attack.

The Way The Wind Blows 11

Shay bantering with Liam

  • Shay: Admit it, I nearly had you!
  • Liam: Nearly counts for nothing, Shay. And besides, no... that was just luck.
  • Shay: I make my own luck, Liam.
  • Liam: Ah, you've been saying that for years, but you've precious little to show for it. Or have you been spending it all getting out of trouble?
  • Shay: Well you know, trouble just follows me around.

Shay and Liam's conversation was interrupted by the sound of distant cannon fire.

  • Liam: Let's head back. Come on! Captain de la Vérendrye and his crew must have run into some trouble. Who knew meeting with smugglers would lead to no good?
  • Shay: I still don't understand why you can't tell me what we're doing here.
  • Liam: Because Chevalier decided not to tell you.
  • Shay: I thought we were friends, Liam.
  • Liam: We are, but this is business. It doesn't concern you, Shay.
    Am I going too fast for you?
  • Shay: I'm just keeping my eye on you in case you fall down and hurt yourself.

Shay caught up with Liam.

  • Liam: Hurry! We best not keep Chevalier waiting.
  • Chevalier: (Shit! Where are those idiots?)
    Hold it together men! We will find a way off this island.
    Look to those wounds, young man.

Shay and Liam reached Chevalier's camp.

The Way The Wind Blows 13

Chevalier berating Shay

  • Chevalier: (What the-) Where the hell were you two?
  • Shay: We were out hunting. What happened here?
  • Chevalier: My men were attacked by some English sea dogs!
  • Shay: Why Captain Joseph, couldn't you fight them all off by yourself like you're always saying?
  • Chevalier: It is (Captain) Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye. And you are dreaming if you think any training could make you into a proper Assassin. Do you even know what that means? It means being responsible for an ancient and proud tradition. It means obeying your Mentor without question. How else will we ensure freedom for the human race?
  • Shay: Them's pretty words, Chevalier, but I don't feel too free at the moment.
  • Chevalier: Well then feel educated, urgh!

Chevalier punched Shay, starting a fistfight between them.

  • Chevalier: (Come, Come!)
    I will teach you some manners, boy.
    How dare you show me such disrespect!
    You irresponsible wretch!
    You simpleton! You rot-brained cabbage farmer!

Liam intervened.

Way the Wind Blows 6

Liam breaking up the fight

  • Liam: Gentlemen, stop! We've got a common enemy and I reckon he's close.
  • Chevalier: The Royal Navy attacked my vessel and forced my men to flee! We are stranded, and what is worse, the smugglers we were supposed to meet have been taken prisoner.
  • Liam: Shay and I will free those smugglers, you treat your wounded.

Liam handed Shay a sword and parrying dagger.

  • Liam: Take these, you'll need them.
    Tread with care, Shay. The Royal Navy will be ready for us. Remember your training.

Shay and Liam reached the British camp.

  • Liam: Ready to teach them a lesson?
  • Shay: They don't stand a chance.
  • Guard 1: Where are your mates now, you bilge rat?

Liam knocked out a guard.

  • Shay: Not bad.
  • Guard 1: Talk before I bash out your brains! We will find them and let them bury what's left of you.

Shay eliminated the guard and freed the smuggler.

Way the Wind Blows 8

Shay freeing the smugglers

  • Smuggler 1: Thank you!
  • Guard 2: Keep an eye out, lads. Their pals are still out there somewhere.

Liam assassinated a guard from a haystack, before continuing forward.

  • Shay: There he goes again.

Shay eliminated the remaining guards and freed two more smugglers.

  • Smuggler: Many thanks, I thought I'd be hanged!

British ships sailed past.

  • Guard 3: Happy hunting, lads!
  • Guard 4: Set her ablaze!
  • Guard 5: Sink that French vessel!
  • Guard 6: She's no match for you!

Shay climbed aboard the ship docked near the shore, killed the soldiers and freed the remaining smugglers. More guards immediately emerged from below deck, surrounding the Assassin. Liam and Chevalier then appeared, assisting Shay in taking out the reinforcements.

The Way The Wind Blows 14

Chevalier finishing off the last soldier

  • Shay: I was saving those fellows for you.
  • Liam: Very thoughtful.
  • Chevalier: Maybe you are not completely useless, Shay.
  • Shay: Speaking of useless, those blockheads won't be needing this vessel anymore.
  • Chevalier: This pile of (shit?) You want her, Shay, she is yours. Now bring me back to my ship.
  • Liam: You heard Chevalier. This vessel is yours, Shay. Go on, take the wheel.

Shay took the helm and set a course for Chevalier's ship, the Gerfaut.

  • Liam: Some of the men you rescued agreed to join us. They should prove a good crew.
  • Chevalier: I am not so certain about their captain, but next to me you are the most experienced sailor in the Brotherhood, Shay. Besides, we could use another vessel, even this pitiful one.
  • Shay: She's mine, ain't she? My own ship.
  • Chevalier: Your own pile of garbage, yes.
  • Shay: Ah, with a lick of paint and a few new cannons, she'll look as fine as anything on the seven seas.
  • Liam: Shall we begin, Captain?
  • Shay: Indeed, Mate!
  • Chevalier: (Idiots...)
Way the Wind Blows 10

Shay captaining the Morrigan

  • Shay: She's a mess, but she's still afloat. And her name's the Morrigan.
  • Chevalier: (Morrigan)... The silly fairy queen who ruined Merlin the Wise. Oh oh... she's perfect for you, Shay.
  • Liam: The Morrigan was an old goddess, she's the queen of War and Darkness. She harvested the souls of fallen warriors. Perfect indeed.

Shay and his fellow Assassins witnessed the Gerfaut being attacked by British ships.

  • Chevalier: (My God!) My ship! (Those bastards!) They will sink her!
  • Liam: Let's put the Morrigan to the test, Captain Shay.
  • Shay: Ready for battle, men!
  • Chevalier: Stop them, boy!
    They're tearing her to pieces! Do something!
    My ship!

Shay sank the enemy ships.

  • Chevalier: It seems this vessel is battle-ready after all. I will return to what is left of Le Gerfaut. It is a long way home, and we have repairs to do.
  • Shay: Sing hearty, lads. Chevalier is pleased with us!

Chevalier departed in a rowboat.

  • Liam: What course would you have me set, Shay?
  • Shay: Time to report back to the Mentor, wouldn't you agree?
  • Liam: Wise words, Captain. Wise words.


After rescuing the captured smugglers and acquiring a ship for himself, Shay prevented Chevalier's vessel from being destroyed by the British attackers.


  • It was possible to attack Liam from behind, rather than above. This resulted in a slightly altered cutscene, in which Liam counters Shay's attack, instead of dodging it.



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