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The Way Out was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


  • La Buse: We are on a renowned commercial route. I've taken many a ship in those waters...
  • Alonzo: So what should I get you, old man? Would a gunboat be suitable?
  • La Buse: You pay me back with interest, boy! I need to cross the Atlantic! A galleon will serve me fine!
  • Alonzo: You greedy rascal! Let's see what we find!

While sailing, the two pirates encountered a Portuguese galleon.

  • Alonzo: This one should do...
  • La Buse: Destroy her defenses, Alonzo. But do not sink her. I need this ship intact!

Alonzo used the hand gun to incapacitate the ship while avoiding the bursts of her cannons and captured the galleon.


Alonzo capturing the Portuguesee galleon

  • La Buse: We are even, Alonzo. For a pirate... you're a pretty decent man.
  • Alonzo: What now? Are you ready to sail across the ocean?
  • La Buse: Not yet, friend. I still need your help... to keep our promise to Bellamy!
  • Alonzo: The relic is not safe?
  • La Buse: I hid the Fragment of Eden, but Hornigold and Condent are actively searching for it! The West Indies are being tamed, Alonzo... Sooner or later, the relic will fall into Templar hands!
  • Alonzo: I won't let it happen. We'll take it far from here! The Templars will never find it!
  • La Buse: That's exactly what I plan to do. But let's see if you can find it first... I'll give you a clue: it's hidden on a corpse's finger!

Followed by the galleon, Alonzo sailed to an island that matched the description given by La Buse and found a giant cave.


Alonzo and La Buse approaching the cave

  • La Buse: Well done, Alonzo.
  • Alonzo: An easy find, friend. I have a mind for riddles!
  • La Buse: When no one understands, I trust that you will, then? It might come in handy if I find myself in a tough spot!

The two ships entered into the sea grotto.

  • Alonzo: Where is the Fragment?
  • La Buse: Somewhere around here. Use your spyglass to find it!

Alonzo spotted the treasure with his spyglass.

  • La Buse: Well done! Give it to me!
  • Alonzo: What do you plan to do with it?
  • La Buse: Hide it in a place the Templars will never rule. Somewhere pirates can live like free men!
  • Alonzo: Does such a place exist outside of your old corrupted mind?

Leaving the cave, the two pirates were ambushed by Condent's ship.


Condent blocking the way

  • Condent: Hand over the Fragment, pirates... or die where you stand!
  • Alonzo: I've heard these threats many times... but those who made them were all sent to Neptune's depth!
  • Condent: Be reasonable, pirate! You don't stand a chance against my ship! Why suffer a useless death?
  • La Buse: Use the Fragment to defend yourself, Alonzo! This is our only chance!

Using the power of the artifact to boost the weapons and the speed of his vessel, Alonzo sank the vessel of the Templar.

  • Condent: This cannot be! My ship has no equal in the Caribbean!
  • Alonzo: Are you not tired of being wrong, Condent?
  • Condent: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Alonzo: Good riddance!
  • La Buse: Do not rejoice too soon... I think bad news just sailed on our horizon!

A British war fleet suddenly appeared on the horizon.

  • Alonzo: The British fleet... sent to enforce the King's law!
  • La Buse: The King's pardon has expired... all pirates are dead men!
  • Alonzo: Not all, my friend... I will delay the fleet... you leave with the relic!
  • La Buse: You'll die, Alonzo!
  • Alonzo: No! I won't let the Templars take the Fragment and turn our world into a prison!
  • La Buse: I will hide the relic then... and if something goes wrong, I'll find a way to tell you where it is!

While La Buse fled aboard the Portuguese galleon, Alonzo sailed out to meet the British fleet led by Woodes Rogers.


Alonzo facing the British war fleet

  • Rogers: Surrender, pirate, or I will obliterate you all from the surface of the seas!
  • Alonzo: Brace yourselves! This fight will be our toughest!

After sinking six ships of the British fleet, Batilla faced Rogers' Man O' War.

  • Alonzo: We have delayed the fleet long enough! It's time to make our escape!

Having not managed to inflict any significant damages to the Rogers' vessel, Alonzo fled.

  • Rogers: This scum is not worth the chase! We have wasted enough time on those maggots! Bring the fleet around! We are sailing for Nassau! I will claim my position as governor!

Later, after escaping the British fleet, Alonzo conferred with his crew.

  • Jumao: They're gone. We are safe...
  • Alonzo: ... until our paths cross again.
  • Aaminah: Why tempt fate, captain? We should leave the Caribbean while we can!
  • Alonzo: And do what? Become merchants? Settle down and grow sugar?
  • Aaminah: Worse things could happen to a smart man, captain.
  • Alonzo: It sounds like dying a slow death! I'd rather take my chances with fate!


Having reunited with his friend, Alonzo traveled to the Caicos Islands and recovered the Fragment of Eden. Upon leaving the cave, they were ambushed by Christopher Condent. By using the Fragment's powers, Alonzo was able to defeat Condent.

However, another threat soon approached, as a British war fleet led by Woodes Rogers appeared on the horizon. The pirates decided to split up; La Buse was to leave the area along with the artifact, while Alonzo boldly faced their enemies. Alonzo sank several ships and managed to withstand Rogers' attacks, successfully delaying the fleet and giving La Buse time to escape the Caribbean.


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