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The Walls of the Ruler was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Ampelius oversees all commerce on the Sinai Peninsula. He does so with efficiency and brutality.


Bayek reached the old watchtower to meet with Maqwat, who was overlooking the Walls-of-the-Ruler.

  • Rebel 1: I detest that fort! They rob every Nabatean who enters, and all must enter!
  • Rebel 2: Gamilat tells me a Hidden One may attempt to enter it.

Bayek climbed up the tower.

  • Maqwat: Bayek! Over here! Tahira said you would come.
  • Bayek: Who is my target?
  • Maqwat: Ampelius. He oversees all commerce on the peninsula. You will find him below.

A flashback of Ampelius was shown. In the flashback, Ampelius inspected the food of a travelling merchant. However, he spitted it out and ordered his soldiers to take the merchant away.

  • Maqwat: He squeezes bloody juice from every coin that passes along the Way of Horus and through those walls.
  • Bayek: How will I know him?
  • Maqwat: There you have a problem. He dresses exactly like his captains. From afar, he is impossible to identify.
  • Bayek: Are you certain he is in the fort?
  • Maqwat: I am certain. My partner went in there earlier and never came back.
  • Bayek: Wait for me at the Praying Hands. If I find your partner, I will bring him there.

Bayek infiltrated the fort. After a long search, he discovered Ampelius and killed him. A hallucination of Ampelius appeared, where he was shown counting the gold.

  • Ampelius: ... ten, eleven... mm-mm.

Bayek approached him from behind, but as Ampelius walked away, Bayek looked into a box, which contained human organs and severed hands. Ampelius reappeared infront of him with his hand cut off.

  • Ampelius: The Order is eternal. (laughs)


Bayek assassinated Ampelius, thus freeing the fort from Roman control.


  • If Bayek attempts to use Senu to locate Ampelius, she will be unable to find the target and the following dialogue will be shown: Ah, Senu, dear girl. He cannot be found. He is dressed like all the others.


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