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The Unseen Knife was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


The time has come, and Altaïr will be making his move. We learned from Montferrat's Knight that the Templars are expecting an attack and have set up an ambush.

A whole cadre of Crusader soldiers have formed up outside Montferrat's headquarters, and is up to us to disrupt the ambush attempt.

We must hurry to Montferrat's fortress and launch an attack on the crusaders there. We must help Altaïr get through.


The Levantine Assassins met outside Acre Citadel.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: Altaïr is rushing into a trap. We need to clear his way.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Montferrat has set an ambush near his stronghold. Let us spring this trap, and break it.

The Levantine Assassins entered the citadel and began eliminating the troops stationed throughout the fort. They soon entered an upper hallway guarded by a Crusader soldier and Templar knight, who instantly engaged them in combat. As they fought, Altaïr entered the citadel in search of William, leaping from the beams embedded in the wall. The Assassins defeated the guards and continued on, eventually reaching an outer courtyard where a Crusader levy, a soldier, and a Hospitalier guarded a gated inner complex.

  • Hospitalier: What, who are you?
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Careful what you snare, Templar. It may bite back!
ACReb Altaïr assassinated William

Altaïr having assassinated William

The soldiers engaged the Assassins in combat but were no match and were killed. Victorious, the Assassins looked into the inner courtyard where William was berating his men and saw Altaïr leap from the wall to air-assassinate William, before running out the exit pursued by William's soldiers.

  • Levantine Assassin 3: Montferrat is dead! Altaïr's mission is accomplished.
  • Levantine Assassin 1: And so is ours.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: We should return to Masyaf and report to Al Mualim.
  • Levantine Assassin 3: Yes, let us go. We shall tell him of Altaïr's victory.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: And see what our Master had for us next!


The Levantine Assassins disrupted the Templar ambush, allowing Altaïr to assassinate William of Montferrat.


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