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The Unkindest Cut was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra travelled to the Farmhouse to free Praxithea alongside Lykaon.


Kassandra made her way to the Farmhouse, guarded by a group of bandits. She identified the site with Ikaros' help.

  • Kassandra: That must be the farm where Praxithea is being held prisoner.

Kassandra entered the farmhouse, killing the bandits in the area. She found Praxithea being held in a cage, freeing her.

  • Praxithea: Thank you, my child! We must get away from here.

Kassandra escorted Praxithea out of the farmhouse.

  • Praxithea: Thank you for saving me, dear child.
  • Kassandra: Don't thank me, voice of Apollo. Or were those someone's words you spoke?
  • Praxithea: So you've met my grandson. You're right, I lied to everyone. I am so sorry... The gods should have killed me by now.
  • Praxithea: Instead, they made me live with my remorse.

(If "Why did you give false prophecies?" is chosen)

  • Kassandra: Why did you spread lies? People trusted you. You were supposed to bring them the word of Apollo.
  • Praxithea: I didn't plan to, not when I was chosen to be the Oracle of Apollo. But I met people there who told me I must speak the words they asked. Or else my family would suffer for my disobedience.
  • Praxithea: Family? Do you remember telling a Spartan family that their younger child musst die? A grieving mother with eyes like mine?
  • Praxithea: I am so sorry for what you have lost.

(If "Who kidnapped you?" is chosen)

  • Kassandra: Who wanted you kidnapped? These brutals didn't come up with the idea themselves.
  • Praxithea: Please don't ask me that. The ones who want to punish me now, the ones who told me what to say... They would burry you alive if I told you about them.
  • Kassandra: The ones with masks and dark cloaks. The Cult of Kosmos.
  • Praxithea: Do not speak their name!

(If "That's all I needed to hear." is chosen) Lykaon arrived shortly afterwards.

  • Lykaon: Grandmother...

She approached Kassandra.

  • Lykaon: Did she tell you? Is she the oracle who brought ruin on your family?
  • Praxithea: I'm sorry for what I've done. I accept my punishment. But please, don't let my grandson kill me. Lykaon's a good man, a healer. This would break him.
  • Lykaon: No. She's my responsibility. I must be the one to end her.

  • Kassandra: If you don’t finish this, Lykaon, you won’t be able to live with yourself. Go on, kill her.

Lykaon walked over to Praxithea, but faltered.

  • Lykaon: I... I... I can’t.
  • Kassandra: Then this is where I leave. Live as a killer or live as a coward, Lykaon. I can’t help you any more.

Kassandra walked off, leaving a distressed Lykaon and his grandmother.

  • Kassandra: I've killed enough people to know that violence has no end. Better to move on and make the best if the lives the gods have given you.
  • Lykaon: Move on? But you said Praxithea ruined your family...
  • Kassandra: She can do no more harm. Killing her for revenge won't change what happened. Besides, didn't you tell me something about hope?
  • Praxithea: Thank you for your mercy. I promise I will do good with what's left of my days.

Praxithea left the conversation.

  • Lykaon: You're right, Kassandra. I might not be able to forgive my grandmother, not right away. But she can go on with her life, and I with mine.
  • Kassandra: I think you've made the right decision, Lykaon.
  • Lykaon: How do you do this? Decide who lives and who dies?
  • Kassandra: How do you do it, Lykaon? All those lives depending on you, needing your healing and kindess.
  • Lykaon: I... I think I need you, Kassandra. Not to kill anybody or find anything. Just to stay with me.

  • Kassandra: I can't stay forever. But for now, let me take care of you, healer.

Kassandra and Lykaon embraced, spending some time together at the latter's home. Kassandra emerged a while later.

  • Kassandra: I’m no healer, but I think you’ve been through a lot, Lykaon. You don’t need a misthios in your life. Go back home and be the physician you’re meant to be.

  • Kassandra: You’re a healer, Lykaon, not a killer. I. am. You still have a hope of a better life beyond this.
  • Lykaon: No, Kassandra, I can-

Kassandra cut Lykaon off and turned to Praxithea.

  • Kassandra: This woman betrayed the trust of the gods and of the people who seek their wisdom. In the name of all those betrayed by your false prophecies, oracle, I end your miserable life.

Praxithea puts up no fight as Kassandra killed her. Once the oracle was dead, Kassandra talked to Lykaon again.

  • Kassandra: She’s dead.
  • Lykaon: You didn’t have to, I could have done it.
  • Kassandra: Probably. But you didn’t have to. You get to be the honorable healer. I’m the misthios.


Kassandra helped Lykaon to free her grandmother Praxithea. She was given the choice to either spare Praxithea, kill Praxithea herself, or let Lykaon be the one to kill her.


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