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The Unfortunates was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie set out to find clues in Jacob's residence, hoping to find some clue as to the location, or identity, of Jack the Ripper.


The Unfortunates 02

Arriving at Jacob's house

Evie spoke with Inspector Frederick Abberline.

  • Evie: Inspector. The inquest mentions that Miss Nichols made quite a spectacle of her drunkenness on the night of her murder... Do you think Jacob may have put her up to it?
  • Abberline: Bait, you mean? I don't know what to think anymore, Miss Frye... Jacob kept lodgings nearby, right in the heart of this cesspool. Be careful.
  • Evie: I will not fail you.

Evie made her way to her brother's quarters in Whitechapel and began examining his room for clues.

  • Evie: More signs... What am I not seeing?
    There must be something more here...
    You knew I would come, brother. So give me a sign!

Evie found spikes and fear bombs near the door.

  • Evie: Weapons of intimidation, much like those we learned to use with our Indian Brothers.

Evie examined dried blood on the floor.

  • Evie: So much blood... I hope it's not yours, brother.

Evie picked up a letter.

  • Evie: A letter...
  • Letter: Grand work the last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal. How can they catch me now. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle from the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and I can't use it. Red ink is fit enough, I hope ha.
    ...signed Jack the Ripper!
  • Evie: The newspapers printed this letter three days before Miss Stride and Miss Eddowes were murdered — it was signed 'Jack the Ripper'...

Evie looked at a photograph hung near the bed.

ACS JR 1870 India

The photograph

  • Evie: The last time Henry, my brother and I were together was in India...fifteen years ago. When the photograph was taken, we stood facing a temple of Kali... And that's one of the boys Jacob brought to train with the Brotherhood. What did we call him? ... 'Jack the lad'!—reckless and roguish, much like my brother...

Realizing what she was looking for, Evie approached a statuette set upon a bookshelf above the fireplace.

  • Evie: I've got it, Jacob!

Evie picked up the statuette of the Hindu goddess Kali.

  • Evie: Kali the Destroyer. I gave this to you on your last visit to India...

Examining the statuette, Evie found a piece of paper tucked away inside.

  • Letter: There's a woman who can help. Unfortunately, she'll remind you of our childhood neighbour...if the Ripper doesn't get to her first.
ACS The Unfortunates 1

Evie examining the statuette

  • Evie: 'Unfortunately'? What is Jacob trying to say? We loved old Nellie. Could he be referring to an 'Unfortunate Woman'?

Evie looked out the window, where Jack the Ripper had stood moments before, but saw nothing.

  • Evie: Nellie may be in the brothel nearest Jacob's lodgings...I'll start there.

On her way out, Evie overheard Rooks talking.

  • Rook 1: She'll be here any minute!
  • Rook 2: Mr. Jack says we can have our way with her...
  • Rook 3: Right. Look sharp, lads.

Evie took out a fear bomb.

  • Evie: This bomb will strike fear in their hearts.

After taking out the Rooks, Evie made her way to the brothel.

  • Evie: Let's hope this Nellie has news of you, and can lead me to the Ripper. If Jacob's former pupil is the Ripper, then he is 'our' Ripper... I must catch him.

Arriving at the brothel, Evie noticed several Rooks.

  • Evie: That is quite the welcoming committee.

After dealing with them, Evie entered the brothel and spoke to the prostitutes.

The Unfortunates 09

Evie talking to one of the prostitutes

  • Evie: One of these women must know Nellie.
    Pardon me, does Nellie work here?
  • Prostitute 1: Nellie? 'Fraid I can't say, Miss.
  • Evie: Where is Nellie?
  • Prostitute 2: Who's askin'? I don't know you, and I don't know Nellie.
  • Evie: Have you seen Nellie today?
  • Prostitute 3: What do you want with Nellie? Who are you? ...If you're a friend, then you may already be too late.
  • Evie: Where is she?
  • Prostitute 3: On her way to see Lady O, in the company of the brutes paid to keep us in line... Hurry if you want to catch her.

Evie spotted Nellie being taken away in the distance.

  • Rook 4: Now, come nicely, Nellie. Lady O is expecting you.
  • Nellie: I don't want to! Let me go!

Running after them, Evie found that they had already vanished and decided to follow their trail.

  • Evie: I need to find Nellie before something bad happens to her.
    Where did they go? Nellie is in grave danger.

Evie arrived at the Kenway Mansion.

The Unfortunates 11

Evie infiltrating the Kenway Mansion

  • Evie: There's the carriage...Nellie must be inside the building.
    Nellie is in there somewhere, no doubt closely guarded...and in mortal danger.

Evie managed to infiltrate the mansion and entered the main hall, where Lady Owers was giving a speech.

  • Rook 4: Don't make me hurt you in front of all the ladies and gents.
  • Nellie: Take your hands off me.
  • Rook 4: Hush. Keep yer voice down, Lady Owers is speaking.
  • Owers: And so I am delighted to announce to you all today that we shall be taking on even more poor unfortunates in due course. These desperate young women, innocent victims of these uncertain times, shall be offered a roof over their heads, a warm fire, three meals a day and, above all, the love and support they need to regain a foothold in society. The understanding and help from those of you in our charity allows all our girls an opportunity to pick themselves up and stand tall once more, whatever their past sins or failings. As long as they repent and acknowledge the errors of their ways, they shall find a home with us. This is the work we do, it is the work of God, work of which I am extremely proud, and I shall not stop until every one of these fallen women has been saved.

As the public applauded, Evie spoke with Nellie.

  • Evie: Shh. Don't be afraid.
  • Nellie: Jacob's sister! We can't talk here, please, he'll kill me, she'll see to it...
  • Evie: Who?
  • Nellie: Lady Owers. Jacob said you must kill her to find him...
ACS The Unfortunates 5

Owers threatening the prostitutes

Owers approached the prostitutes.

  • Owers: Smile and be polite, or I'll tell the Ripper where you sleep, my beauties.

Owers spotted Evie.

  • Owers: Dame Frye.

Owers beckoned a guard.

  • Owers: Take Nellie and see to it that woman does not follow us.

Owers departed, with Nellie being escorted out as well. Following after, Evie lost sight of Owers.

  • Evie: Where did she go?

A carriage sped off.

  • Evie: That must be the carriage I'm after!

Evie chased after it.

The Unfortunates 16

Evie chasing after the carriage

  • Evie: Damn! I mustn't lose her!
    Lady O is escaping!
    She's getting away!
    Where did she go, damn it!

Evie managed to hijack the carriage and bring it to a stop. However, upon opening it, she saw that it was not Owers who had been inside, but Nellie.

  • Evie: Lady Owers—Nellie! I am so sorry...
  • Nellie: She used me as a decoy and fled to Owers Manor.
  • Evie: Hoping I'd cause your death, no doubt...
  • Nellie: She knew you'd come, Miss Frye. Lady O is the Ripper's eyes and ears in London...
  • Evie: Kill her, and Jack will be forced to show himself.

Evie stopped a carriage for Nellie.

  • Evie: I'll look in on you soon, Nellie, I promise.

As the carriage drove off, Evie decided to go after Owers.

  • Evie: Lady Owers will be expecting me, and I would not want to disappoint her.


Through Nellie, Evie learned of Lady Owers' role in Jack the Ripper's control over London and resolved to kill her.



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