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Guardian of the Gates was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was sent by Hades to recruit four guardians for the gates to the Underworld.


Kassandra travelled to the vault behind Salmoneus' Hubris, finding the hero Perseus. Kassandra attacked the hero, prompting him to engage her in combat.

  • Perseus: Kadmos and Bellerophon, lend me your might! You dare challenge the slayer of the Gorgon?
  • Kassandra: I'm not here to challenge you, Perseus. I need your help!
  • Perseus: My help must be earned!

Kassandra dealt a few blows to Perseus.

  • Perseus: Zeus... Father! Descend and fight with me!

Kassandra defeated Perseus.

  • Kassandra: Snap out of it, Perseus. We're allies, and I need your help. Go to the gates and protect this place.

Perseus nodded in agreement and left the vault. Kassandra recovered a note.

  • Perseus' note:
    It's baffling. After everything I accomplished, I am to spend eternity in the lair of the despicable gorgon I slayed so long ago. Zeus, father, what have I done to offend thee? Did I somehow misuse your gifts? Was I too prideful in my taking of the gorgon's head? Hades welcomes all who were overcome by hubris, like the warrior who thought he was protected by the Styx, and yet finds himself feasting endlessly in the Hall of Maniai. Or perhaps slaying the monster was in itself an ill act. Perhaps the beast was merely misunderstood. Perhaps... perhaps...

Kassandra next traveled to the Hall of Maniai, passing through a Tartaros Veil. In the cave, she found the Greek hero Achilles and provoked him into attacking.

  • Achilles: I don't want to fight you, challenger. Stand down! Put down your weapons or die.
  • Kassandra: Achilles, the underworld is in chaos. Serve Hades and go to the gates!
  • Achilles: If you want me to be a servant, prove it!

Kassandra dealt a few blows on Achilles.

  • Achilles: There's no honor in this. Stop!

Kassandra defeated Achilles.

  • Kassandra: Achilles, Hades need you. Go to the gates and guard them with your life.

Achilles nodded and left the cave. Kassandra left the cave and traveled to the Pit of Deprivation. She passed through a Tartaros Veil to a vault where Agamemnon was at, provoking the King into attacking her.

  • Agamemnon: Ah, finally Hades has sent me a challenge. Bow before your true king!
  • Kassandra: I'll bow if you go to the gates and protect the underworld.

Kassandra landed a few blows on Agamemnon.

  • Agamemnon: Your blood is as sweet as a Trojan's!
ACOD FoA ToH Agamemnon Kassandra

Kassandra recruits Agamemnon

Kassandra defeated Agamemnon.

  • Kassandra: This place needs a king, Agamemnon. Go to the gates and protect the people the way you do best.

Agamemnon nodded and left the vault. Kassandra recovered a note.

  • Agamemnon's Note:
    I was a king. I commanded legions. My banner struck fear in the hearts of my enemies and I razed cities to the ground. But now death is my kingdom. Rocks are my city walls. Flames are my soldiers. Their heat the only thing I can trust in this forsaken put. I find no rest here—not with the screams coming from Tartaros. Must be that restless son of Zeus, beating prisoners into a bloody pulp.

Kassandra left the vault and traveled to a fort in the northwest. She entered a vault through a Tartaros Veil and found the hero Herakles in it, along with a depiction of a cyclops' corpse. Kassandra approached closer, provoking Herakles into attacking.

  • Herakles: You're the one who killed Cerberos! Been a long time since I had a good fight!
  • Kassandra: Herakles, I'm not here to fight you. I need you!
  • Herakles: I said fight!

Kassandra dealt a few blows to Herakles.

  • Herakles: Respect, young one! You fight like an Argonaut!
ACOD FoA ToH Herakles Kassandra

Kassandra recruits Herakles

Kassandra defeated Herakles.

  • Kassandra: Herakles, rise up and be a hero for Hades and for all the people in the underworld.

Herakles nodded and left the vault.


Kassandra defeated Herakles, Achilles, Perseus, and Agamemnon, and recruited them as Hades' four new guardians of the gates.


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