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The Two-Faced Girl was a virtual representation of one of Anastasia Nikolaevna's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Anastasia made her way through Kazan to find and rescue Nikolai Orelov.


  • Anastasia: He should have been back by now. Something must've happened... I can't go out there. Too many of them. I'll never make it. Unless... she helps me... I am the blade in the shadows. I walk in the darkness and strike swiftly...

Anastasia set out to find Orelov.

  • Anastasia: Cannons? What's happening?

On her way to her destination, Anastasia freed a Bolshevik prisoner.

  • Anastasia: Don't speak. They're looking for me. Please stay quiet. Wait for me to go, then run... Just run.

Anastasia entered the train station.

  • Anastasia: Everyone wants to leave the town before the battle...this is going to turn into a riot... The guards are searching the place. I'll need to remain out of sight.

Anastasia made it to the ground floor.

  • Anastasia: These refugees will shield me - I can hide amongst them, in the crowds.
  • Soldier 1: What do we do if he comes back?
  • Soldier 2: Let's hope he doesn't.
  • Soldier 1: But what if he does?
  • Soldier 2: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to shoot him.
  • Soldier 1: It's not that simple... How can you shoot something you can't see?
  • Soldier 2: The Assassin isn't invincible... Bullets will do to him what they do to anyone else.
  • Soldier 1: Let's hope for all our sakes that you are right.
  • Soldier 2: I am.
  • Soldier 1: Do you think he's far?
  • Soldier 2: The Assassin is still here...somewhere.
  • Soldier 1: Shouldn't we be looking for him?
  • Soldier 2: You go ahead. While you're at it, you might want to take on the Red Guard, too...?
  • Soldier 1: Don't joke about that. Things are bad at the moment - this Assassin has just made it worse.
  • Soldier 2: Things can't get much worse.
  • Soldier 1: What is an Assassin doing here?
  • Soldier 2: Who knows... Who cares.

Upon exiting the train station, Anastasia overheard two soldiers.

  • Soldier 3: Hey, Tovarich, where were you?
  • Soldier 4: Bodarenko Ulitsa outpost. They're holding the Assassin. One tough bastard, hasn't said a word.
  • Soldier 3: He will. They always talk. He'll lead us to the girl... and that box.
  • Anastasia: Bodarenko Ulitsa... It's my turn to help you, Nikolaï.
  • Soldier 5: Do you think they'll get anything out of that Assassin, now that he's been captured?
  • Soldier 6: I don't doubt it. I hope they break him, nice and slowly. Make him suffer a bit.
  • Soldier 5: The station looks secure...there's been no sign of trouble today.
  • Soldier 6: Good, are the tram checks all in place?
  • Soldier 5: Yes, we have checkpoints on each of the lines and random searches to keep people on their toes.

Anastasia managed to climb onto a tram.

  • Anastasia: This tram will take me to the edge of the Volga - I pray there are no inspections.

Anastasia rode the tram to the first checkpoint.

  • Guard: Stop the tram.
  • Anastasia: I need to find the signal box and switch the light to green.

Having managed to take the tram further, Anastasia freed another prisoner.

  • Anastasia: You have not seen me. Wait for your chance and go. Don't look back. Good luck.

After reaching the rooftops, Anastasia noticed a train in the distance.

  • Anastasia: I must hurry and catch the train, the patrols are closing in!

Anastasia reached the train and rode it for a while.

  • Anastasia: The train has taken me as far as it can. I am almost at the house.

Anastasia found and freed another prisoner.

  • Anastasia: I'm sorry your excellency, I don't have time... Wait until I'm gone and run.

Anastasia closed in on her destination.

  • Anastasia: This is it. Bodarenko... just one more block and I should find the house.

Finding the power in the Cheka barracks cut, Anastasia discovered the elevator did not work.

  • Anastasia: I need to restore power to that elevator. There are multiple junction boxes I need to reach.

After activating the junction boxes and using the elevator, Anastasia reached the building where Orelov was kept.

  • Anastasia: This must be the house. It smells of violence. Kolya must be downstairs. I must remove all these guards. They will kill us both if they discover my actions.

Killing all eight guards, Anastasia reached Orelov.

  • Orelov: Anya? Is that you? How did you...
  • Anastasia: Don't talk, we must go!
  • Orelov: Wait? Who am I talking to now... Shao Jun?
  • Anastasia: I am myself, Nikolaï. She did help me, though. Come. We must hurry!
  • Orelov: What's happening?
  • Anastasia: The Bolsheviks are here. They're attacking Kazan. Can you walk?
  • Orelov: I can.
  • Anastasia: Can you run?


Anastasia managed to free Nikolai, and together they escaped.



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