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This article is about a memory. You may be looking for the video file of the same name.

The Truth was a memory of Clay Kaczmarek during his journey through the Animus Black Room.


Clay explored his memories on completing his given mission, that of learning what Abstergo was looking for, and their plans for it.


  • Doctor: I've administered paliperidone.
  • Warren: Thank you. Inform me when he recovers and we will return to work.
  • Doctor: You have been experimenting on him for more than a year now, the man needs a long rest.
  • Warren: Stick to your field, Doctor, and I will practice mine.
  • Clay: How are you doing, dad? Hanging in there? I know it's hard with Mom gone.
  • Harold: Our contractor's not getting any jobs thanks to this crappy economy. I haven't been to work in a week.
  • Clay: That's tough. I sent a check, it should arrive today or tomorrow.
  • Clay: Now, to get into their mainframe.
  • Clay: There you are Vidic.
  • Warren: We've found a perfect candidate named Desmond Miles. His ancestral tree fits the data gathered from Subject 16's memory of Ezio Auditore. But it is quite likely that he won't cede essential details freely. Desmond is the key to the location of the Pieces of Eden. Our scientists have been running tests. If we were to place just one within a satellite and angle it toward the Earth... well, utopia would be within our grasp.
  • Clay: Yes! That's it. I know what Vidic wants. We can leave.

A recording of Warren Vidic and Lucy Stillman began to play.

  • Warren: Lucy, this is where your background comes into play. If our experiments with Desmond in the Animus aren't going well, you will remove him from Abstergo. Take him somewhere he will feel comfortable divulging his secrets. Your Assassins should do the trick. Since Desmond will be reading our emails, we will ensure that secret communications between you and the Assassins go through unimpeded. Once you are embedded, I will come to pick up the Animus tapes. Make sure you look very upset. You need to be convincing. Desmond will lead you to the Apple and then you bring it right to us. We're counting on you, Lucy. You have served the Templar Order well, and we never forget loyalty. Oh, yes. Once inside their hideout, perhaps you might ask the Assassins why they left you alone for so many years.
  • Clay: Lucy. Trapped. I have to get out of here!


  • After the announcement of accessing the mainframe, besides the pit with the lasers, there was a line near to the bottom of the wall, encrypted with Caesar cipher, which displayed as  "Oxfb, vkh Lv dOzdbv ehklqg Brx." With an alphabetical shift of 3, the line could be decoded to read "Lucy, she Is aLways behind You."
  • The emblem above the doorway is the symbol of the asteroid 3 Juno. It is also the emblem of the Instruments of the First Will.



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