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The Trickster, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore's Apprentice informed him of a heated conflict between two factions of Romani, so they decided to intervene before the conflict escalated, by escorting some Romani to the meeting.


Ezio met his Apprentice in one of the Dens.

  • Ezio: All quiet today?
  • Apprentice: Not remotely. A heated conflict is brewing between two factions of Romanies. One group has banded together against a woman they call Mirela, accusing her of swindling the poor on dozens of occasions. As we speak, they are on their way to exile this trickster, by force if necessary.
  • Ezio: By your tone, you seem to believe there will be trouble.
  • Apprentice: I do. Mirela is a frightening woman and her temper is well known. I fear for anyone who crosses her.
  • Ezio: Then we should give these Romanies our support. No good can come of this fight if it escalates.

Ezio and his Apprentice made their way to the Romanies.

The Trickster P1 2

Ezio and the Apprentice heading to the meeting

  • Ezio: We can escort the Romanies to the meeting, and provide protection until the impasse is resolved.
  • Apprentice: A wise plan, but only in secret. If Mirela gets wind that the Assassins are aiding her opposition, there is no telling what she might do. There they are. How should we proceed?
  • Ezio: You take to the rooftops, and I will wander the streets.

Ezio and his Apprentice followed the Romani to the meeting.

  • Romani: You crook! You charlatan! How dare you defile our people? How dare you turn the city against us, simply to satisfy your greed.
  • Mirela: Keep your voice down. You know nothing of my motives.
  • Romani: I will not be silent! This woman is a trickster! A cheat! She robs the poor of their money by preying on their fears!
  • Mirela: You will regret taking that tone with me.

Mirela walked away, poisoning one of the Romanies without anyone noticing.

  • Romani 2: What's wrong?
The Trickster P1 7

Ottoman guards accusing the Romanies of murder

  • Guard: Ah! Murderers! Surrender yourselves! Stop right there!
  • Romani 2: We did nothing!
  • Ezio: Protect the Romanies. But do not harm the guards. This is a grave misunderstanding! Soldiers! In your haste to serve justice, you let the real murderer slip away. These women are innocent.

Ezio and his Apprentice fought off the guards.

  • Apprentice: I will stop her before this gets out of hand. I give you my word, Mentor.
  • Ezio: Bene (Good). We will speak again soon.


Mirela managed to escape from Ezio and his Apprentice, and one of the Romanies was killed by her poison, though the Assassins managed to prevent further harm.



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