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This article is about one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories. You may be looking for one of Edward Kenway's memories of the same name.

The Treasure Fleet was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having made his way to Los Mártires, Alonzo met up with Samuel Bellamy and La Buse to embark on their next skirmish.


The three ships sailed forth, with Alonzo soon inquiring about their task.

  • Alonzo: What prize are we going after, Sam?
  • Bellamy: Have you gentlemen heard of... the Treasure Fleet?
  • La Buse: Galleons are tough prizes. They move like cows... but fight like tigers!
  • Bellamy: The galleons I have in mind are as likely to best us as to soar from the sea and land on the moon! Sail with me and you'll earn mountains of gold!
  • Alonzo: Last time I followed you... The only thing I earned was trouble.

Aaminah interjected.

  • Aaminah: And a conscience, captain!

As Bellamy and La Buse sailed forth, Alonzo followed suit. Eventually, the trio came across a gathering of ships.


Alonzo chasing the fleet

  • Bellamy: We've been spotted... The galleons are fleeing!
  • Alonzo: ...They move like cows, eh?
  • Bellamy: We have to take them, Alonzo!
  • Alonzo: Aye!... And we will!

Alonzo sped ahead to engage the fleet.

  • Jumao: Watch out, captain! They're dropping mines!

Alonzo avoided the mines ahead and initiated combat with his target.

  • Jumao: Alonzo! Do not sink this galleon if you want your prize intact!
  • Alonzo: Once I destroy their escort... those Spanish cowards will surrender!

Despite defeating the escorting ships, Bellamy soon delivered bad news.


The pirates discovering the decoy

  • Bellamy: This ship was a decoy! The real prize is aboard the other galleon!... We need to attack now!
  • La Buse: Why so reckless, Sam?... You're not just after gold and gemstones, are you?!
  • Bellamy: Who cares what I'm after if we all get rich?!
  • Alonzo: Tell us the truth, man!
  • Bellamy: There's no time for this!... If we want our gold, we have to attack before they vanish out of sight!
  • Alonzo: I will not let that happen!

Alonzo chased after and caught up with the second convoy, before destroying its escort as well. Upon doing so, Captain Hume voiced his discontent.

  • Hume: You despicable rodent!... Lurking around the biggest mounds of cheese!
  • Alonzo: The bloody Navy!... Always in my way! I'm not going to run, British dog!
  • Hume: Indeed... I'm afraid dying is your only remaining option!

Alonzo battling Francis Hume

The pair engaged in battle.

  • Jumao: Avoid her broadside and inflict as much damage as you can!

However, firing the cannons at the ship proved ineffective.

  • Jumao: We can't sink that beast, captain!... We have to survive... and pray someone helps us!

After an intense bout of avoiding the frigate's attacks, La Buse came to assist Alonzo.

  • La Buse: Hurry boy! I'll keep this juggernaut occupied!
  • Alonzo: Thank you mate! I won't forget it!
  • La Buse: Meet me at skull's end when the sun sets!

Captain Hume cut in to chide Alonzo.

  • Hume: He won't be there, rodent! And I won't forget you!... The sea's too small for the both of us!

While La Buse distracted Captain Hume, Alonzo sailed to reach a safe point, avoiding ships and naval mines alike.

  • Jumao: We've made it alive, captain.
  • Alonzo: Now let us hope our friend made it too...

Alonzo waited until sundown, to which La Buse sailed up alongside him.

  • La Buse: Glad you made it too, Alonzo!... This damn Englishman almost had me meet my maker!
  • Alonzo: This captain is no ordinary man... A killer if I ever saw one! Where is Sam?
  • La Buse: Gone! Probably after that galleon! He's been lying to us, Alonzo! He's looking for something...
  • Alonzo: He'll give us answers... But for now, we should send the Royal Navy a message!

The Royal Navy fleet near their fort

  • La Buse: There is a Navy fort in these parts. One with a large lighthouse in its midst...
  • Alonzo: I'll find it! It's high time someone struck fear into these English hearts!
  • Jumao: If we sail into this base, we have to avoid detection at all costs... they'll tear us apart!
  • Alonzo: Once I reach the lighthouse... the entire British fleet will get a taste of my wrath!

Alonzo managed to evade detection and reach the lighthouse.

  • Alonzo: There is no time! I'll destroy as many as I can before reinforcements arrive!

Using mortar strikes, Alonzo successfully sank fifteen British ships.

  • Alonzo: They have their fill of shot!... Now, I'd better leave this place before they recover!

Alonzo sailed off to rejoin La Buse.

  • Alonzo: Now that the Navy is crippled... we'll fatten our purses!
  • La Buse: Mine is heavy enough, Alonzo... soon... I fear I won't be able to lift it!
  • Alonzo: What then?... Sail away?... Leave your brothers behind?
  • La Buse: ...Settle in some remote place and call it my kingdom!... Free of rules and free from harm!
  • Alonzo: You'll have to collect your hidden gold first!... Won't you need a friend's help?
  • La Buse: I have no friends, Alonzo!... Never have, never will!... Who needs friends when one has gold?!
  • Alonzo: You'll change, friend!


While initially setting out with Bellamy and La Buse to raid a galleon of its bounty, complications arose firstly in the form of a decoy ship, followed by the intervention of Captain Hume and his steadfast frigate as Alonzo caught up to the second galleon. Subsequently, Alonzo was forced to flee from the engagement with La Buse's timely accompaniment.

Some time later, once regrouped with La Buse and with Bellamy nowhere to be seen, Alonzo took out his retaliation on numerous docked British warships, after having infiltrated his way to their lighthouse fort and firing mortars to sink the vessels, before slipping away unnoticed.


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