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The Train of Revolution was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov and Anastasia's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Nikolai Orelov and Anastasia boarded a train to Kazan, but found the Templars had followed them and were searching the train. In order to keep his charge safe, Nikolai set out to eliminate them.


  • Anastasia: It's as though I lived her life. I keep seeing the faces of her enemies. There were six of them, called the Tigers. I killed them, and freed my Empire.
  • Orelov: These are not your memories. You are not Shao Jun. The box or the shard did this. I've witnessed the things this technology can do. You have to remain yourself, Anastasia. You have to shut her out.
  • Anastasia: Can you fix me?
  • Orelov: We will do what we can... First we stop at Kazan. A friend will help us reach Moscow. There, my Brotherhood has people who will know what to do.
  • Anastasia: Your friends are... Narodnaya Volya. They hate my family. Why are you helping me?
  • Orelov: I... have a daughter... And we are not in the business of murdering children.
  • Anastasia: What's happening?
  • Templar: Find them!
  • Orelov: Stay here. Do not let her take control. I will be back. You have my word. Don't worry, child. I will take care of these people!

Orelov left their carriage.

  • Guard 1: Find that box! It has to be on the train!
  • Orelov: These agents might be a problem. I should rid myself of them.
  • Guard 1: Have you found anything?
  • Guard 2: No, not yet, but she's here.

Orelov made his way to the front of the train, killing any Templars in sight.

  • Guard 3: They have nowhere to go and they're outnumbered. They will never get off this train alive.
  • Guard 4: Don't underestimate the Assassin. I hear they can move so quietly the only sound you'll hear is the snapping of your own neck!
  • Guard 3: Ha! Don't tell me you're scared of an old man and a little girl, Pavel?!
  • Guard 5: I don't like it. They said he was just an old man... Why can't we find him?!
  • Guard 6: Pull yourself together! There's two of them and at least thirty of us!
  • Guard 5: It's just...you hear things about the Assassins. You hear what they could do to you.
  • Guard 6: Have you heard what I'll do to you if you don't stop worrying and start looking?!

Orelov killed all Templar agents on the train.

  • Orelov: Good riddance!

More Templars arrived, riding an armored train next to theirs.

  • Orelov: I'll never get back to her in time! They're after the girl. They will kill her because of who she is. I will not let that happen!

Despite the heavy fire the train was taking, Anastasia made her way to Orelov, who provided cover with a machine gun.

  • Anastasia: Quicker, Ana, quicker!
  • Orelov: Run, Anya!
    You will never get the girl!

Orelov and Anastasia jumped off the train.

  • Orelov: Are you hurt?
  • Anastasia: I'm fine. Thank you... for keeping your word.


Orelov and Anastasia survived the Templar search of their train and arrived in Kazan.



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