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The Trail of Lucia Márquez was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward journeyed to Pinos Isle alongside Opía Apito to assassinate Lucia Márquez, a Templar holding one of the keys Edward desired.


  • Opía: It has been a lifetime since we were here. This jungle is still thick with vines and trickery. Márquez will use this to her advantage.
  • Edward: But we know she's here, she doesn't expect us.
  • Opía: We must find her, draw her out, and put a final end to her.
  • Edward: Let's see where this lad goes.

Edward and Opía tailed the Spanish soldier.

  • Opía: I know she's here, Lucia Márquez. I can feel it.
  • Edward: She must be hiding. Let's take some action she can't ignore.
  • Opía: Yes. Eliminate these men.

Edward engaged several soldiers in combat.

The Trail of Lucia Marquez 5

Edward and Opía fighting the guards

  • Opía: Use a powder keg! More are coming. Take them out. Corner her. Make her fight alone.
    Look up! Help me! Behind you!

After the guards were eliminated, Lucia Márquez revealed herself and ran further into the ruins.

  • Opía: Lucia Márquez, if it's us you're after, come out and fight like a woman of honour. Go, after her. We will keep her attention focused here. But be careful she does not detect you.

Opía then goaded Lucia to distract her.

  • Opía: We're right here, Lucia. Waiting for you. Come out! Even alone I am stronger than all your men. Come Lucia, is this not what you want? Is it your aim to destroy the last of my kind? Here I am. Come get me. Lucia, come. Don't keep us waiting. You cannot hide forever! Your father was never such a coward! Confront us now, confront us later; there's no escaping either way!

Edward assassinated Lucia.

  • Lucia: No! I cannot die at the hands of the Taíno. My father saw such potential in these islands. Gold... Industry... Freedom... all of it squandered. You have not a clue how to use it. He could have brought you wealth.
  • Opía: You believe we wasted freedom by living freely? You die a prisoner of your Templar mores.
  • Edward: Let's not argue with a dead woman. Here's my prize.


Edward killed Lucia Márquez, acquiring the first of his Templar keys.



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