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The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay was a virtual representation of one of Jacques de Molay's advisor's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Esquieu de Floyrac approached the gates of the Temple in Paris.


  • Guard: Who goes there?
  • Floyrac: A friend of the Temple.
  • Guard: Floyrac, the Council's message was absolute. You're not welcome here.
  • Floyrac: I must speak with the Grand Master.
  • Guard: He is in session. They all are. Another day, perhaps.
  • Floyrac: King Philip disagrees.

Floyrac showed an arrest warrant to the Templar guard.

  • Guard: Damn you, man. Why you're not rotting in a cell at this moment, I cannot fathom–

The guard opened the door, allowing Floyrac to stab him in the back. With the guard dead, Floyrac and his forces stormed the Temple. Alerted by the ensuing battle, Jacques de Molay and his men ended their meeting.

  • Jacques: We are betrayed! Draw your swords, men! Defend the Temple!

Jacques' men, along with his advisor, began to depart.

  • Jacques: Not you, brother – I have a different task for you. Come with me.
  • Advisor: King Philip's moving faster than we expected.
  • Jacques: Mm. Another hand is at work here.
  • Advisor: The Pope?
  • Jacques: The Assassins.
  • Advisor: Assassins? I thought the Mongol Khans broke their power decades ago.
Tragedy of Jacques de Molay 4

Jacques giving the task to his advisor

  • Jacques: The Assassins are far older than Masyaf, my friend. Their anarchic delusions are virulent as the plague, and less easily eradicated. We will not prevail this night. But if you make haste, we may yet save our Order.
  • Advisor: What must I do?
  • Jacques: Go to the tower. Take the Sword and the book. Hide them. They must not fall into the Assassins' hands!
  • Advisor: Grand Master, I won't–
  • Jacques: Go!
  • Templar 1: Make haste, brother! Do not let the Grand Master's wisdom die with us!
    We can't hold them forever! Hurry!
    The Grand Master gave you orders, did he not?
    You must hurry!
    Have you lost your wits, knight? The Assassins musn't get the Sword!

The advisor ran through the battlefield, approaching the tower.

  • Advisor: Hold the bridge! Hold! Damn. Have to take a different way.

Employing several ladders and his freerunning prowess, the advisor scaled the building and found his way inside. Upon entering the tower, the advisor noticed smoke and more fighting inside.

  • Templar 2: Stop him!
  • Templar 3: Don't let him through!

The advisor approached a downed guard.

  • Templar 4: The tower! They've breached the tower! They've taken the...
Tragedy of Jacques de Molay 8

The advisor using the Sword of Eden against Thomas de Carneillon

The advisor took notice of an Assassin, Thomas de Carneillon, who leapt out of the window, and into a nearby hay bale. The advisor followed suit and chased Thomas, eventually engaging the Assassin in a sword fight. Ultimately being bested, Thomas dropped the Sword of Eden he was carrying, which the advisor managed to pick it up, using its power to blast Thomas off his feet. With the Sword and Codex in hand, the advisor returned them to their resting place in the Temple. As the advisor left the room, he noticed Jacques had been captured. However, before he could rescue the Grand Master, the advisor was stopped by Thomas, who killed him with his Hidden Blade.

Seven years later, Jacques and his affiliates were set to be burned at the stake. Before perishing, Jacques shouted to the Pope and King overseeing his execution.

  • Jacques: Pope Clement, hear me! Before this year is out, you will answer for your crimes before God almighty. And you, King Philip, no punishment is too heinous for the great evil you have inflicted upon the Temple. I curse you! Curse you to the thirteenth generation of your blood! You shall be cursed!


Jacques de Molay was put to death by fire, and the Templar Order was publicly disbanded.

Behind the scenes

At one point in development the memory was going to end with a closing title card stating "Written and Directed by L.P. Garneau. [1]


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