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The Tower was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After rescuing Patience Gibbs from her prison, Aveline decided to aid the former slave in the retrieval of her stolen charm.


  • Aveline: Do you know where Judge is taking your charm?
  • Patience: My best bet is the Newport Tower. This tunnel will lead us there.

Aveline and Patience made their way through the tunnel.

  • Patience: He does his real work underground, the good Doctor. On the surface, he parades around like a saint, but I know his true nature. The charm he took belonged to my mother. It gave her strength and foresight, as it did her mother before her. As it did me. Without it, I am blind.
  • Aveline: You will have it back soon. I will make sure of it.

The two eventually reached a chasm.

  • Aveline: I'll scout ahead.

After ensuring the path was safe, Patience caught up with Aveline, until the two approached a waterfall with scaffolding nearby.

  • Patience: Now what.
  • Aveline: Follow me.
  • Patience: How do I get up there?
  • Aveline: I'll show you.

Patience followed Aveline until they approached a set of poles.

The Tower 2

Aveline navigating the caverns

  • Aveline: Steady does it.

After passing the poles, Patience noticed a gap between their current location and another bit of scaffolding.

  • Patience: You can make that jump?
  • Aveline: Watch.

Patience followed Aveline until the two landed on a decrepit bridge.

  • Aveline: Ah!

The bridge collapsed underneath them, causing them to slide to a lower section of the tunnel, and bumping into each other.

  • Aveline/Patience: Sorry.

Aveline led Patience down a path, until the latter noticed a group of guards below.

  • Patience: Wait. Look.
  • Aveline: I'll handle this. Stay back.

After disposing of the guards, Aveline took notice of the path ahead.

  • Aveline: I need you to follow closely behind me. Do you think you can keep up?
  • Patience: 'Course. 'Cause that worked so well that last time...

Aveline led the way, swinging around a hanging post. Before performing the feat herself, Patience noticed the guards in the next area.

  • Patience: I do not trust this. We are sitting ducks.
  • Aveline: Shh.
  • Patience: Sod this.

Patience decided a direct approach and crossed another decrepit bridge. As she crossed it, it started to collapse, leaving her hanging over the edge of a cliff, and attracting the attention of the guards. Aveline killed the guards, allowing Patience to climb up.

  • Patience: This never would have happened if I still had the ch-- Nevermind. I will be more careful next time.

The two proceeded through the tunnel until Patience caught glimpse of Judge.

The Tower 3

Patience pursuing Judge

  • Patience: There he is! Let's go!

Aveline chased after Patience and Judge, killing snipers aimed at Patience along the way. Aveline eventually caught up with Patience, now surrounded by guards and Judge nowhere in sight. After killing the guards, the two surveyed their surroundings.

  • Patience: Which way did he go?
  • Aveline: We'll have to split up again.
  • Patience: How do we open the gates?

Aveline activated a nearby lever, allowing Patience to run under the gate.

  • Patience: I will go after the doctor!

Aveline found another way out of the room and ran through a tunnel until she was spotted by a pair of snipers. Before they could shoot, Patience killed them from above.

  • Patience: Eyes open!
  • Aveline: I'll be more careful next time.

Patience used a nearby lift, leaving Aveline by herself again.

  • Patience: Levers and platforms...The tower is full of tricks and mysteries. What does this do?

Patience pulled a lever, lowering a grated wall for Aveline to climb. Aveline ascended the tower stairs until she reached a hanging platform.

  • Patience: Can you find something to lower the platform?
The Tower 4

Aveline operating a lever

Aveline pulled a lever, counterbalancing two platforms, and lowering another grated wall. Aveline climbed up, reuniting with Patience once more. The two ascended the interior of the tower, finally leaving the tunnels.

  • Judge: Where shall my wondering soul begin? How shall I all to heaven aspire? A slave redeemed from death and sin. A branch plucked...
  • Patience: Listen- the Doctor.
  • Aveline: What is he chanting?
  • Patience: It is from a hymn my mother liked. He must think it is a spell to work with the charm. He is madder than I thought!

The two ascended the outskirts of the tower, heading for the top.

  • Aveline: You go ahead. I'll climb around the other way. We'll flank him.
  • Judge: Patience Gibbs. I warned my guards you'd have nine lives. I shall have to strangle the last of them from you myself. You deceived me.
  • Patience: Did I?
  • Judge: Your charm is no artifact. It does nothing!
  • Patience: Its magic is not for you.

Aveline and Patience defeated Judge.

  • Judge: My life for a dirty piece of savagery...
The Tower 5

Edmund's final moments

Patience collected her charm from Judge's dead body. As she did so, she took an object out of her pocket and combined it with the charm.

  • Aveline: What's that?
  • Patience: You did not think I'd give up all my secrets so easily?
  • Aveline: I'm learning not to. But how--
  • Patience: Does it work? It lets me see.
  • Aveline: Into m-
  • Patience: Minds? No- into all things. Only for a few seconds, anyway.
  • Aveline: Long enough-
  • Patience: -to escape.
  • Aveline: Patience, will you--
  • Patience: "accompany me to Connor's homestead?" I would be honoured.
  • Aveline: Excellent.


With the charm recovered and Judge dead, Aveline escorted Patience to the Davenport Homestead to begin her Assassin training.


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