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The Tournament was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno and a team of Assassins participated in a military tournament to kill General Marcourt and his Templar conspirators.


A General fought a man in a military tournament at Les Invalides.

  • Marcourt: Is that a sword you're holding, boy, or a spade?

The General held his sword to the man's chest.

  • Marcourt: Perhaps farming would be a wiser vocation.

The General knocked the man down.

  • Bishop: General Marcourt. Butchered people all over France in the name of liberty. Templars love this guy.
Marcourt and his Templar conspirators were shown making plans.
The Tournament (Unity) 2

Marcourt and his conspirators

  • Bishop: The revolution wasn't moving quickly enough for Marcourt and his Templar conspirators.

The conspirators toasted to their success, while one of them walked away.

  • Conspirators: For de Molay.
  • Bishop: So, they planned a military coup. What Marcourt didn't know, was that one of his Templar conspirators wasn't a Templar at all. Alexandre Dumas. Military hero of the new Republic. Friend of the Brotherhood.

Dumas was shown fending off Austrian troops at a bridge over the Eisack river.

  • Bishop: Dumas was hardcore. A war hero that stood alone against entire battalions. Napoleon compared him to a Roman hero.

Dumas was shown next to the conspirators at the tournament.

  • Bishop: The tournament is Marcourt's play to recruit the best and brightest for his coup. Dumas' counter is to invite the Assassins to compete. The winners of the tournament get to meet Marcourt in person. Win the tournament and kill the Templar conspirators.
  • Town crier: Think you have what it takes, citizens? Step up and test your mettle!
  • Bishop: You're not getting into that tournament without letters of permission. You can find some nearby, but they won't be easy to get.

If Arno killed any of the soldiers, Bishop would warn the initiate.

  • Bishop: They're expecting you to be a French soldier, so not killing other French soldiers will help you blend in.

Arno stole the required letters of permission.

  • Bishop: That's the last letter. Head over to the first event.

Arno reached the starting area.

  • Announcer 1: The Paris guard, here to compete! Do our city proud, citizens!
  • Bishop: Time for a little parkour demonstration. I want to see how far you can push it.

Arno retrieved 34 flags on an obstacle course before the allotted time ran out.

  • Announcer 1: The team from Paris has passed the obstacle course! Time for the duel!
  • Bishop: No surprise you smoked the competition in a climbing contest, but Marcourt's looking for fighters. Let's give him what he wants.

Arno reached the fighting grounds at Les Invalides.

  • Announcer 2: Combatants! We are ready to begin. While we are testing your skill at combat, try not to kill each other. Save your blades and bullets for the enemy!
  • Bishop: Ok. Looks like you need to raise your team's flag while the other team try to stop you. Good luck!
  • Announcer 2: Everybody ready? (On your guard!)

Arno raised the Paris flags.

  • Announcer 2: One flag has been taken down!
    Another flag is down!
    One more flag is down!
    All of the flags are down! Paris wins the duel!
  • Bishop: Nice! Time to get to Marcourt. Talk to Dumas over there, and he'll take you past the guards.

Arno went over to Dumas, and followed him to the Invalides chapel.

  • Dumas: Congratulations, citizens, you have fought bravely! Follow me, warriors, and you will receive your honors. Seeing you fight reminds me of my days in the Free Legion.

If Arno had killed no one, Marcourt and the conspirators would not be suspicious.

  • Dumas: Good, the guards can't hear us now. It seems you were the right choice for our little plot. Marcourt is in there with some of his associates, and he doesn't suspect anything. This traitor needs to be removed, for the safety of the revolution.

If Arno had caused some fatalities, Marcourt and the conspirators would summon their bodyguards.

  • Dumas: I was hoping you'd be a little more discreet. The fatalities you've caused have raised suspicion. Marcourt has summoned his bodyguards. It won't be easy to get close to him. You're in for a fight, but you must do what you can to make sure Marcourt and his allies don't succeed. Good luck.

If Arno had caused many fatalities, Marcourt and the conspirators would be on high alert.

  • Dumas: I made a mistake trusting you. I can't believe you have called so much attention to yourselves. The number of guards you've killed has scared Marcourt. He is in there waiting for you, you're walking into a trap. There's no turning back now. Maybe you can salvage this plan and kill him anyways. Good luck.

Arno infiltrated the Invalides chapel. If Marcourt and the conspirators were not suspicious, he would be welcomed by the General.

  • Marcourt: So these are the Parisians we've been hearing so much about. Come forward, citizens, I'd like to shake your hand. We need men like you, citizens, in the French Army. The revolution is in danger, but not from its foreign enemies. The politicians of France have put our government on the wrong course. Strong men, like us, must correct that course.
    Don't be shy, citizen! We have much to discuss.

If Marcourt and the conspirators were expecting an attack, the former would confront Arno about his actions.

  • Marcourt: Ah! The Assassins are here. You're all great warriors. It's a shame we couldn't have been on the same side...
    Men! Put this scum in the ground!

If Arno poisoned the men inside the chapel with berserk blades, Marcourt would mistake them for traitors.

  • Marcourt: What? Traitors!

Arno assassinated Marcourt and the conspirators.

  • Bishop: That's a wrap. Probably time to get outta there.

Arno escaped Les Invalides.

  • Bishop: The revolution is safer with Marcourt gone. Nice work.


The Assassins killed Marcourt and his Templar conspirators, ending their plans to overthrow the Republic.


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