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The Thief Within was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having been knocked out by the Templars, Arbaaz Mir awoke near Katasrasj Temple, imprisoned by Alexander Burnes. Having been left on his own, he snuck into the temple to reclaim his weapons and tools.


  • Burnes: Good morning, Assassin. Welcome to Katasrasj. You've been out for a while, we weren't sure you were ever coming back around. I am Captain...
  • Arbaaz: I know who you are.
  • Burnes: Good. And I know you as well. My spies have told me everything about you, and your lover, the lovely Princess Pyara Kaur...

Arbaaz attacked Burnes, but was subdued.

  • Burnes: Brave, but hopeless.
  • Arbaaz: What do you want with me?
  • Burnes: If it were up to me, after your actions in Afghanistan, you'd be dead. However, William wishes to talk to you personally. Once he returns from dealing with the Afghans, your time will come. For now, please, enjoy our hospitality.
  • Arbaaz: Whilst your hospitality seems lovely, I'd much rather enjoy this knife I took from you...

Arbaaz managed to escape his binds.

  • Arbaaz: I'm free, but I need to find my equipment.

The Assassin manoeuvred past a group of guards.

  • Guard: Did you see all the equipment they took off that Assassin?
  • Guard: I know! What was all that stuff?

Arbaaz located the first of his weapons.

  • Arbaaz: There are my weapons, now just to reach them.

On his way to his weapons, Arbaaz snuck past more guards.

  • Guard: I'm surprised the Assassin is still alive. Is that wise?
  • Guard: That Assassin is no threat to anyone, anymore. We stripped him bare of his weapons and tools and tied him up in the blazing sun.

The Assassin located his weapons.

  • Arbaaz: Right, now to find my tools...

Arbaaz located the room containing his tools.

  • Arbaaz: There they are. But there are too many guards to tackle. Maybe if I could disguise myself as one of them...

The Assassin gathered the items for his disguise.

  • Arbaaz: Now to reclaim my tools.

Wearing the disguise, Arbaaz walked past more guards.

  • Guard: Why didn't the Captaini kill the Assassin when he had the chance?
  • Guard: Apparently, Major Sleeman wants him alive. He'll be back as soon as he finishes up in Afghanistan.

Arbaaz retrieved his tools, and scouted the remainder of the temple.

  • Arbaaz: Hmm... the Templars have left their treasure behind... but it's heavily guarded... A rifleman... of course. Three more! Burnes, you are thorough! I'll need to take care of them before grabbing the box and diamond.

Arbaaz found a rifle.

  • Arbaaz: This rifle could come in handy...

The Assassin used the rifle to clear the towers of guards.

  • Arbaaz: Tower's clear.
  • Guard: It must be the Assassin! Man the mortars!
  • Arbaaz: The guards must be stopped, or their mortars will bring this tower down.

Arbaaz used his rifle to pick off the remaining guards.


Arbaaz escaped captivity, reclaimed his weapons and tools, and located the Precursor box and Koh-i-Noor.



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