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The Theban Triad was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Someone is stealing idols from the Temple at Karnak. But when Bayek catches up with the thief, he discovers profit is not the only motive.


Bayek visited the Temple of Karnak, where he overheard a priestess shouting.

  • Priestess: I will find you, heinous snakes, find the offerings you stole from Amun, Lord of Thebes!

Bayek approached the priestess.

  • Bayek: Someone has dared to steal from Amun?
  • Priestess: I can not fathom it, but statues of the Theban triad were taken from the temple. Offerings from those terrified by the curse.
  • Bayek: Desecration is rife in this ancient city. Perhaps I can offer Amun my blade, priestess?
  • Priestess: And who are you that would do his work?
  • Bayek: Bayek of Siwa.
  • Priestess: A savior from the Oasis? Then Amun sharpen your sword, Bayek of Siwa.
    Find me again if you have news of the stolen idols. The black market merchants are my next port of call. I should seek the counsel of the high priestess Isidora.

Bayek reached the site of the desecration. He investigated a bunch of offerings infront of a statue.

  • Bayek: Offerings, simple statues, hardly worth much at the market. So why steal them and risk the Hidden One's wrath?
ACO CotP The Theban Triad 02

Bayek investigating a bunch of broken vases

He investigated broken vases on the ground.

  • Bayek: A broken vase, did it fall from above?

He climbed up a column onto the roof and found ropes on top.

ACO CotP The Theban Triad 03

Bayek finding ropes on the walls

  • Bayek: Our thief climbed down here, at night while the temple slept.
ACO CotP The Theban Triad 04

Bayek finding a patch of blood with a broken ladder

Bayek climbed down the walls to the outside of the temple, discovering a patch of blood and a broken ladder.

  • Bayek: A broken ladder, a clumsy thief indeed.

Bayek followed the pathway and discovered a blood trail.

  • Bayek: More blood. Seems you cannot escape the wrath of the Hidden One. He can't have gone far.

Bayek followed the blood trail and heard a man crying for help.

  • Priest Thief: Ow, help me! Please, someone! Anyone! I am dying! My life's light fading from my eyes. Why have the gods forsaken me? Why!

Bayek found a man lying on a floor and approached him.

  • Priest Thief: My leg... I can't feel my leg...
  • Bayek: More will be broken if you don't explain the stolen idols.
  • Priest Thief: I am bleeding to death and you threaten me? What kind of monster are you?
  • Bayek: Speak and I might find a priest to aid you.
  • Priest Thief: Might? Might? Ahhhhh! The blackness is claiming me. Anubis grips my throat...
  • Bayek: Speak!
  • Priest Thief: Alright! Alright... A black robed man. I meet him in the rich quarter for payment when I have idols to sell.
  • Bayek: And you returned to the temple because...?
  • Priest Thief: More idols! But none to take, and then... a goose it flew at me, knocked me from the ladder.
  • Bayek: Punishment from the great cackler Amun?
  • Priest Thief: No! You are trying to frighten me. But I've told you everything. Now get me some help!
    Get help! You promised you...!
  • Bayek: When the idols are safe, perhaps.

Bayek travelled to the rich quarter in search of the thief's contact. With Senu's help, he found him near Luxor with several bodyguards.

ACO CotP The Theban Triad 05

The hooded man and his guards

  • Robed Man: Where is that toothless calf?
  • Bodyguard: Probably in a cell squealing like a hog.
  • Robed Man: I needed someone who cared for money more than the gods, beyond that he is nothing.

Bayek attacked the man and his guards.

  • Robed Man: I honor he who walks, The Aten! Kill him. In the name of the sole gods!

Bayek killed the man and his guards. He confirmed the man's death and retrieved a papyrus from his body.

  • The Living God Rises:
    Djehuty is wrong. The people of Thebes must see the falsity of their beliefs. I praise the living god, the Aten. The Theban triad, the pretenders, the sacrilege, they shall no longer offend your sight, Akhenaten. The false sun, he they call Amun, you will drown him with your tears. The mother Mut, you will ignite her with your fire, the son Khonsu, you will eclipse the moon; smear it in the blood of the Apis.
  • Bayek: The drowned sun, the mother consumed by fire... This is not about profit, but heresy.

Bayek travelled to the market. He investigated a cart carrying a killed bull.

  • Bayek: Eclipse the moon. Smear it in the blood of the Apis.
  • Meat Merchant: Meat, fresh meat! the best beef in Thebes. Slaughtered just this morning at the temple, freshest in the city. I still have the liver of the magnificent beast! Only the best cuts for the best tables!

He recovered a statue of Khonsu. The contents of the bull's innards proved noxious even for Bayek.

  • Bayek: Slick with blood and... urgh, the stench is unbearable.

Bayek travelled south to a blacksmith near the docks.

  • Bayek: Ignite the mother with your fire.

Bayek investigated a fireplace and recovered a statue of Mut.

  • Bayek: Blackened and burned. But still recognizable as the great mother.
  • Thebes Blacksmith: Amun preserve me! Thank you, neb, you saved me from the Lord of Thebes wrath!

Bayek travelled further south, where he reached a harbour.

  • Bayek: Drown the father with your tears.

With Senu's help, he found the statue of Amun at the bottom of the harbor. He dived under the water and recovered the statue of Amun.

  • Bayek: The Lord of Thebes, a sorry sight.

Bayek resurfaced.

  • Bayek: The priestess will want the offerings returned, whatever state they are in.

Bayek found the priestess in the black market lecturing the merchants.

  • Priestess: Blood mongers! You make profit from the suffering of Thebes. A living is honestly come by, not stolen. The Hidden One will strike you down from the shadows. Your trinkets and cures do nothing against the curse. False hopes from your false idols.
ACO CotP The Theban Triad 06

Bayek reporting his findings to the priestess

Bayek spoke to the priestess.

  • Priestess: Soulsucking hope peddlers, they are a plague on Thebes.
  • Bayek: That's as may be, but I found the thief and the offerings. He was stealing them for a follower of Akhenaten.
  • Priestess: The Heretic Pharaoh? Are the perpetrators dead?
  • Bayek: The follower yes, the thief fell when he escaped the temple. You can find him in the grounds.
  • Priestess: This sickness infects all it touches. But thank you, Bayek of Siwa. May radiance ignite your darkness. Go with Hidden One's blessing.


Bayek discovered the thief responsible for the theft of the statues of the Theban triad. Guided by the thief's revelation, he uncovered a follower of Akhenaten responsible and eliminating him, while recovering the statues in the process.


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