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The Temple of Pythagoras was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


On discovering the location of the catacombs, Ezio Auditore entered them in search of Leonardo da Vinci.


Ezio located the catacombs and began to navigate his way towards Leonardo, as he could hear voices echoing in the distance.

  • Ercole Massimo: Leonardo, I still cannot comprehend why you have turned against the ideals we always held dear!
  • Leonardo: Trust is a terrible thing.
  • Ercole: You are betraying mine!

The sound of Ercole Massimo's disciple beating Leonardo could be heard as Ezio traversed the vast cavern.

  • Ercole: Tell me where the entrance is.
  • Leonardo: How naïve of me... To have thought you sought knowledge as I did.
  • Ercole: Why seek knowledge without putting it to use? We have the chance to fashion a better world, one in which we have the freedom to shape our own destiny.
  • Leonardo: And what if we choose not to be a part of your vision?
  • Ercole: That is foolish. Do you not see? We can banish ignorance. Free people from their social classes and kingdoms, from their animal emotions. Every one will have the truth at their grasp.
  • Leonardo: Beating me down here in the dark enlightens the people of Italia?
  • Ercole: The Pythagorean unifier is in that temple. We both know it. That number is coupled to all nature, all things. It is the source. With it, we can open the minds and souls of men. We can fill them with knowledge.
  • Leonardo: As above, so below.
  • Ercole: That is the Hermetic vow. Together, we will make mankind into Gods. Now, show me the entrance.
  • Leonardo: Why? Do you not know where it is?
  • Ercole: How could I?
  • Leonardo: You know mankind's wants and needs, I assumed discovering the location of a simple hidden entrance would be an easy feat.
  • Ercole: You– Where is it?!
  • Leonardo: Guess.
  • Ercole: I am finished with your obstinacy. Procedete! (Do it!)

Ercole ordered the Hermeticist to hit Leonardo again.

  • Leonardo: My body may feel pain, but my mind will remain unharmed.
  • Ercole: Impressive. Do it again. Again.

Ezio made his presence known.

TToP 1

Ercole holding Leonardo hostage

  • Ezio: Stop.
  • Ercole: Ezio Auditore! You who arrested Cesare Borgia, who stopped the spread of Roman ignorance, convince our friend Leonardo to open the temple and usher in the golden age of mankind.
  • Ezio: Should I persuade "our friend" by kicking him? Or would you rather I used my knife?
  • Ercole: On the contrary, there is nothing I would like more than an amiable solution. Help Leonardo see reason. With the Pythagorean unifier, we will remake humanity together.
  • Ezio: Not under my creed.
  • Ercole: Then the revolution will begin without you. Ucciderlo! (Kill him!)

A group of disciples attacked Ezio.

  • Ercole: Leonardo, I must know.
    Please, for the future of mankind.
    Tell me!
    We are running out of time!

Ezio defeated his attackers, and a panic-stricken Ercole threw the last remaining disciple from their elevated platform, accidentally killing him and creating a path for Ezio.

  • Ercole: Go! Stop him!
  • Ezio: Very foolish.
  • Ercole: Stay away from me, Assassino. (Assassin.) We are all the same underneath, yet these people persist in their witch hunts! You intend to banish us back to our primitive origins? Firenze against Venezia, Venezia against Roma. Ignorant group against ignorant group forever, is that what you want?

Ezio assassinated Ercole.

Ercole Massimo death v

Ercole's final moments

  • Ercole: You... an Assassin... the enemy of knowledge?
  • Ezio: One must choose to search for truth. Forcing it on others accomplishes little.
  • Ercole: These lost people... warring kingdoms... I would have ended their suffering.
  • Ezio: Che tu possa conoscere la verità nella morte. (May you know the truth in death.) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)

Ezio laid Ercole to rest and freed Leonardo.

  • Ezio: Come. Let us leave this place.
  • Leonardo: We cannot, Ezio. Not without reaching the final room of the temple.
  • Ezio: You are hurt.
  • Leonardo: I will be fine. If that number is left intact, we risk another madman discovering it.

Pushing on a triangular mechanism, Leonardo opened the entrance to the next room.

  • Leonardo: Coming?
  • Ezio: Take that torch. I will lead the way.
  • Leonardo: Thank goodness I sent Massimo to look for my paintings, it delayed their progress significantly.

They reached a large chamber, the first of three trial rooms.

TToP 3

Ezio and Leonardo entering the first chamber

  • Leonardo: The Pythagoreans believed that the soul moved through cracks in the earth, like a beam of light. It ignites fire, which symbolizes knowledge.

Ezio began to decipher the puzzles of the room.

  • Leonardo: Perhaps you could move the mirrors to concentrate the light on that rope.

Ezio activated the second lever and a block dropped down to the ground.

  • Ezio: Now I can get back up here.
  • Leonardo: You are almost there!
  • Ezio: Easy for you to say.

Ezio opened the door to the next chamber.

  • Leonardo: We must continue onward!

They continued through the next passageway.

  • Leonardo: I suppose Salaì is out having fun spending my hard-earned florins?
  • Ezio: He is safe at home.
  • Leonardo: I am relieved... about the florins of course.
  • Ezio: You do not need to lie to me. Salaì fits you. I approve.
  • Leonardo: I...
  • Ezio: Leonardo da Vinci at a loss for words? That is a first.
TToP 4

Ezio and Leonardo in the second chamber

They entered the second of the three trial rooms.

  • Leonardo: This room could use some light.

Leonardo ignited other torches.

  • Leonardo: Do you hear that? The sound of wind.

Ezio began solving several puzzles.

  • Leonardo: The Pythagoreans believed all the forces of nature could be whittled down to numbers. Mathematica can then act on nature, allowing man to harness nature's power.

Ezio locked an air exit.

  • Ezio: Now I can get back up here.

Ezio locked another air exit and a fan-shaped gear began to spin.

  • Leonardo: The wheel is turning. You are channeling the air, keep going!
  • Ezio: Perfect, a route up if I fall.

Ezio locked the last exit and the fan spun rapidly, activating the mechanism of the door.

  • Leonardo: Only one final room before we reach the center!

They reached the final room, and Leonardo ignited a torch, prompting several other torches to ignite as well.

  • Leonardo: How unexpected! Delightful.
  • Ezio: The fire of knowledge.
  • Leonardo: Correct! Harmony was achieved for the Pythagorean when multiplicity became unity. When many thoughts combine to form one original idea.
TToP 5

Leonardo recognizing the symbols on the pedestal

Ezio activated the first lever.

  • Ezio: That could help if I fall.
  • Leonardo: Yes! How enlightening!
  • Ezio: Very funny.

Ezio activated the remaining levers and a mysterious pedestal emerged from the ground.

  • Leonardo: Unity is achieved! But the door is not opening.

Ezio examined the pedestal.

  • Ezio: Leonardo, come here.
    Recognize these symbols?
  • Leonardo: No... Wait. These are the symbols that were shown to me by the Apple of Eden! They are in the wrong order. Let me just... if I rearrange these... done!

The entrance for the vault opened, and the two entered.

  • Ezio: I know this architecture.
TToP 7

Ezio and Leonardo gazing at the coding on the wall

Ezio put his hand on the pedestal, activating it with his DNA and illuminating the vault.

Ezio turned to exit the chamber.

  • Leonardo You are leaving?
  • Ezio: No mere number can repair the world. Come, my friend, help me charter a ship to Navarre. I must finish with Cesare Borgia. It is not intended for us.
  • Leonardo: Ezio. What are you not telling me?
  • Ezio: What else are you working on?
  • Leonardo: Well, I have begun several dissection studies. Then King Louis XII seems interested in hiring me as an engineer. Oh yes, I am thinking of repainting the St. John lost in the Villa fire. Salaì would model for it again, of course. Then, perhaps I will study a woman with child to see how her body changes.
  • Ezio: Interesting. Tell me more.


Ezio killed Ercole Massimo, the leader of the Hermeticists, and rescued Leonardo. Afterwards, they both discovered the vault hidden within the temple.




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