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The Tea Party was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor met with Samuel Adams, William Molineux, and Stephane Chapheau. Together, they planned to destroy William Johnson's tea, so that his income would be stunted.


  • Man 1: I hear they've resolved to send the three ships back – cargo and all!
  • Woman: Aye. But Governor Hutchinson refuses to let them leave. Wants us to take the tea, pay the duties, and say thank you kindly to the king.
  • Man 1: The King can kindly kiss my arse.
  • Man 2: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
  • Man 1: You can kiss it as well!
  • Woman: Enoug! What hope have we of resisting if we're arguing amongst ourselves?
  • Man 3: If Adams keeps giving these speeches, he's apt to end up in stocks.
  • Man 4: They wouldn't dare!
  • Man 3: I've seen men punished for far less.
  • Man 4: If the Tories think that'll quiet the people, the've another thing coming. They touch a hair on his head, and he becomes a martyr.
  • Man 5: Muskets'll do what words won't!
  • Man 6: Quiet! You want to be hanged for treason?
  • Man 5: There's nothin' treasonous 'bout callin' for freedom!
  • Man 6: Tell it the king and 'is cronies.
  • Man 5: Men like Adams - they talk and talk and nothing happens. Naught will change until we ACT!
  • Man 6: Give it time.
  • Man 5: I've given more than any man should. We all have!
  • Connor: What happens now?
  • Molineux: We wait for the signal.
  • Connor: What signal?
  • Adams: This meeting can do nothing further to save the country.
  • Molineux: That one.
  • Adams: Evening gentlemen. Shall we be off?
  • Connor: No.
  • Adams: What's the matter?
ACIII-Teaparty 1

Adams explaining his plan

  • Connor: I have spent today drawn from one bit of madness to another with nothing to show for it. Before I go any further, I would like to know exactly what it is you intend.
  • Adams: Of course. First, we make our way to Nathaniel Bradlee's house to fetch the rest of our little group. Then it's on to Griffin's Wharf, where we board the ships and dump the tea. Simple as that.
  • Connor: Simple seems a bit charitable!
  • Adams: Cheer up, Connor, for tonight we are all victors! The Sons of Liberty get to send a message to England and you rob William Johnson of his financing. Your village will be saved. I've an idea: why don't you lead the way? That should keep us out of any further trouble, am I right?

The group made their way to the wharf.

  • Adams: Dammit! More guards!
ACIII-Teaparty 7

Connor and Stephane dumping the tea

  • Molineux: We need to turn the crowd's anger to our advantage.
  • Stephane: Say the word, Connor, and I will make it so!

Connor eliminated the guards in the harbor, after which he gave the signal. The Sons of Liberty, newly joined by Paul Revere, began throwing the crates of tea overboard.

  • Revere: Regulars!
  • Stephane: We need to keep those bastards at bay while the tea's being dumped. Let me help. I am yours to command.

Connor took on the British Regulars while the other men dumped the tea.

  • Adams: We've done it!
  • Stephane: Connor! We saved the last one for you.

Connor threw the last crate in the water, staring at William Johnson, Charles Lee, and John Pitcairn, who were standing on the other side of the wharf, as he did so.

  • Stephane: Best we get out of here, eh?


The tea was destroyed, robbing Johnson of a great deal of his resources. Content with this, Connor returned to the Davenport Homestead.


  • Historically, the colonists who destroyed the tea were dressed in Kanien'kehá:ka attire so they could claim that they were not guilty of dumping the tea. However, in the game, they presented no disguise.
    • Another historical inaccuracy is the battle itself, as no one was killed during the real Boston Tea Party, though Francis Akeley was arrested for his involvement. All crew members of the Beaver, Dartmouth, and Eleanor were left unharmed.
    • Additionally, the game only depicts two unnamed ships instead of the aforementioned three.
  • Sometimes, after completing the memory, Stephane Chapheau can be found on one of the ships.



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