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The Tax Master was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Harkhuf was captured by Sefetu's forces and taken to Fort Nikiou. Bayek must rescue him.


Bayek returned to Harkhuf's residence, only to find it ransacked, with Jeska investigating.

  • Jeska: Bayek! It was Sefetu! They took Harkhuf. I know what they will do. Torture him with red-hot tongs. Perhaps rip his tongue out. Then kill him with a burning dagger to the heart.
  • Bayek: The prisons of Fort Nikiou.
  • Jeska: Wait! They thought I was dead and tossed me in the well. I crawled through corpses and escaped by an underground stream to the river.

Bayek nodded and left for Fort Nikiou. He infiltrated the fort through the stream that Jeska mentioned.

ACO - The Tax Master 02

The underground entrance to the fort

  • Greek soldier 1: Last time I was in Sais, I think I overdid it.
  • Greek soldier 2: Huh? What do you mean?
  • Greek soldier 1: Sefetu's got the people so cowed you can do whatever you want. Eat their food, screw their women, hell, kill their men, and no one will raise a voice against you.
  • Greek soldier 2: Really?
  • Greek soldier 1: Stick with me, kid. I'll show you how it's done.
  • Greek soldier 2: Hahah. Cannot wait!

Infiltrating the fort, he discovered Harkhuf locked in the cellar of a building.

  • Bayek: Keep calm, Harkhuf. I will get you out.
  • Harkhuf: Bayek! You will need to find the key Sefetu wears around his neck! Hurry!

Bayek left the building and began searching for Sefetu.

  • Greek soldier 1: Can't believe some puss-filled wart of a Medjay has been killing our men.
  • Greek soldier 2: I heard he killed the archers Sefetu left in Sais.
  • Greek soldier 1: That and more. When Sefetu catches him I heard he's going to burn his fingers and toes off, then his ears, nose, tongue, balls.
  • Greek soldier 2: Sweet Serapis.
  • Greek soldier 1: They don't call him the Firebrand for no good reason. Don't screw up.
  • Greek soldier 2: Yeah.

Bayek found Sefetu sitting on a chair and attacked him.

  • Sefetu: You are a thorn in my ass. I will burn every inch of you and feed your ashes to the gods.

Bayek eliminated Seferu, retrieving his key to Harkhuf's cell.

  • Bayek: I have the key here.

Bayek unlocked the cell, freeing Harkhuf.

ACO - The Tax Master 05

Bayek pulling Harkhuf out

  • Harkhuf: Did you kill that clod of shit?
  • Bayek: Come on. Come!

Bayek helped Harkhuf out of the cell.

  • Bayek: Come quickly, this place may still be dangerous.
  • Harkhuf: Hapi, keep me safe.
    May the gods be against you bastards.
    Blast, blast, blast...
    God of grain, watch over me.

Bayek escorted Harkhuf out of the fort.

ACO - The Tax Master 06

Harkhuf thanking Bayek outside the fort.

  • Harkhuf: Thank you, my friend. Apollodorus was right to bring you in. You honor the badge you wear. Come visit us if you ever get the chance. May Hapi watch over you, and ensure your beer cup ever overflows.


Bayek was able to rescue Harkhuf from his imprisonment in the fort, and assassinate Sefetu, ending his reign over Sais.



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