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The Taíno Assassin was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having sold a map with Assassin names and locations to the Templars, Edward set out to warn one of the targets, the Master Assassin Opía Apito.


Edward found Opía on the shores of Cayman Sound.

  • Edward: Opía? Oh... Easy, Milady. Just thought you might like some help.
  • Opía: Why? What is your real motive?
  • Edward: Your name was on a map. I may have sold it to a nest of Templars. In error. We all make mistakes.
  • Opía: Typical. Twist a Templar blade to our back to play savior to our face.
  • Edward: Look, I'll level with you, lass. I'm also looking for a key. I figure I help you, you let me keep the key if it turns up... Right. You're offended. I'll go.
  • Opía: We will challenge you to a hunting contest. Gather more skins than us, and you win.
  • Edward: Easy. Let's go.

Edward and Opía began their contest.

  • Opía: That was just luck.

Opía poached Edward's second kill using a pistol.

  • Edward: That's not fair.
  • Opía: Consider it motivating.

Opía continued to goad Edward as the contest progressed.

The Taíno Assassin 4

Edward killing a white jaguar

  • Opía: It's obvious hunting is not in your blood. What makes you believe you can beat us? You will never win. One more for you. But I am not worried.

Edward was attacked by a white jaguar, but managed to kill it.

  • Opía: The white jaguar! A fine catch. You have more than proven yourself. We accept your help.
  • Edward: With what?
  • Opía: Look!
  • Edward: Frigates. Why? Is there anything out there but fish?
  • Opía: No... Those are your Templars. You have a ship and a pale face. Vessel and passport. Meet us at Grand Cayman to help us investigate.


Edward found Opía Apito, gained her trust and agreed to help her investigate the suspicious activity on Grand Cayman.



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