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The Surgeon was a virtual representation of one of Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Haytham and Charles Lee set out to find Benjamin Church, but discovered that he was being held prisoner by Silas Thatcher.


ACIII-Surgeon 1

William informing Haytham about his progress

Haytham returned to the Green Dragon Tavern and met with his allies.

  • Haytham: Evening, gentlemen.

Thomas Hickey belched.

  • Charles: Charming.
  • Haytham: Oh, peace, Charles! He'll grow on you.
  • Thomas: Oi, Catherine ya fussock! Git back here! Daddy needs a drink!
  • Haytham: How fares the search?
  • William: Maths and maps are not cutting it.
  • Haytham: What of your local contacts?
  • William: We'll need to earn their trust before they'll share what they know.

Thomas grabbed Catherine and put her on his lap.

  • Thomas: I've an idea on how we might be effectin' that. There's a man who's taken to enslavin' natives. Rescue 'em and they'll owe us.
  • Haytham: Do you know where they're being held?
  • Thomas: 'Fraid not.
  • Charles: Benjamin Church will. He's a finder and a fixer. He's also on your list.
  • Haytham: And there I was, wondering whom I might solicit next. Well done.

Haytham and Charles then made their way towards Church's house. Haytham knocked, but no one answered.

  • Haytham: Wonderful.
ACIII-Surgeon 2

Charles Lee and Haytham examining Benjamin Church's house

Charles then kicked down the door.

  • Haytham: Charles!
  • Charles: Sir?

Haytham joined Charles inside. There, they found a large mess.

  • Haytham: Seems like we're not the only ones looking for Mister Church.
  • Charles: Dammit! He could be anywhere. What do we do?

Haytham cut off a piece of a portrait of Church, giving it to Charles.

  • Haytham: We find him. Come, I'll show you how.

Haytham moved towards Benjamin Church's neighbors and started listening in on their conversation.

  • Woman: Should we write his family, do you think?
  • Man: Not our business to meddle - even if we've the best of intentions.
  • Woman: But if you could have seen it! They were surely drunk, carrying on like that. And during the day, no less!
  • Man: Such scandalous behavior from one who aims to be a surgeon? Not likely if he keeps up such carousing...
  • Woman: A truly shameful display. Benjamin's parents would be mortified.
  • Man: Perhaps I should send someone to retrieve him before he damages his reputation beyond repair...
  • Woman: They stumbled off to the northeast - no doubt in search of a tavern or some other place of ill repute.
  • Haytham: Start questioning those on the street. I'm headed for higher ground...

While Charles showed the piece of Church's portrait to people on the street, Haytham climbed the New South Meeting House to gain an overview of the area.

  • Charles: I'm looking for Mr. Church. Mr. Benjamin Church.
    Excuse me, do you recognize this likeness?
    Pardon. Do you know this man?
    I'm terribly sorry, but it's important I find this man.
    A moment, please. I'm looking for the man that fits this likeness.
    If I may? I wonder if you recognize the man in this portrait?
    It's of the utmost importance that I find this man.
    I beg your pardon - have you seen this fellow?

Haytham then moved on to eavesdrop on other conversations.

  • Haytham: Time to take a listen. With luck, one of those people knows what became of Benjamin.
  • Redcoat 1: I've asked the criers, but they all plead ignorance.
  • Redcoat 2: Bugger that! They're lying.
  • Redcoat 1: Aye. What can I do? Threats slide off them and I'll not deign to grovel.
  • Redcoat 2: Actions speak louder than words, my friend. Arrest one and put him in stocks. See if he's so glib then.
ACIII-Surgeon 9

Haytham eavesdropping

  • Redcoat 1: To do so without cause will set them singing songs about us. Last thing the city needs is town criers complaining about our abuse of authority.
  • Redcoat 2: Then forget it. The crime is done, the killers gone, and those who know won't share their secrets. If the city wishes to harbor scoundrels - let them pay the price for it.

Haytham moved to another group of Redcoats.

  • Redcoat 1: ...and so he says to Church, that one way or another the debt would be settled. I don't envy the man. He's grim times ahead.
  • Redcoat 2: What do you think they're planning?
  • Redcoat 1: All I know is it can't be good. Cutter was with 'em.
  • Redcoat 2: Probably looking for a nice quiet place to do the deed. From what I hear tell, his work usually involves quite a bit of screamin'.
  • Redcoat 1: Which reminds me, we'd best not buy any meat tomorrow.
  • Redcoat 2: Good call, that.

Haytham moved on to another conversation.

  • Man 1: ...I asked if I could help and they waved me away. Insisted it was all under control.
  • Man 2: How odd. Did they say what had happened?
  • Man 1: No. Only that it was a trifling matter and he'd be returned home soon. There was some blood, though... So I wonder if it wasn't more serious than they let on.
  • Man 2: Where were they taking him?
  • Man 1: Towards the hilltop. Perhaps there's a doctor at the fort.

Haytham and Charles met up again.

  • Haytham: See, Charles? We'll have Church in no time, just as I said we would.
  • Charles: If I might ask, sir, where did you learn to do all this?
  • Haytham: It is a requirement when you are raised in the manner that I was. Perception is fundamental to the Order. It guides the feet when running and climbing. Informs the hands when striking and fighting. But most important, it transforms the senses. And we begin to know the world in a different way. Careful. The place is well guarded. We need to slip past them...

Haytham and Charles moved closer to the harbor and started infiltrating it without being noticed. They soon reached the warehouse door, which wouldn't open.

  • Haytham: Locked! Hmmm. I'll have to find the key. Wait here...

Haytham pickpocketed the keys from a nearby guard and opened the door.

  • Haytham: Here we are, then.
ACIII-Surgeon 5

Silas threatening Benjamin

  • Silas: Why must you always make these things so difficult, Benjamin? Merely provide me with recompense and all shall be forgiven.
  • Benjamin: I'll not pay for protection I don't need!
  • Silas: Clearly, you DO require protection, else we wouldn't be here!

Benjamin spat on Silas' feet.

  • Silas: How very gauche. Now, what shall we do about our guest?
  • Cutter: Maybe I take 'is hands. Put an end to 'is surgerin'. Maybe I take 'is tongue. Put an end to 'is wagglin'. Or maybe I take 'is cock. Put an end to 'is fuckin' us!
  • Silas: So many options. I can't possibly decide. Take all three.
  • Benjamin: Now hold a moment. Perhaps I was hasty in refusing you earlier...
  • Silas: I'm so very sorry, Benjamin, but that door has closed.
  • Benjamin: Be reasonable, Silas.
ACIII-Surgeon 6

Silas watching as "Cutter" prepares to cut Benjamin

  • Silas: I rather think I was. But you took advantage of my generosity. I won't be made a fool a second time. I fear I lack the constitution to beat witness to such barbarism. Come find me when you're finished, Cutter.
  • Benjamin: You'll regret this, Silas! Do you hear me? I'll have your head!
  • Silas: No, I rather think you won't.

Silas left and Cutter started his work. Meanwhile, Haytham snuck up on him.

  • Cutter: Just a quick little swipe and no more ears! How's that sound, Mister Church?
  • Benjamin: At least I'll be spared more of your inane prattle.
  • Cutter: Maybe you'll get lucky and pass out, though I dare say I'll do me best to ensure that doesn't happen.
  • Benjamin: Your parents must be so very proud to have raised a specimen like yourself.
  • Cutter: Quiet now! I need to concentrate on me work. Hold still a minute. I gotta decide where to start.A little bit from here... a little bit from there... Make meself a nice keepsake, I will.
  • Benjamin: You're absolutely mad.
  • Cutter: Just like all good artists!
  • Benjamin: You're a ruffian common as dirt, Cutter.
ACIII-Surgeon 7

Haytham assassinating Cutter

  • Cutter: And proud of it!

Haytham stabbed Cutter from behind.

  • Benjamin: Who... Who are you?
  • Haytham: Haytham Kenway, at your service.
  • Benjamin: I... I don't understand... Why are you here?
  • Haytham: Walk with me, Mister Church, and all will be explained.

The three men then left the warehouse and returned to the Green Dragon.


Haytham recruited another ally from his list, saving Benjamin Church from torture and coming one step closer to his true goal.



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