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The Stolen Steed was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


While hunting for the Champions of Boeotia, especially Drakon, Kassandra met an Oil Merchant who was terrified of Drakon's retribution, given he couldn't deliver his oils as his beloved horse Spyro had been stolen.


Kassandra overheard the sad merchant.

  • Street Vendor: What I would do to see you again, Spyro... If only.

She approached him.

  • Street Vendor: You come to steal from me too, misthios?
  • Kassandra: Is that how you greet all your customers?

The merchant sighs and changes his tone.

  • Street Vendor: I'm sorry. The soldiers have taken everything from me—even my beloved Spyro.
  • Kassandra: Soldiers take what they want. Who is Spyro?
  • Street Vendor: Only the best horse I ever owned.

  • Kassandra: You could always get another horse.
  • Street Vendor: These things cost drachmae, you know.
  • Kassandra: Drachmae you don't have, by the sound of it.

  • Kassandra: I feel the same about my Phobos.
  • Street Vendor: We did everything together. He'd do anything for me—even without the promise of a carrot.
  • Kassandra: He sounds like a true friend.

  • Street Vendor: I need him back to cart my shipments. Once Drakon finds out I can't get him his oil, I'm as good as dead.
  • Kassandra: Drakon? The Boeotian champion?
  • Street Vendor: He's my biggest customer.
  • Kassandra: I'm trying to hunt him down.
  • Street Vendor: Save me from Drakon's wrath. Find my Spyro—please.

(Accept – "I'll bring Spyro back.")

  • Kassandra: If you need him so badly, I'll find your Spyro.
  • Street Vendor: Be quick, please. I can only imagine what those thieves are doing to him.
  • Kassandra: Where did they take him?
  • Street Vendor: They must have him at the military camp east of Snake Head Rock. It's the only outpost nearby.

(If players asked "Why does Drakon need oil?")

  • Kassandra: Why do you take oil to Drakon?
  • Street Vendor: He likes to have his back oiled. Makes his muscles look bigger, I suppose.
  • Kassandra: I didn't think he needed the help.
  • Street Vendor: No, although I don't know why he prefers my flammable oil over something less dangerous.

(If players asked "Where do you meet Drakon?")

(If players asked "Where are the horse thieves, again?")

  • Kassandra: Where can I find these thieves?
  • Street Vendor: In a camp east of Snake Head Rock.

(If players asked "What does Spyro look like?")

  • Kassandra: Can you tell me what Spyro looks like? I want to make sure I'm stealing the right horse.
  • Street Vendor: Where to begin... He's magnificent—a towering stallion as black as night, with a mane of brilliant, shimmering white hair.

(Leave – "I have what I need.")

  • Kassandra: Looks like I have a horse to find.

Kassandra departed for the military camp outside the city. She arrived and spotted the horse within with the help of Ikaros.

  • Kassandra: That must be Spyro. Looks like a sturdy horse.

She took care of the soldiers before riding Spyro out of the camp.

  • Kassandra: You must be Spyro. Let's get you back home.

Kassandra returned to the merchant in Thebes.

  • Street Vendor: Spyro. Oh, I thought I'd never see you again.
  • Kassandra: He's all right. Not a hair touched on his mane.
  • Street Vendor: And Drakon will still get his shipment of oil, won't he Spyro? We'll take it up the mountain, and fill his halls with our wonderful, flammable oil.
  • Street Vendor: You've made Spyro a happy horse, misthios. And me a happy man.


Kassandra stole Spyro back from the military camp and returned him to his owner. The merchant was able to make his delivery of flammable oil to Drakon at his camp.


  • This quest is missable: finishing The End of Drakon removes the quest.
  • Finishing this quest adds jars of flammable oil to Drakon's Training Site, making it easier to apply fire damage over time. This will work best if the player also completes Brewing Love to deprive him of his armor.



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