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The Stench of Treachery was a virtual representation of one of Eivor Varinsdottir's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2020 through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Eivor met with Soma to identify the traitor amongst Birna, Galinn, and Lif.


Eivor returned to Grantebridge and found Soma interrogating an Anglo-Saxon soldier outside the longhouse while her advisors looked on.

  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 1: You'll get nothing out of me. Nothing!
  • Soma: Insects like you would not be crawling out of the muck if Wigmund wasn't hurting. Talk!
  • Eivor: Something has happened...

Eivor approached the group.

  • Soma: Eivor. The plan worked. One of Wigmund's captains. Caught him sniffing around Duroliponte. Remember, you don't need to kill him. Have fun. I'll be planning our next move in the longhouse.

Eivor and Soma's advisors prearing to interrogate the Anglo-Saxon captain

Eivor and Soma's advisors shared smiles and circled around their captive.

  • Birna: Little boy, little boy. Where is your daddy hiding?
  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 1: Godless heathens. Grantebridge is the province of Lord Wigmund of Walden. The city is rightfully his.
  • Galinn: Poor soldier. Doesn't know what heathens do to men of God like him. Hasn't heard the stories it seems.
  • Lif: We can educate him. Look at those ham hands! Could make a nice pair of gloves!
  • Birna: And his heart! A heart that beats in a lad like this? Feed a family of six for a week!
  • Eivor: Let's cut his throat now and water the orchards with his blood.

The captain revealing Wigmund's location

  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 1: No! Sweet Lord no! No, no! He's on the Isle of Ely! Ealdorman Wigmund! In the monastery. I swear!
  • Birna: Hm. Thought that would take 'til the next morn. Let's tie him up and let him rot away.

Realizing they were bluffing, the captain grew angry again.

  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 1: Fucking Dane half-wits! The Lord will smite you from this land. All of you! May God have mercy on—

Galinn abruptly stabbed the man in the heart with a knife. Eivor, Lif, and Birna watched as he fell dead between them, then looked as one to Galinn for explanation.

  • Galinn: That home-thieving snake might have cast a curse on us. I couldn't risk it.

Eivor, Birna, and Lif stared at the body again before looking back at Galinn in confusion.

  • Birna: Christians don't curse.

Lif and Birna staring at Galinn for his actions

An awkward silence filled the air as Galinn uncomfortably scratched the back of his head.

  • Eivor: Wigmund's on the Isle of Ely. I'll tell Soma what we've learned.

Eivor left. Still incredulous at their captive's murder, Birna tilted her head and pointedly looked at Galinn with the question written on her face, but Galinn spread his hands and shrugged in response, silently asking his friends in turn how he was expected to know what Christians practiced, while Lif shook his head in disappointment. Unaware of the events behind her, Eivor met up with Soma at the longhouse's map table.

  • Soma: Eivor. What did Wigmund's little man have to tell us?

Eivor informing Soma of Wigmund's location

  • Eivor: Wigmund is at the monastery on the Isle of Ely.
  • Soma: Hiding among the church mice. I'll need to plan our attack. But I won't face him while the traitor he commands is still under my roof. So what have you learned?

(Leave – I need to ask around.)

  • Eivor: I need more time to think.
  • Soma: Of course. Feel free to search the shire for more clues. And speak to anyone you wish.

Eivor began her investigation in the longhouse. In Soma's room, she found an entry from Soma's journal amongst a pile of scrolls.

Soma's Journal

Last night was a night of celebration. We spilled much ale and we drank. We laughed. Told stories of the battle we faced. Shat all over Wigmund and the saps he calls an army.

I felt pride. Joy. Relief. For a moment, it was as though we never left. The smell of the longhouse, the sounds of a crackling fire—everything was right.

And then it was not. My smile faded to a frown. My jaw clenched. I thought of blood again. There is a traitor here. One who helped Wigmund escape the city. One who wishes to extend this war rather than see it end.

There will be no recourse. Those who follow Wigmund in life shall follow him in death.

Eivor questioning a lady by the road

Eivor left the longhouse and walked up to a woman standing across the dirt road from a store.

  • Eivor: You there. Did you see anything strange around Grantebridge before the attack?
  • Norse Woman 1: I didn't. I was in the longhouse, drinking with Birna and her men all night. She can really put it away!

Eivor walked through the market and approached a vendor near a stall selling fish and grain.

  • Eivor: Did you see anything strange on the night of the attack?
  • Norse Man 1: Hm. Come to think of it, I noticed one of the longships wasn't where it usually is. It was beached further north, on the riverbank.
  • Eivor: Where was this?
  • Norse Man 1: Northeast of here, along the shore. It's been a few days, though. May not be there now.

Eivor saw a woman outside her home and stopped to ask her a question.

  • Eivor: Hail. Did you see anything strange on the night before the attack?
  • Norse Woman 2: I saw someone run from the outskirts of Grantebridge to the shore, just before the fighting started. Too dark to see who.

Eivor questioning another woman by the city gates

Eivor spoke to another woman who stood near the city gates.

  • Eivor: Did you see anything the night of the attack?
  • Norse Woman 3: Only Lif! Fighting bravely. Did you know Lif carves a poem in each of his longships? He's a craftsman and a wordsmith!
  • Eivor: Where are these longships now?
  • Norse Woman 3: Lost in the fog of the Fenlands, sadly. If I could reclaim them, I would. To return his works of art? He'd be so grateful!
  • Eivor: To be sure. Good luck to you.

Eivor talked to a stablehand outside the stables.

  • Eivor: Did anything strange happen before the attack on Grantebridge?
  • Norse Man 2: I saw two Saxons riding past the city while I was on guard. One for the Meldeburne monastary, and one toward Utbech. I think they were messengers. Didn't think anything of it since they weren't coming here.

Eivor took a horse and rode to Utbech. Along the way, on an island in the swamp about 300 meters north of Grantebridge, Eivor found a dead body partially hidden in a bush with a note nearby.

Waterlogged Smuggler's Note

I've received your payment and marked the crate with the weapons for your man in Utbech. Rest assured they are of the finest quality. He will be most pleased.

Our agreement is complete. Burn this letter. I do not want any trace of this in the open.

Eivor finding Wigmund's note in Utbech

Eivor continued on to Utbech. There, she entered a hut and found a note on a table set with food.

Wigmund's Orders
Soldiers of God,

Kill every heathen dog that escapes the attack on Grantebridge, but do not fire upon the longship painted yellow. That vessel carries the herald of our great victory.

Lord Wigmund

Eivor mounted the horse again and rode to Meldeburne. Inside the settlement's church, she found a copy of the same note in Utbech among a pile of scrolls on a bench near a door. Eivor then returned to Grantebridge and entered the secret tunnel entrance in the longhouse.

  • Eivor: Soma was smart to build this tunnel.

She continued through the tunnel until she reached the palisade gateway at its mouth. Exiting, she saw a large yellow "X" on the rock wall beside it.

  • Eivor: A painted cross...

Eivor looked closer at the mark. In her imagined reconstruction of the scene, Eivor saw the traitor paint the mark on the stone, before standing aside and pointing the invading forces into the tunnel.

Eivor discover a trail of yellow paint

  • Eivor: This tunnel leads to the longhouse. The traitor marked it with a yellow cross. Then opened the way and led them in.

Eivor turned to look at a hill short distance away, where she imagined the traitor running with their paint bucket as they led a handful of soldiers elsewhere.

  • Eivor: The traitor must have exited here with a few more, heading away... towards the riverbank.

Eivor turned away from the stone and saw something in the grass.

  • Eivor: A trail of yellow paint drops...

Eivor discovering an empty bucket and brush

Eivor followed the trail of paint marks over the hill, through a field, and down a road until she found the paint bucket abandoned on a stump. In her mind's eye, she saw the traitor set down the bucket before heading to the shoreline.

  • Eivor: Someone hauled this bucket of yellow paint all the way down to the riverbank. They quickly painted a longship beached here. Then they sailed off. With allies to help crew the vessel.

Eivor searched the shore until she came to a fishing dock, where she commandeered a boat, or called her personal longship, to investigate the deeper swamp waters. After sculling northeast for some while, following the merchant's tip, she found the hastily-painted missing longship beached on the shore and guarded by a number of soldiers at the Abandoned Bog Hamlet.

  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 2: It's a good longship, but powerfully ugly. Why's it splashed all yellow like that?
  • Anglo-Saxon Soldier 3: Danes and Saxons, sailing on the same damned boat. The world is going weird.

Eivor taking a closer look at the prow painted in yellow

Eivor eliminated the troops and resumed her hunt for clues, looking closely at the ship's prow.

  • Eivor: This longship is splashed with yellow paint. A quick job. Why would it be painted a different color than the others?

Eivor climbed inside the longship and saw a small note by a carving along the inner hull behind a shield.

Longship Inscription:
Pathed by a volva, a destiny writ,

Clear in his vision, rigid his grit.
  • Eivor: This carving references Galinn in verse

Eivor looked at a small, looted supply pile near the shore. In her mind's eye, she imagined how the scenario unfolded, with the traitor and their crew fighting unseen assailants before running into the woods.

  • Eivor: This longship was ambushed by bandits. The survivors ran into the fog, pursued by half the party, while the other bandits looted it.

A trail of bodies led up the hill to the ruins where she and Soma had rescued Galinn, but she found no further clue. Her suspicions immediately raised, especially as she and Soma had not found Galinn's ship when searching for the advisors earlier, Eivor went back to Grantebridge to continue her search. She found Galinn in his cabin, where he knelt as he hammered a plank to the floor, and saw a note on a back table.

Galinn's Vision Interpretation
Ouroboros on her shield.

Lion on his banners.

This mountain?

Two cannot balance on a peak. One must fall.

Eivor questioning Galinn in his hut

Eivor turned around and spoke to Galinn.

  • Galinn: Eivor. This is a surprise.

("I want to ask you some questions about...")

  • Eivor: I was wondering...

(If "What does your vision about Soma mean?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: The visions you've had about you and Soma, how do you interpret them?
  • Galinn: A piercing question. Hm. I believe it means that Soma will lead me to greatness, however difficult. That she is linked to my destiny.

(If "Why were you wandering on the brink of death?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: Why were you at death's door when Soma found you?
  • Galinn: I left my clan to pursue my vision. I don't remember much. The sacred plants addled my memory. But I was hungry for more visions. You may not understand. But Soma does. She knows the gods have a plan for me and that following it is worth any risk.

(If "Do you know this letter about a yellow longship?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: I found a letter to the Saxons from Wigmund. It says not to attack any longship painted yellow.
  • Galinn: Strange. Only Lif would have the tools to alter the color of our longships. Something to ask him about.

("Why was your longship painted yellow?")

  • Galinn: Was it yellow? I don't recall. You could ask Lif. He's our shipmaster.

(If "Did you see anything the night of the attack?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: Did you see anything odd when the attack began?
  • Galinn: I did. I saw a wave of Saxons appear in the heart of Grantebridge as if by magic. Odd as wings on an eel. I fought ragged to the brink of death, from one night to the next. You saw the end of it. Wolves almost took me.

  • Eivor: Somebody let the Saxons into Grantebridge's secret tunnel, Galinn... I believe there's a chance that it was you.

Galinn grew angry.

  • Galinn: I fled a harrowing attack, cutting down Saxons and praying a Valkyrie would take my men when they fell. You pick at me like a scab. And I won't have it. Be happy I don't strike you down for adding a sour note to my battle song.
The conversation ended, and Galinn refused to speak to Eivor again.

  • Eivor: I'm trying to find who betrayed Soma to the Saxons. I could use your help.

Galinn stood up.

  • Galinn: I wish I could help. The night of the attack, I was meditating on the shore, far from prying eyes. I was alone that night. And until Saxons appeared, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I hope that's enough.

Eivor questioning Lif outside his shipyard

Her questioning finished, Eivor left the cabin and went in search of Lif, whom she found outside his hut, near the shipyard, as he peeled potatoes

  • Lif: Eivor, you look like the wind had fled your sails. What's going on?

("I want to ask you some questions about...")

  • Eivor: I was wondering...

(If "You told me you don't think Soma is a good leader." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: You told me you often disagree with Soma's orders.
  • Lif: I do. But I follow them. It's my duty to this clan, to my jarlskona. A man's honor comes from his acts, not his wishes.

(If "Were you jealous that Guthrum chose Soma to lead?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: How did you feel when Guthrum named Soma the steward of Grantebridge and not you?
  • Lif: If being honorable were easy, we'd have no evil men. It it something I... I wanted, sure. But I am a man of honor above all.

(If "Do you know this letter about a yellow longship?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: I found this odd letter telling Saxon forces not to attack any longship painted yellow.
  • Lif: I've never painted any longship yellow beyond a few small touches. It's expensive. I know of no such letter.

(If "Your yellow paint was stolen." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: You said your yellow paint was stolen before the attack?
  • Lif: Aye. And yellow's not an easy pigment to mix, let alone acquire. I was furious it was stolen.

(If "I found your paint bucket." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: I found your yellow paint barrel near the river.
  • Lif: Did you? It was stolen from my workshop not long ago.
  • Eivor: I found it on the riverbank. It was empty.

(If "What did you see the night of the attack?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: How did the night of the attack play out, from your view?
  • Lif: I was working in the shipyards. Next thing I knew, the city was burning from the inside. Then Soma led our retreat.

  • Eivor: Someone told the Saxons about the tunnel under Grantebridge, Lif. There's a possibility it's you.

Lif grew angry.

  • Lif: You insult me, Eivor. The night Grantebridge fell, I was working. In the shipyards. I could already hear fighting by the time Soma gathered me to retreat. I was nowhere near where the Saxons came in. I hope that's enough for you, Eivor, because we're finished here.
The conversation ended and Lif refused to speak to Eivor again.

  • Eivor: Lif, someone showed the Saxons the longhouse tunnel. Where were you when the attack started. What were you doing?
  • Lif: When the fighting started, I was in my workshop, decorating a sail for our allies in Grimsby. Without my yellow paint. By the time Soma gathered me to retreat, the city was under attack from within. I was nowhere near that tunnel. Nowhere.

Her questioning finished, Eivor entered the hut and read a scroll on a table.

Lif's Inventory
4 bolts of canvas

6 barrels red paint

7 barrels blue paint.

4 barrels yellow paint—if can haggle down East Francia trader. If not, 2 barrels.

Soma allocated resources elsewhere. Again. Reasons I cannot fathom.

Will need to drive hard bargain to get any more than that.

Eivor left the shipyard and made her way to Birna's house, where she was inside, preparing food. On entering the home, Eivor saw a large pile of full bags beside the door.

  • Eivor: These bags are Birna's. Packed for a long journey.

Eivor also saw a note on Birna's bed.

Note on Birna's Bags
I am not noble. Honor is noise to me. But for the first time, I wonder what is the better thing to do. To stay at your elbow, smiling with a thorn in my chest, or to leave you behind and pull this barb from me.

I will stay, but only as long as you need me...

Birna being questioned by Eivor

Eivor turned around and spoke to Birna.

  • Birna: Well, you're not the regular Sunbeam I've come to know. Something weighing on you?

("I want to ask you some questions about...")

  • Eivor: I was wondering on a few things...

(If "You love Soma." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: It must ache to serve under someone you love so deeply, one who doesn't love you back.

Birna looked down, saddened.

  • Birna: Some days, the pain hits hard. I need to press my hand into my heart to keep it from digging through my chest.

(If "You used to be a smuggler." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: You were a smuggler. Some would say that's not a trustworthy past.
  • Birna: And water is wet, what a surprise. I'm an opportunist. I see a chance, I take it. It's helped Soma so far. She knows what I am, what I was. But she trusts me. Who would better know the difference between a joke and the truth?

(If "Have you seen this letter about a yellow longship?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: I found a letter telling the Saxons not to attack a longship painted yellow.

Birna frowned.

  • Birna: None of our longships are painted yellow. I don't think...

(If "It looked like you were planning to leave." is chosen.)

  • Eivor: I found your things packed for a long journey. Were you planning to travel?

Insulted, Birna frowned and crossed her arms.

  • Birna: If I had betrayed this city, I'd be gone now, wouldn't I? No, I stayed. I'm happier near Soma with a broken heart than far away with a heart still longing.

(If "Did you see anything the night of the attack?" is chosen.)

  • Eivor: What happened the night of the attack?
  • Birna: The people were at peace. A beautiful night, fog and all. Then came the Saxons, all around, and Soma roaring like a great bear. When she called a retreat, we ran for the longboats, aiming to regroup in the swamps. It was an ambush, no more, no less.

  • Eivor: Birna, Grantebridge was not taken by fluke. Someone showed the Saxons the longhouse tunnel. And there's a possibility it was you.

Birna grew angry.

  • Birna: I was drinking under the noses of dozens that night. I would never betray my people. We're done here. And it'd be good for your health to take a walk, away from me.
The conversation ended, and Birna refused to speak with Eivor again.

  • Eivor: Someone in the city led the Saxons through the longhouse tunnel. When the fighting started, where were you?
  • Birna: Drinking with my warriors in the longhouse. When the Saxons came, I fought. I couldn't have shown anyone the tunnel. Eyes were on me all day and night.

Eivor reporting her findings

With her investigation finished, Eivor returned to Soma in the longhouse.

  • Soma: Did you find enough clues in Grantebridgescire? Are you ready to choose the traitor?

  • Eivor: Birna is in love with you. Unanswered love is a volcanic emotion.
  • Soma: Birna has always been unpredictable. But she's a warrior grown. She does not let her emotions guide her actions.

  • Eivor: Birna was drinking in the longhouse when the attack began. Others can attest to that.
  • Soma: Hardly the behavior of someone expecting an attack.

  • Eivor: Birna used to be a smuggler, hardly an honorable life.
  • Soma: There is honor among even the lowliest of men. Danes know that better than most.

  • Eivor: Birna was packed for a long journey the night of the attack.
  • Soma: You think she wanted to leave us?
  • Eivor: I think she was prepared to leave, that's certain.

    • Eivor: Lif wishes he had stepped up to lead... and to be where you are now.
    • Soma: Lif has a celebrated place in my clan. As a shipbuilder, he is without peer, and he knows I know this.

  • Eivor: Lif told me he was working in the shipyard the night of the attack.
  • Soma: The shipyard is exposed and far from the tunnel entrance. Not the ideal man to lead Saxons into the city.

  • Eivor: Lif disagrees with how you run Grantebridge.
  • Soma: This city thrives under me, as a bustling port for his longships, for instance.

  • Eivor: Lif told me his yellow paint had been stolen.
  • Soma: Yellow is a troublesome color to make. He was upset when his stores were stolen.

  • Eivor: I found an empty barrel of yellow paint beside a longboat launch. Yellow paint was used to mark a boat the night of the attack.
  • Soma: An odd time for a fresh coat of paint. But that's his work, is it not?

    • Eivor: Galinn puts his visions above everything... to the point of fanaticism.
    • Soma: Visions are like clouds. Each person sees a different meaning in the shape, and Galinn sees an important meaning.

  • Eivor: Galinn had no alibi. No one can place his location on the night of the attack.
  • Soma: He's an odd one, that man. But he is a man, not a toddler. He doesn't need a constant watch.

  • Eivor: Galinn told me he was near death when you found him and saved his life.
  • Soma: Yes, people thought him cursed. He was adrift in deep water. But don't we all deserve a guide back to the shallows?

  • Eivor: I found Galinn's longboat painted hastily with yellow paint on the day of the attack.
  • Soma: Why would he mark his longboat differently from the rest of ours?

    • Eivor: A local said they saw someone running from the outskirts of the city to the river, just before the attack.
    • Soma: Did they recognize the person?
    • Eivor: No, they couldn't be seen in the fog. But whoever it was, they knew something bad was coming.

  • Eivor: I found a message meant for Saxon forces. It said not to attack any longship painted yellow.
  • Soma frowned in thought, before glaring in the direction of the swamps.

    • Soma: There's no yellow on our longships beyond some small details... if there's a yellow longship in the Fens, I want to know.

  • Soma: You... you told me you found yellow paint on Galinn's longboat, didn't you?

  • Eivor: Your secret tunnel had many footprints nearby, and its mouth was painted with a yellow mark. Whoever betrayed you, they did so by marking the tunnel entrance, then opening the way to let the Saxons in.

    • Eivor: I already know who I suspect.
    • Soma: Your instincts must be strong if you're so quick to judge. So who is the traitor?

  • Eivor: That's all the evidence I think we need.
  • Soma: You've been thorough... Who is the traitor?

    • Eivor: Galinn betrayed you.

  • Eivor: Birna betrayed you.

  • Eivor: Lif betrayed you.

  • Soma: Are you certain?
  • Eivor nodded.

    • Soma: This will be the hardest thing I have ever done. Stay close by me Eivor. I will need you.
    • Eivor: How to you plan to deal with this?
    • Soma: As a leader must...

    She nodded and beckoned the three advisors over.

    • Soma: My family, my inner circle. Today we make sure what has happened to us will never happen again. We end Wigmund's life. But not all together. For you cannot survive the winter with a rat in your larder.

    Soma pulled a dagger embedded from its spot in the table where it pinned the map in place.

    Soma confronting Galinn

    Soma faced Galinn.

    • Soma: Galinn. You have betrayed me, Galinn.
    • Galinn: I haven't! Soma! You're the key to my life. You must lead me to my destiny. Carry me to the summit of victory!

    Soma surged forward and grabbed his throat.

    • Soma: Do not warp was is real with the stories you tell yourself. I have seen no signs of your destiny.

    Soma released him and stepped back.

    • Soma: What I have seen is my people slaughtered, my city befouled, and your delusions fueling the destruction. How dare you think your destiny, your greatness, outweighed all of ours?

    Galinn outed as the traitor and executed

    Soma rushed forward again, grabbed Galinn by the shoulders, and slit his throat. Moved by the momentum of Soma's action, Galinn spun once and fell dead to the floor. Soma briefly stared at his body.

    • Soma: He believed too much in faith. And not enough in us. Take him away.
    Birna and Lif looked at Galinn's corpse, then dragged it out of the longhouse.

    • Soma: Birna. You betrayed me.

    Birna laughed nervously at the accusation.

    • Birna: No. Wait. I could never. Never!

    Soma remained silent. Birna looked down at the dagger Soma held at her side.

    • Birna: My heart grew so warm here, in spite of the cold.

    Birna stepped closer to Soma.

    • Birna: You do not love me as I love you. But love is not possession.

    Soma nodded

    • Soma: You love me, you admire me.
    • Birna: Even under your blade... I would do anything to stay here with you, anything.
    • Soma: You would do anything to get an edge. Say anything to spend one more day alive. It's how you served me so well...

    Soma stepped forward and slashed Birna across the throat. Birna stared in shock and grasped her throat, before falling to her knees and collapsing dead. Soma briefly stared at her body.

    • Soma: Lif. Galinn. Take her away.
    Galinn and Lif looked at each other, then dragged Birna's corpse out of the longhouse.

    • Soma: Lif. You have betrayed me, Lif.
    • Lif: Soma! That's not true!
    • Soma: A grown man should have a better grasp of his jealousy. It must not drive him to madness and destruction.

    Soma paced in front of the table, before turning and gesturing with the dagger at Lif as she got in his face.

    • Soma: But with you? Every one of our warriors, our slaughtered people, are dead because you couldn't be where I am now.

    Soma turned away again, and Lif stepped forward to plead his case.

    • Lif: I have only ever served you, Soma! I would never betray my clan. My family! I'm a man of honor!
    • Soma: And ambition...

    Soma rushed forward, grabbed Lif by the shoulders, and slit his throat. Moved by the momentum of Soma's action, Lif spun once and fell dead to the floor. Soma briefly stared at his body.

    • Soma: Wigmund took you from us long before I ever raised my blade. Clear the body.
    Birna and Galinn looked at Galinn's corpse and then each other, then dragged the body out of the longhouse.

    • Soma: I feel as if I have torn off my own arm.
    • Eivor: Wigmund deserves death, but killing him won't make your family whole again.
    • Soma: You think I don't know? This is for those who follow! To join me is to take an oath! To break it is to suffer!

    Eivor trying to console Soma on the death of her associate

    Eivor put her hand on Soma's shoulder.

    • Soma: We make camp on the outskirts of the Isle of Ely. Join us there.

    As Soma left, a ghostly Odin appeared beside Eivor.

    • Odin: She carries the weight of leadership on one shoulder and the bonds of her people on the other.
    • Eivor: Now that she's lost one, she walks lopsided. It will take years of toil to rebuild those bonds with her people.
    • Odin: Yet she is unburdened now. Lighter. She is a leader, not a friend, Eivor. Her mistake was thinking she could be both.


    Eivor discovered the traitorous advisor's identity.

    Behind the scenes

    The player's decision on which advisor to accuse and have executed impacts the end of the next mission "An Island of Eels", when Eivor and Soma move to attack Wigmund.

    It is possible to find Galinn's longship before rescuing him in the memory "Orphans of the Fens". Doing so will prompt Soma to comment that Galinn "[...] Must have been panicked to have strayed to such a place." Despite this, all characters will still act as though the boat had not yet been found during this quest.

    While this quest will not be tracked until all of the support quests have been completed, Eivor can begin her investigations as soon as the memory "Glory Regained" has concluded. Only the questioning of the advisors is unavailable, until they return to the city.



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    Chapter 3
    Rude Awakening - A Cruel Destiny
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    The Seas of Fate
    The Swan-Road Home - Unwelcome - Settling Down - The Alliance Map
    The Song of Soma
    Chapter 1
    The Great Scattered Army
    Chapter 2
    Orphans of the Fens
    Chapter 3
    Glory Regained
    Chapter 4
    Razing Earnningstone - Unholy Father - Storming Ravensburg
    Chapter 5
    The Stench of Treachery - An Island of Eels - Reporting on Grantebridgescire
    The Kingmaker's Saga
    Chapter 1
    The Sons of Ragnar
    Chapter 2
    Bartering - Rumors of Ledecestre - The Walls of Templebrough
    Chapter 3
    Tilting the Balance
    Chapter 4
    Heavy is the Head - Hunted - Reporting on Ledecestrescire
    A Toast to our Success - Uninvited Guests
    The Tale of Thegn Oswald
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    The Measure of a Norseman
    Chapter 3
    A Triumphant Return
    Chapter 4
    Raising Iron - A Fury from the Sea
    Chapter 5
    Wedding Horns - Reporting on East Anglia
    Mane and Tail
    The City of War
    Chapter 1
    Walls and Shadows
    Chapter 2
    Firing the Arrow - Bleeding The Leech
    Chapter 3
    Smashing the Compass - Reporting on Lunden
    The Paladin's Stone
    Chapter 1
    Brewing Rebellion
    Chapter 2
    Chipping Away - Pilgrimage to St. Albanes - Blood from a Stone
    Chapter 3
    Fiery Ambush - Ringing Cyne Belle
    Chapter 4
    The Saga Stone - Reporting on Oxenefordscire
    The Book of Dragons
    Chapter 1
    War Weary
    Chapter 2
    Ransacking Wenlocan - The Supply Line - Bloody Path to Peace
    Chapter 3
    King Killer - Reporting on Sciropescire
    The Instrument of the Ancients
    Chapter 1
    The Abbot's Gambit
    Chapter 2
    Puppets and Prisoners - The Man Behind the Man
    Chapter 3
    A Bloody Welcome - Reporting on Cent
    A Brewing Storm
    The Lay of Hunwald
    Chapter 1
    A Noble Escort
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    In the Absence of an Ealdorman
    Chapter 4
    Salve for a Fresh Wound - The Thegn of Lincoln - Where the Stone Falls
    Chapter 5
    A Sword-Shower in Anecastre - Reporting on Lincolnscire
    A Breviary of Broken Hearts
    Chapter 1
    An Uncommon Proposition
    Chapter 2
    Old Wounds - Childhood Sweetheart
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Twists and Turns - Reporting on Essexe
    The Siege of Portcestre
    Chapter 1
    Reaver of the South
    Chapter 2
    Arrive Unexpected - Let Them Eat Ashes - Scorched Earth - Severing the Lines
    Chapter 3
    Storming the Walls - Of All That Has Passed... - Reporting on Suthsexe
    Reap What Was Sown
    Blame and Sail
    The City of Greed
    Chapter 1
    The Welcoming Party
    Chapter 2
    Burning the Firebrand
    Chapter 3
    Pricking the Needle
    Chapter 4
    Closing the Vault - Reporting on Jorvik
    The Sayings of Halfdan
    Chapter 1
    War in the North
    Chapter 2
    Honor Has Two Edges
    Chapter 3
    Road to Hamartia - This Son of Jorvik
    Chapter 4
    Honor's Hubris
    Chapter 5
    Of Blood and Bonds - Reporting on Eurviscire - Lost Glory
    A Tale of Wicker-Fire
    Chapter 1
    The First Night of Samhain
    Chapter 2
    Clues and Riddles
    Chapter 3
    The Stolen King
    Chapter 4
    A Love Betrayed - The Gutted Lamb
    Chapter 5
    The Burning of the Wicker Man - Reporting on Glowecestrescire
    The Tale of Two Jarls
    Chapter 1
    Old Friends
    Chapter 2
    On Borrowed Time
    Chapter 3
    Rowdy Raiders - Adorning the Adorned - Of Blood and Gods
    Chapter 4
    Under the Skin
    Chapter 5
    Farewells and Legacies - Reporting on Snotinghamscire
    The City of Faith
    Chapter 1
    More Intel - The Reeve of Wincestre
    Chapter 2
    Choking the Gallows
    Chapter 3
    Plucking the Quill
    Chapter 4
    Impaling the Seax - Reporting on Wincestre
    In the Hall of the Slain
    Chapter 1
    The Road to Valhalla - Where Legends Are Born
    Chapter 2
    A Brother's Keeper - A Quiet Homecoming
    The Prophecies of the King
    Chapter 1
    Kingdom's End
    Chapter 2
    Holy Day - Reporting on Hamtunscire
    The Forge and the Flame
    Settlement Quests
    A New Home - The Lost Drengir of Ragnar Lothbrok
    To Serve the Light... - Breaking the Order - A Brief History of the Hidden Ones - The Letter - The Poor Fellow-Soldier
    A Little Problem
    A Rivalry for the Ages
    The Huntress - Have You Seen This Man? - Archery Contest
    Taken for Granted
    The Thousand Eyes - Viking for Hire
    The Baker's Plaint - Man of Mystery
    Carrying the Torch
    A Wise Friend - In Dreams... - Going Deeper... - Bound to Fate
    Pending Deliveries
    Vinland Saga
    Chapter 1
    In a Strange Land - The Hunting Grounds
    Chapter 2
    Hunter of Beasts
    Chapter 3
    Hunter's Repast - Reporting on Vinland
    The Fate of the High One
    Chapter 1
    View Above All
    Chapter 2
    Well-Traveled - Defensive Measures - Extended Family
    Chapter 3
    Forging a Bond (A Feline's Footfall - Taking Root)
    Chapter 4
    The Big Finish
    Chapter 5
    Binding Fate - Cheating Fate
    The Saga of the Snows
    Chapter 1
    Mistress of the Iron Wood
    Chapter 2
    The Lost Cauldron
    Chapter 3
    A Gift from the Past
    Chapter 4
    A Feast to Remember
    Chapter 5
    The Price of Wisdom
    Thousand Eyes contracts
    Contract: Assassinate the Target - Contract: A Strange Drawing - Contract: Best Effort - Contract: Booty Hunter - Contract: Burn it down! - Contract: Control Nuisance - Contract: Dangerous Prey - Contract: Defeat the Diubal - Contract: Grave-Robber - Contract: Investigation Offer - Contract: Macabre Discovery - Contract: Make it Boom! - Contract: Marked for Death - Contract: Predator's Attack - Contract: Recovery Investment - Contract: Reda's Judgement - Contract: Reported Missing - Contract: Rescue Favor - Contract: Silence the Poet - Contract: Slay the Monster - Contract: The Deadly Beast - Contract: The Dice Master - Contract: The Drunkard - Contract: The Duke of Burgundy - Contract: The Green-Eyed Thief - Contract: The Hermit of the Thousand Sins - Contract: The Jomsviking Code - Contract: The Man-eating Animal - Contract: The Phantom - Contract: The Renegade Monk - Contract: The Richest Merchant - Contract: The Rogue Informer - Contract: The Stolen Purse - Contract: The Thieves Couple - Contract: Threat Assessment - Contract: Toss a Coin for the Traitor - Contract: Wild Frontier
    World Events
    A Desperate Bounty - A New England - Comb of Champions - Old Man on the Edge - Raider Recruit - The Dreamwalking Warrior - The Hunt for Honor - The Plight of the Warlock - The Silver-Tongued Traitor
    Battle Born - The Rekindling
    Madness of the Stones - Pig of Prophecy - Red in Tooth and Claw - The Lighthouse Twins - The Pardoner's Tale - The Sky Thief - Winifred
    East Anglia
    A Blood Hymn for Edmund - Edmund's Arrows - Freyja's Friend - Green Children of Anglia - Hide and Hunt - Life-Blood - The Wayward
    Devil's Hole - Mother - Take Me a Husband - The Banshee - The Boar with the Golden Nose - The Gleewoman - The Prodigy - The Riddler
    Art-Scop - Crushed Dreams - Dellingr Rabbit - Historia de Cordibus Pathetic - Sunken Hope - The Village: Jurthgard
    Dearly Bee-Loved - Lady of the Lake - The Body - The Goddess of Birth - The Horn of Ragnar
    Degolas the Beautiful - Path to the Wind-Blue - The Cult of Saint Guthlac - The Devout Troll - The Doom Book of Cats - The Infinite Noise of Men - The Lord of Norsexe - The Walloper - The Wound-Wands of Friends - Winchell the Robesfree
    Saint Faith - Splitting Hares - The Arrow In The Tree - The Devil Has All The Best Tunes - We Are All Monsters
    Bridges of Oppression - Deviled Water - Silver Wind Elder - Warmth of Winter
    A Skald's Lament - Ledecestrescire Sauce - Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths - Sisters of the Axe - Skal to Your Wealth - The Last Leaf of Fall - The Old Guard - The Stink-Brew - The Twit Saga, Part I - The White Lady of Tamworth
    King of Shitsby - Little Victories - Stray Naps - The False Ealdormancy - The Farewell Meow - The Ignominious Bandit - The Twit Saga, Part II
    The Demon Odor at the Tithe - Falling Stars - Last Flight of the Gyldan Sparrow - War of the Collectors
    A Dog's Rescue - Fishing Lesson - Nostalgia - Permission to Weep - The Anchoress - The Last Raid
    Bewitched - King of the Hill - Lamb Chops - Miracle - Otta, Son of Slugga - Paola's Dream - The Puppeteer
    A Cordial Invitation - An Althing for the Half-Grown - An Efficient Cremation - Stoneman - The Good Men of Sherwood - The Myth in the Mountains
    A Prayer for Vengeance - Aflanc the Terrible - Alisa in Wunderlandscire - Eivor the Sheepdog - King of the Hay People - Rock of Fertility - Tiny Black Market - Will O' the Wisp
    Aelfred's Jewel - Asser - Mildberg the Miracle Legs - Romeo and Aethelflaed
    North America
    A Dead Man's Tale - Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts (Flight of Fancy - Ursine Takeover)
    Food of the Gods - Hel's Well - Milk of Humankind - Njord's Lament - Noble Harts - Valhalla Bound
    Aegir's Daughters - Pit of Slaughter - The Giants of Fimbulwinter - The Puppeteer
    The Way of the Berserker
    Chapter 1
    The Mysterious Berserker
    Chapter 2
    The Ritual of the Berserker
    Chapter 3
    The Vengeance of the Berserker
    The Legend of Beowulf
    Chapter 1
    A Fiend out of Hell
    Chapter 2
    Prey in the High Hall
    Chapter 3
    Ever As Fate Must
    A Fated Encounter
    A Fated Encounter - A Distorted Dream
    Chapter 1
    Tossing and Turning
    Chapter 2
    Night and Day
    Chapter 3
    Counting Sheep
    Chapter 4
    What Dreams May Come
    Chapter 5
    One Last Sleepless Night
    World Events
    Haunting of Neist Point - The Drink of the Picts
    Settlement Extension
    Yule Season
    Yule Festival - Cow Catcher - The Case of the Missing Ale - Braun's Folly - Twirling Targets - Yule Brawl
    Ostara Season
    Ostara Festival - Let's Get Festive - Egg Hunt - The May Queen - Spiritual Defense - Braun's Folly - Twirling Targets - Viking Brawl
    Sigrblot Festival
    Sigrblot Festival - The War Effort (Feeding the Wolf - Fight or Flyte - Three Big Pigs) - Final Offering - Test Your Metal - War Games
    Oskoreia Festival
    Oskoreia Festival - Hunting for Honor (Homeward - An Honorable Death - Riding for Glory - Veiled Threats - Targeted Strategy) - A Measure of Respect
    River Raids
    Yule Season
    A River to Raid - The Legend of Saint George - Treasures of River Exe - Treasures of River Severn - The Legacy of Saint George - Treasures of River Dee - The Sword of Saint George
    Sigrblot Season
    The Legend of Lugh - Treasures of River Berbha - The Spear of Lugh - Treasures of River Erriff - The Ulfberht Sword - Champions of the Faith (England's Protector - Ireland's Defender - Francia's Anointed)
    Mastery Challenge
    Chapter 1
    A Challenge from the Gods - The Cryptic Tutelage of Hildiran
    Chapter 2
    The All-Seeing Eye
    The Forgotten Saga
    A Gift from the Otherworld
    The Wholesome Warrior - Dark Dealings - Shifting Loyalties
    Wrath of the Druids
    Wrath of the Druids
    Chapter 1
    Irish Trade - Irish Adventure - Blood Bond - Snaring Thorstein - Rathdown Build Up
    Chapter 2
    Flann over Ireland - A Show of Character - War Efforts - Gathering Strength
    Chapter 3
    Foothold in Connacht - Potion of Blood - Into the Fog
    Chapter 4
    The Northern Reach - Courting the Kings - The Mask of Diplomacy - The Wages of War - A Scourging of Snakes
    Chapter 5
    The Cost of Betrayal
    Settling Accounts
    Chapter 1
    Dublin's Reach (Trade: Giving Your Words - Trade: Dyed in the Wool - Trade: The Ivory Post - Trade: Trouble Brewing - Trade: Illuminating Event - Trade: Sweetening the Pot)
    Chapter 2
    An Eye for an Eye
    The Strength of Danu
    Chapter 1
    Children of Danu
    Chapter 2
    Amber Sun
    Lost Drengr
    Thorgest's Drengir
    Trade Post
    Trade: Dyed in the Wool - Trade: Giving Your Words - Trade: Illuminating Event - Trade: Sweetening the Pot - Trade: The Ivory Post - Trade: Trouble Brewing
    Royal Demands
    Kings of Meath
    Meath: Death Sentence - Meath: Death to All - Meath: Gemstones - Meath: Hibernian Heist - Meath: Jewel Recovery - Meath: Rough Justice - Meath: Royal Vengeance - Meath: Smite Them Down - Meath: Stamp Them Out - Meath: Taking it Back - Meath: They Must Pay
    Kings of Connacht
    Connacht: Stamp Them Out
    Kings of Ulster
    Ulster: Death Sentence - Ulster: Death to All - Ulster: Smite Them Down
    Thousand Eyes contracts
    Contract: Bandit King - Contract: Hired Help - Contract: The Lost Books
    The Siege of Paris
    Chapter 1
    Strangers Bearing Gifts - To Francia - Warlord of Melun - The Rot in the Slums - Majesty in the Dark
    Chapter 2
    The Missing Queen - Sister of Sorrow - The Queen's Gambit
    Chapter 3
    Honor and Enemies - Fire From Heaven - A Hidden Weakness - Royal Fox Hunt - Dark Before Dawn - The Siege of Paris - The Count of Paris
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Fire and Faith - Madness of King Charles - Victory - Homecoming
    Hidden Ones
    A Package for Paris
    Vive la Résistance
    Thousand Eyes contracts
    Contract: Pagus Pinciacensis - Contract: The Count of Pinciacum
    World Events
    Hidden Justice
    Not God Enough - Stealing from Thieves - Ulfberht Sword
    The Ghost of Saint Germain - The King of Rats
    Dawn of Ragnarök
    Restless Dreams - Legendary Hoard
    Into the Fire
    Chapter 1
    The Rescue - Gift to the God
    Chapter 2
    Seeking Shelter - Crystal Cave - Hunter and Gatherer - World's End
    Chapter 3
    The Masters - Forging Bonds
    Chapter 4
    Warpath - Pride of the Aesir
    Chapter 5
    Beyond Fear - The Reckoning
    The Relic
    Chapter 1
    Finding Fritjof
    Chapter 2
    The Scholar and the Sunstone
    Chapter 3
    The Vault of the Ancients
    Vessel of Souls
    Chapter 1
    The Warlord's Daughter
    Chapter 2
    Cold Embers - Blazing a Trail
    Chapter 3
    Valkyrie's Arena
    Heroic Scholar
    Warlord of the Muspels - The Full Might of Muspelheim - Double Burning Trouble - The Princess and the Queen - The Midgard War Party - The Trickster and his Legions - Muspelheim's Legacy - A Tale of Ice and Fire - The Champions of Jotunheim - Muspelheim's Fiery Champions - The Fallen Warriors - The Shapeshifters of Legend - Glacial Bear Encounter - The Midgard Challengers - The Great Swamp Witches
    World Events
    Carpe Diem - Hyrrokin's Gift
    A Beast's Burden - A Most Cunning Fish - Love Conquers - The Ballad of Kraka and Skavi
    Not Today, Jotun! - Take My Chest Away - The Seed of Travi
    Discovery Tour: Viking Age
    Oaths & Honour - Through Faith & Fire - Seaworthy - Into the West - A Barter for Peace - Aelfred's Legacy - New Life, New Lands - Where Fates Align