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The Stadium: MMA Night was the second field mission undertaken by Desmond Miles from the Grand Temple, in 2012.


Shaun Hastings located another power source for the Grand Temple in Brazil, to which Desmond set off to find it.


After a long trip from the Grand Temple, Desmond took the metro rail to the stadium in Brazil.

  • Desmond: You there, Rebecca?
  • Rebecca: Bad reception. Can you hear me?
  • Desmond: Well, glad to see that's working. Guess I'll try you back when I'm topside.

Desmond made his way through the underground network to the stadium entrance.

  • Desmond: You copy now?
  • Rebecca: Loud and clear.
  • Desmond: What's the plan?
  • Rebecca: According to our intel, the power source is being worn as a bracelet by some tycoon's trophy wife. We're working on pinpointing her location, but she's most likely inside a VIP booth on the stadium's upper level. I'll update you when I know more.
  • Desmond: Now to find a ticket.
  • Rebecca: We don't have time to play nice, steal someone else's.
  • Desmond: Bit of a dick move, don't you think?
  • Rebecca: Well, I guess you could try and sneak past security instead...

Desmond decided to exit to a garden outside the stadium, where he noticed two unusual security men patrolling.

AC3 Desmond Abstergo Agents

Desmond hiding from Abstergo agents

  • Desmond: That doesn't look like normal security...
  • Rebecca: Because it isn't. Those are Abstergo agents. Cross is probably here too. You need to be careful.

Desmond made his way back into the stadium undetected, where Rebecca began talking to him again.

  • Rebecca: Your target's definitely in the VIP area. The entrance is at the end of this concourse.

While working his way back into the stadium, Abstergo guards actively searched for Desmond.

  • Abstergo agent: Have you seen this man? Contact security immediately if you do.
    We're looking for this man. If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately.

Desmond headed towards the entrance to the VIP area, and remained undetected by patrolling guards by blending with civilians and using Eagle Vision to track the security guards' movements. However, he came upon a checkpoint at the entrance to the VIP area.

  • Desmond: Great. They've set up a checkpoint...
  • Rebecca: Stick close to the crowd and you should be okay... Or look for a way around it.
    There's gotta be a way to slip past them... A side room, maybe? Hallway? Something?

As Desmond approached the checkpoint, a civilian noticed him and went to inform the guards.

  • Civilian: Security! Security!
  • Abstergo agent: What is it?
    Are you sure? Think hard. It's important.
  • Civilian: He's here! He's here! That man from the posters!
  • Abstergo agent: Show me.
  • Civilian: I can't... He... He disappeared. But he couldn't have gone far. I just saw him.

Desmond went through the toilets in order to pass the checkpoint.

  • Desmond: Seriously, what is the deal with stadiums and piss troughs. It's disgusting. And who thought they were a good idea?
  • Rebecca: Troughs are time and cost-efficient.
  • Desmond: I don't even see a stall in here. What if I had to take a dump?
  • Shaun: Yeah. Please, just mute the microphone if you do.

Desmond left the toilets and continued towards the VIP area.

  • Desmond: Looks like I'm close... Shit. Another checkpoint.
  • Rebecca: You're gonna have to find another way around. Security's too tight here.

As Desmond approached the second checkpoint, an angry worker approached the guards.

  • Worker: If you don't let me through I'm going to lose my job!
  • Abstergo agent: We need to verify your identity.
  • Worker: What? I've worked here for fifteen years and I've never seen anything like this! Who are you people?
  • Abstergo agent: I suggest you lower your voice.
  • Worker: Fine! Do your stupid check!
    These pieces of shit - they spend 20 minutes simulating anal sex and walk off with millions. I break my back working 80 hour weeks and I'm lucky to make 100 reals. And now I have to stand here and get insulted by some thug wearing a suit...

Desmond followed the angry worker around the back of the stadium, and into an alley, until he came across a dispute between two men.

  • Man 1: Look - It just sort of happened... We didn't mean for it to. It just... did. I'm sorry.
  • Man 2: You're sorry? She's my sister, man! My fucking little sister!
  • Man 1: We're in love. Okay. There. I said it. We're in love and we've BEEN in love for a long time.
  • Man 2: You're supposed to be my best friend and here you are banging my sister behind my back!
  • Man 1: You should be happy for us. I'll take good care of her. You'll see.
  • Man 2: Go visit the bitch that gave birth to you!

Leaving the two men to their dispute, Desmond reentered the stadium and arrived at the VIP area.

  • Rebecca: Almost there, Desmond. She's just on the other side of the stadium.
  • Desmond: Other side?!

By blending and hiding, Desmond reached a VIP booth.

  • Rebecca: Use the catwalks to get across.

Desmond ran along the catwalks above the stadium to reach the other side.

  • Rebecca: You're really close now. The power source should be in one of the rooms up here.

Desmond entered another VIP booth and walked down a corridor until he reached a booth with a shattered window and dead bodies on the floor. As he approached, he heard gunshots and saw a bloodstained woman collapsing onto the floor. Daniel Cross started to shoot at him from inside the booth, then fled out of the room and down the corridor, past terrified civilians.

AC3 Daniel Cross Stadium

Desmond going after Cross

  • Daniel: Jesus Christ! Stop screaming!
    Shut up! Shut up!
  • Rebecca: Hurry Desmond. If he gets away with the artifact, we're screwed. You can't let that happen.

Desmond pursued Cross through the stadium, past many security guards and checkpoints, but lost sight of Cross.

  • Rebecca: The garden, Desmond. Head for the garden!
    Cross is probably looking for a way out of here. Hurry up and find him before he escapes!

Desmond caught up to Daniel in the garden outside the stadium and managed to overhear a phone conversation between Cross and Warren Vidic.

  • Daniel: I fucked up, Warren... I fucked up... Ran out of bullets! Can you believe that shit? Out of fucking bullets! He almost had me... Jesus. What do you mean, calm down? I am calm. I'm fine. I AM A-O-FUCKING-KAY! Sorry. Sorry. Got a little, uh... You know. I'm on edge man. Always on edge. Losing my goddamn mind... Of course I have it. Wonder what it does... Why do you think they're after these? Right. Good idea. Soon as I get back. Just a few hours inside. It'll help. It always helps... Alright. I'll wait here for evac.
  • Rebecca: What's wrong with him?
  • Daniel: ...I need to kill that bastard...
    ...get out of my head Kenya...
    ...she keeps saying they can stop it and then this happens...
    Have to find a way to keep it under control...
    ...goddamn Assassins...

Desmond managed to subdue Cross and take the power source, but not before two more guards noticed him.

  • Guard: There he is!
  • Rebecca: Better move! Okay, head for the metro. I'll hold the train for you.

Desmond fought and sprinted back to the metro, leaping onto a train just before the doors closed.


Desmond defeated Daniel Cross for a second time, and escaped the stadium with the second power source.


  • Strangely, the two men arguing over one of them being in a relationship with the other's sister would glow red in Eagle Vision.



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